Kenny is not sure how to deal with Fist

Fist: I think we should always train in the chairs.

Kenny: You can’t train in the chair all the time. You’ll get an overdeveloped upper body.

Fist: Like you (raises eyebrows)

Kenny: Well not just like me but aye.

Fist: (leans forward) I can forget about the lower body.

Kenny: You can?

Fist: We can do everything with the upper half.

Kenny: I have to get back now.

You guys. I can’t even.

I just finished watching The Book Group on Hulu (powered through it in 2 days even though I’ve got homework to do, AW YISS).


I have such MAJOR Kenny feels. I just… I. Can’t.

Is there a therapy group available for this kind of thing? Or more seasons? Or do I get to have Rory McCann over for a cuppa while we discuss my feels?