easily one of the coolest animation sequences ever
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“Bugs Bunny animated by Ken Harris. Ken didn't start animating until he was 36. There's hope for us all :) #animation #bugsbunny #LooneyTunes”

For those who may not know, Ken Harris is one of Richard Williams (animation director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, director of The Thief and the Cobbler, author of The Animator’s Survival Kit), mentors for animation. 

What a great encouraging info today, no matter the age, you can start learning animation, and continue progressing. :) 

Sweetness Part Three

Part Two

Y/N’s lips were formed in a pout as she sat in the small office of her and Harry’s home. Hers happened to be much more clean than Harry’s, up until today. Wedding binders, magazines, books, anything that held something to do with a wedding laid in front of her. Harry offered to pay for a wedding planner but she refused, she wanted it to be something special, to be just like how she had dreamed of it. Harry wanted it to be just how dreamed, he could care less if they married in a venue, on the beach, or in city hall, as long as she was happy.

Y/N sighed, looking at the watch on her wrist. She turned on the telly, switching to the channel that Harry’s interview would be airing. Harry had informed he was attending the after party for a bit, but she didn’t want to go, parties weren’t her things and she had been tired recently. Her graduation had happened last weekend and she was tired out from the graduation party her mother had thrown, then the one Anne had, then the one Harry had, so Harry had understood.

“So you and Ms. Y/N are getting married,” James smiled, showing a picture of the two.

It was one Harry had posted on his instgram, her arms around his shoulders, her chin resting on his shoulder, a smile on both of their faces, eyes bright and full of love. The picture was one of her favorites, it was taken on the sixth day they had spent together.

“Yes,” Harry smiled, “she just graduated last weekend, so now she is on full on planning mood. Figuring out who’s coming, and all. We want a small wedding.”

“Are you helping with planning?” James asked.

Harry laughed, shaking his head, “no, no, it’s all her. I’m not even allowed to pick my tux cause she doesn’t want it to be crazy, I did though get to pick the napkins,” Harry laughed, “so when you go James, make sure to tell her the napkins are the best thing.”

“Out of the whole wedding, the ceremony, you want me to tell the bride that the best thing is the napkins?” James asked.

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anonymous asked:

How do you draw so many expressions? You're art is amazing and I aspire to be an awesome artist like you

I’m still trying super hard to exaggerate expressions and stuff so I’m super glad you like them! ;o; I kinda got the inspiration from older cartoons where expressions are really pushed, and just really trying to capture an emotion in the face in general. Like sometimes I do tiny poorly drawn comics as a warmup or to express something and really trying to push expressions in those to emphasize the emotion has been really fun but difficult.

I think looking at actors and looking at the people around you when they express helps? Also if you have a mirror handy, you can use your own expressions as reference! Lots of animators have done this in the past, reminds me of this tweet I saw recently of Ken Harris using a mirror to help draw expressions.

(this is a really nice twitter account for animation content btw)