Hello!! I’m starting to work on my senior thesis and I need some help!!

In short, I am planning to do a series of portraits focusing on gender combined with a sort of object/artifact study. The series is tentatively titled ‘Hello! My Pronouns Are…’ Though I’m still working on the specifics of it, I want to explore the way the things we collect, own, and treasure tie in to various aspects of who we are, while simultaneously talking about gender in society. Genders outside the binary are highly underrepresented in media and this is my way of starting a conversation about it in a way that is easy for everyone to participate! I have this amazing opportunity to share stories and information with an audience, but desperately need the help of around six or seven people for it to work out.

So what this means is that if you identify as agender, bigender, genderqueer, genderfluid, transgender, or anything outside of the binary and would be interested/willing to be interviewed and then painted on a five by five foot canvas, shoot me a message and I would more than thrilled to explain to you my concept more in depth/we can work something out! If you don’t want to be a part of this but know someone who might, please, please pass this on!

I’m located in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area and am willing to travel up to five or so hours away! Anyone located in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio (I guess Tennessee) who are willing to get involved would be ideal!

Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk: The Bible Is Above The Constitution And Christians Should Be Exempt From US Laws (AUDIO)

Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk: The Bible Is Above The Constitution And Christians Should Be Exempt From US Laws (AUDIO)

A bigoted “Christian” Kentucky clerk thinks his job gives him the authority to tell people they are going to hell and that God and biblical law rule America instead of the Constitution. During a radio interview on Monday, Kentucky County Clerk Casey Davis told host Tom Roten that the Supreme Court isn’t the highest law in the land. According to Davis and his total ignorance of the American system…

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Playbill article highlights - Sandra Mae Frank (Wendla):

For profoundly Deaf people like Frank, the musical — and the rest of the world — is always quiet.

The 25-year-old actress was born hearing, but premature; she was three months early. At about the age of three, her father noticed that she was experiencing hearing loss; she was soon diagnosed profoundly Deaf.

Her parents learned ASL, and she grew up in a mainstream program before graduating from the Kentucky School for the Deaf. She attended Gallaudet University, a private school in Washington, D.C. for the Deaf and hard of hearing, where she earned a degree in theatre.

[About the choreography] “I was following my intuition — following rhythm and beats and following the highs and the lows and trying to really figure out the music.”

For this interview, Frank was speaking by phone from L.A. using Convo Relay service, a Deaf-owned company that provides Video Relay Services to connect with the Deaf community. Here she video chats with an interpreter who then relays the message in English to the listener.

“I’m really excited about how we’ve been able to meld the Deaf community and the hearing community,” she says. “[The deaf audience] really feel like they can finally enjoy theatre on their own premises, instead of always in the hearing perspective.”

…She says, “I felt like this is meant for me.”

The Language of Silence: How Deaf and Hearing Actors are Communicating this Spring Awakening

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Part 2 あめりか50州全部描いたよ The fifty states of America drawn

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that being said i probably wont be able to upload the next part tomorrow. but we’ll see

Also tell me if i messed something up XD

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What do you picture when you think of Eastern Kentucky (as you so often do)? Likely hillbillies, moonshine, and crippling poverty. It’s exactly like Justified, only with substantially fewer sexy lawmen. How accurate is that impression, though? We spoke with a few Eastern Kentucky residents about what life is really like in the poorest part of Appalachia.

Third-World America: 5 Insane Realities Of Appalachia