The Key

Those who dedicate themselves to the processes of discipline and self improvement set down by the old masters, are preparing themselves to enter the house of wisdom by the proper gate. On the other hand, such foolish mortals as believe they can breathe, chant, intone, psychologize or affirm themselves into a state of all knowing are trying to pick locks for which they have not filed the key.

Manly P. Hall -  Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences.

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Hail Thoth (Djehuty) Architect of Truth

Hail Thoth, architect of truth, give me words of power that I may form the characters of my own evolution. I stand before the masters who witnessed the genesis, who were the authors of their own forms, who rolled into being, who walked the dark circuitous passages of their own becoming, who saw with their own eyes their destinies and the shapes of things to come.

Egyptian Book of the Dead - Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis

Image Credit - Xi Mkien Iehor: id-Dott Tott by meluseena