S-so I sorta, kinda, just made this video, and I… Yeah…

ever noticed how great some of twdg ship names are?

I been in a lot of fandoms sonic, Total drama, pokemon Mew mew power etc but I must say Twdg to me have some of the best sounding ship names.

Example some of may favorites.

Carlee- Carley already sounds like Carlee and Lee’s name is Lee so its kind of sounds like they were meant for each other with names like that.

Lark- Both Lilly and Mark worked in air force and a Lark is a type of bird so its kind of ironic.

Lillee- Even though I dislike the pairing I will admit its a pretty sounding ship name, basically the same reason for Carlee.

Kenjaa- Sounds like Kendra which I always though to be a beautiful name and the spelling alone really draws me to it, sort of sounds like a goddess.

((I’ve been doodling, and I decided to try something new. It’s not as cartoony as my drawings usually are. Anyway, this is  little scene from the RP my Tumblr husband, Kenny-The-Moustache-God and I are doing. It’s not that great, but at least I tried? Oh, and before anyone comments on how his moustache isn’t there, he’s a lot younger here than he is in the game, therefore, he does not have a very thick moustache.))

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kennyxkat of course!

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Kennedy Sofia Louise Martin
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Light brown hair, with almost an orange-ish tint, Katjaa’s eye shape, color, nose, and lips. Kenny’s face shape and skin tone. Freckles, petite.
  • Personality: Friendly and out-going for the most part. She is a bit rebellious, wanting to do things on her own, but is scared at the same time. She wants to be more independent due to her family’s over-baring protectiveness. Over all, she is a very conflicted young lady, and is a total daddy’s girl. I’d like to think that she is very bright and intelligent, but also very stubborn and hard-headed. She has much of Kenny’s personality.
  • Special Talents: She is very good at singing, but isn’t the best at getting her lyrics/thoughts down on paper.
  • Who they like better: As stated before, she is closer to Kenny, and is a total daddy’s girl, though she loves both of her parents very much.
  • Who they take after more: In looks, definitely Katjaa, but in personality, definitely Kenny.
  • Personal Head canon: She really loves being around Duck, and wants to grow up to be just like him, though Duck becomes rather annoyed with her sometimes, as she’s always following him around. In all honesty, she just really loves her big brother and looks up to him.
  • Face Claim: Ryan Newman

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The Worst Pies in London (although i personally think Katjaa is a great cook :P)

The Worst Pies in London: Write about a time your character tried to cook something that turned out badly.

It was five o’clock, and Katjaa knew that Kenny would be returning home soon. She wanted to make him a new meal since she was sure that he hadn’t had a decent home-cooked meal before leaving out on his boat. She decided to made one of the traditional Belgian dishes that her mother taught her. She had made it before, and Kenny seemed to like it, so she decided that she’d make it again.

Half-way through preparing the meal, and having it cooking on the stove, she could hear the cries of her one year old son. Her eyebrows etched together in concern, and she immediately dropped everything that she was doing to go tend to her child. The food cooking on the stove was momentarily forgotten…

Well… Actually… It was forgotten for a good five to ten minutes, as Katjaa’s motherly instincts took over, and she focused all of her attention on her baby.

It wasn’t until Duck was calm, and happy (and when she smelled smoke) that she suddenly remembered the food she cooking on the stove, and her eyes grew as wide as saucers. Setting Duck down gently in his crib, she rushed back into the kitchen and wafted the smoke out of her face with her hand. She immediately turned the burns off, and coughed into her hand. Oh God, how could she have forgotten about the food?! what was she supposed to do when Kenny—

“Honeyyyyyy, I’m homeeee—what’s that smell?”

‘Oh no…’

Kenny entered the smoky kitchen, to see his wife opening windows and trying to clear up the room.

“Babe, what happened in here?”

“O-oh—! Ken, I—!” She stumbled on her words and sighed, a frown forming on her lips.

“I-I’m sorry Ken…. I was trying to cook you a nice meal and—”

“Hon, hon—It’s okay!”

“No it isn’t,” the Belgian looked genuinely upset. “I burnt our meal… I didn’t think I would take that long taking care of Ducky and—”

“Babe, I told you, it’s okay,” the fisherman laughed half-heartedly, sending her a smile. “You took care of our boy; that’s more important than cookin’ a good meal, ya know.” 

Katjaa gave him the faintest of smiles, and pulled him into a hug. They stayed in each other’s embrace for a few seconds more, and Kenny kissed her lightly on the lips.

“I’ll.. Cook us something, else alright?”

“It’s okay, hon, I can eat whatever you’ve been cookin’.”

“But—it’s… It’s burnt and—”

“Don’t worry about it, hon, it’s fine.”

“Well… Okay… You don’t have to eat it, you know…”

“I know, but I want to.”

Katjaa sent him another smile, and she set about trying to repair her ruined meal.

Kenny tried to help the best he could, but he knew that it probably still wouldn’t taste very good in the long run… But, he’d eat it anyway.

((Welp, this sucked. Dx))