I’m going down to Louisville, KY next weekend to hike and shoot film photography, and I’m looking for your recommendations of places to see. Preferably the local haunts that aren’t teeming with tourists if possible.  Also, bonus points if your recommendations don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Please and thank you! I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

What are some of your ideas?

The Valentine’s gifts that Kentucky Googles more frequently than other states are ‘couples tattoos’ and 'songs to f___ to.' 

Honorable mentions:

Mississippi:  'pearl necklace’ and 'mixtape’

Texas: ‘discount sex toys’ and ‘plus-size lingerie’

California:  ‘ heart-shaped sunglasses’ and ‘bondage kit’

Missouri:  ‘ Hallmark cards’ and ‘vejazzling’

Iowa: ‘tandem bicycle’

Wyoming: ‘vibrator,’ ‘mail-order bride’ O_O


Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky Bans Black Hairstyles - In 2016  

“No dreadlocks, cornrows, twists, mohawks, and no jewelry will be worn in hair.  Hair must be a natural color. No two-toned hair or severe contrasts. This includes unnatural colors.” No male may dye, tint, or highlight his hair in any way. It also bans afros more than two inches in length and any cut-in design.”  

In addition to asking all of you to call and email the school and school district about this RACIST policy, I’ve come up with the ULTIMATE clapback response. I’m asking you to send photos of yourselves and your glorious black hair to the principal and school superintendent. When I write my letter and take my picture, I will update this post.

Principal William Allen (he is black) william.allen@jefferson.kyschools.us 

Phone: (502) 485-8220 | Fax: (502) 485-8517

Assistant Principals

Rob Reedy
Senior/Freshman Asst. Prinicpal

Travis Ziegler
Sophomore/Junior Asst. Prinicpal

Jeremy Johnson
Asst. Principal

Kathy Walker
Asst. Principal
Building Assessment Coordinator (BAC)


Jefferson County Public Schools
3332 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 485-3011 
Contact Form


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This Kentucky high school banned dreadlocks, cornrows and twists.

Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky shocked some parents when they distributed a dress code that banned students from sporting “dreadlocks, cornrows and twists.” The code also banned extreme hair colors and highlighting on girls and any hair coloring for boys.

Kentucky State Representative-elect Attica Scott slammed the dress code and tweeted out a picture of it. (Above)

“We feel that a student’s academic success is directly correlated to appropriate attire and appearance,” the dress code reads.

The ACLU of Kentucky fired back at the school’s justification with 2 brilliant tweets.

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The land area of Alaska is roughly the same as that of Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia combined. Source Source 2

Kentucky women are taking to social media to ask Governor Matt Bevin questions about their vaginas
Women in Kentucky are taking to social media to ask Governor Matt Bevin questions about their vaginas in protest at a new anti-abortion bill signed by the Republican governor.

TW for abortion

“Twitter users have been using the hashtag #askbevinaboutmyvag to direct gynaecological questions at the first-term politician.

The bill requires women to have a face-to-face consultation - either over live video chat or in person - at least 24 hours before receiving an abortion. Previously, women were required to only listen to a recorded message about the risks and benefits of undergoing the procedure. Bevin is also supporting a bill that has passed the Kentucky senate, requiring any woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound - if the bill becomes law, doctors who do not comply could face fines between $100,000 and $250,000.  

Derek Selznick, director of the Kentucky ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, told the Lexington Herald-Leader: “This is not informed consent. This is about politicians trying to bully, shame and humiliate women who have already made the personal, informed and heart-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

In response to Bevin’s anti-abortion stances, Twitter user Molly Shah, said “Since@MattBevin has so many opinions on my uterus, I have some Obgyn questions to ask him”, starting off the new hashtag.”

Read the full piece and see more #AskBevinAboutMyVag tweets here

U.S. readers, the Republican War on Women won’t stop UNTIL WE STOP IT. Register to vote here.

HEY BEVIN! READ THIS: United Nations Committee Affirms Abortion as a Human Right

A well-known local tortoise is hurt after being run over by a car. Spike, a 14-year-old African-spurred tortoise is in ICU at Shively Animal Hospital. He lives at Wayside Christian Mission and is seen around town on his daily walks.

Nina Moseley with Wayside says a car hit Spike yesterday along Jackson Street in their parking lot.  William Duncan is Spike’s caretaker and says the 125 pound tortoise was eating grass then moved across the lot. Duncan saw the woman driving in the parking lot and says, “I yelled as loud as I could, but she couldn’t hear me of course, by that time… she had hit spike.”

He says, “The front wheels went over Spike, drug him a little bit about 10-15 feet and I heard his shell crack, so he was pinned under the car.”

Police helped jack up the woman’s car and Duncan got him out. Wayside says Spike was taken to the animal hospital with a police escort.
The woman who ran over Spike is a weekly volunteer who helps children.

Duncan says, “She was very upset that’s putting it mildly. She was crying I was trying to tell her it wasn’t her fault. It was just an accident and if it was anyone’s fault I was partly at fault for not watching Spike closer.” Moseley says the woman had thought she hit a rock.

The 14-year-old African-spurred tortoise is the mascot at Wayside Christian Mission often seen walking around town.  

Moseley says, “They put him back together as best they could last night. This morning they said they had him walking a little and the side crack that they were able to put back together pulled apart.”

Spike does have internal injuries.  His shell is being repaired with acrylic and wire.
Nina Moseley with Wayside says when she first got Spike for her son, the tortoise was only 4 inches long.
She’s now asking for prayers.

Moseley and Duncan took Spike his favorite foods, salad and apples. The animal hospital says it’s important that Spike eats, but he would only take one bite from the apple.

Moseley says, “We are going to do what we can for Spike. He’s been a part of our family, one of our kids.” The cost of Spike’s care at the animal hospital is still being added up. She thinks right now, they don’t need any additional help. But she says people can always donate to Wayside Christian Mission.

The Shively Animal Hospital says it’ll be several weeks before they know if Spike will survive. Moseley says, “It’s still touch and go.”

A GoFundMe page has been made to go toward Spike’s medical expenses. To contribute, click here

The story is sad, but look at this:

So many people want to help a tortoise, it makes me so happy to see.