“You know, it’s funny,” Nelson continued wistfully as if he hadn’t heard her. “When I first met my Inza, I thought she was the most disagreeable little slip of a thing that I’d ever met. We’d spend hours at parties just going at each other’s throats. She would get on my case about everything, from the way I stood to the way I ate to the girls I chased. I used to think she was the worst creation made by man and I could never understand why I had to get stuck with her on my back. Then one day I woke up and I wanted to grow old with her. Funny, isn’t it?”

Artemis softened in the wake of his story, shoulders loosening as she bowed her head and gazed contemplatively at the ground.

“Yeah,” she agreed quietly. “It is.”

Yup FANART of a fic! Cause i fucking lovit so much, is so spifire lovely <3!

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I lovit <3

FROM “Fic: L’Ésprit de l’Éscalier” Wrote by the awesome 1oooumbrellas

Happy XMAX! <3 I lov ya girl!

Daredevil, Asian fancasting edition

Part 3 (I previously did a fancast for Stranger Things and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Note: I’m doing this since Hollywood and mainstream media in general love reducing Asian representation. So fuck it, I’m doing this fancast as a form of protest because Asians need to be seen in the media. Also, I’m avoiding the already-set characters of color. 

My other fancasts: Stranger Things, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead, The Flash,Mad Max: Fury Road and Captain America: Civil War)

1) Steven Yeun as Matt Murdock / Daredevil 

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2) Dante Basco as Franklin “Foggy” Nelson

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3) Jamie Chung as Karen Page

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4) Aaron Yoo as James Wesley

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5) Ken Watanabe as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin 

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6) Iko Uwais as Frank Castle / The Punisher

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7) Yunjin Kim as Vanessa Marianna 

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8) Sonny Chiba as Stick

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Caravan Palace?

1. Caravan Palace wrote Jolie Coquine, covered by Ruff Hauser.

2. Ruff Hauser covered Give Me Your Love by Carla Werner (w/ LoveRush UK).

3. Carla Werner recorded Heaven is a Word with Ken Nelson.

4. Ken Nelson recorded Parachutes with Coldplay.

5. Coldplay recorded The Scientist, covered by Willie Nelson.

6. Willie Nelson covered Come On Up To The House by Tom Waits.