Kenyan-born artist Tahir C. Karmali’s “work provides an honorable representation of how Kenyans have steady used the disownment of their government, and created a culture of triumph and beauty.

“The philosophy behind ‘Jua Kali’ is what inspired me - it is this notion that no matter what, we are going to make it work with what we have around us. The idea that junk and scrap can be repurposed to create whatever we want.” -Tahir”

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10 Black Punk Bands You Need To Listen To
Punk's not dead, and these 10 black punk bands from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique and more show it.

“Black punks stand out like a sore throat and their presence can be questioned. In reality, they’ve been present from punk’s heyday with artists like Bad Brains, National Wake and Poly Styrene making history.

Black punks, if anything, are some of the last vanguards of a punk movement that’s been co-opted by the mainstream. They fight two battles: to create their own space inside their punk communities, as well as inside black culture.

Black punks have to reconcile these cultures, and are thus more authentic, rebellious, bold and not afraid to be involved politically.

Punk’s not dead, and these 10 black punk bands show it.”


Taib: Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan (Canada)

“Navigating in all white spaces for most of my adolescence there was always an eerie push to suppress identities that would force me to standout. Sometimes I did this intentionally and other times unconsciously.

As I got older I realized there was a certain power in being ‘different’. I have access to a culture and community that the majority of my peers didn’t. Starting in university I started to embrace all facets of who I am because that’s what I need to survive. I realized running from who I am won’t get me anywhere. I have big plans for my future and in order for me to reach my full potential I need all of me at the finish line not just the pieces that white society can stomach.”

- Taib (Queer Ethiopian-Kenyan, He/Him)

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