A 1965 publication arguing why the United States needs to be involved in Vietnam. Below are some extracts from the letters of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy:

Letter from President Eisenhower to Prime Minister Churchill, 4/4/1954:

"Dear Winston,

I am sure…you are following with the deepest interest and anxiety the daily reports of the gallant fight being put up by the French at Dien Bien Phu. Today, the situation there does not seem hopeless.”

Letter from President Kennedy to President Diem, 12/14/1961:

"The United States, like the Republic of Vietnam, remains devoted to the case of peace and our primary purpose is to help your people maintain their independence…We are confident that the Vietnamese people will preserve their independence and gain the peace and prosperity for which they have sought so hard and so long."

United States. Executive Office of the President. (1965). Why Vietnam. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office. 


Never before seen photographs of them Presiden tJohn F. Kennedy and his wife, First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, have been put up for bidding.

"They’re amazing pictures," says Jackie Style author Pamela Keogh. "These were the masters of the universe in their downtime, sitting on beach chairs, smoking and eating clam chowder. Jack is not in perfect shape and Jackie’s wearing a bathing suit your mother might have worn. This is not Jackie in French couture. They don’t even look like they know they were being photographed."

So casual that Jackie didn’t seem to mind being photographed with a cigarette that weekend. “She never wanted the general public to know she smoked,” says Clint Hill, who was Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal body guard . “If someone came around when she was smoking, she’d pass it to me so it looked like it was my cigarette.”