no but think about it

stay with me here - it’s long but worth it

PP3 - Beca and Jesse getting married and slowly we see where Chloe is stood at the back, all teary eyed, and she drops her head and slips out of the door. But just as she’s about to walk to her car Beca calls her name and stops her in her tracks, asking her what the hell she thinks she’s doing..

and Chloe’s just like, “I can’t watch you do this, I can’t bare it.. I love you too much.”

so Beca goes to follow her and Jesse grabs her arm like Beca wtf??? and our tiny little rebel Beca, with tears in her eyes looks at Jesse and in the most pained voice ever says, “Don’t. Don’t ask me to choose; it will always be her. It always has been her.” and Jesse really slowly lets his hand slide from her arm and Beca runs and kisses Chloe and there’s lots of tears and Emily can’t stop throwing confetti because oh god her otp

anonymous asked:

who are your favorite male singers fatima?

not many but my faves …… like THE faves.. I WUD die for these mens
-Michael Jackson my biological father
-bruno mars
-marvin gaye
-enrique iglesias
-………drake (id musically die for him)
-alex turner
-Justin Bieber (zame as drake)
-the weeknd (lik jb and drake tbqh) -1D!
-chance the rapper
-kendick lamar

Kendick’s lyrics from Bad Blood

Seems fitting for the current situation.

Remember when you tried to write me off?
Remember when you thought I’d take a loss?
Don’t you remember? You thought that I would need yah
Follow procedure, remember? Oh wait you got amnesia
It was my season for battle wounds, battle scars
Body bumped, bruised
Stabbed in the back; brimstone, fire jumping through
Still, all my life, I got money and power
And you gotta live with the bad blood now

kendick said:

exactly, they’re keeping their relationship on the dl again and she probably called him jfc celebrities dont only talk on twitter

salstonhage said:

i know man omg its gonna be all over the halston tag now

yes thank you omg and the halston tag is going to irritate me so much SHE PROBABLY CALLED HIM YOU IGNORANT DUMBASSES