Kembra Pfahler

1. The subjugation of women and Earth is one and the same

2. Future Feminism requires the participation of all people

3. Enforce a global standard for the rights and ethical treatment of women

4. Identify biological differences between the sexes and draw individuals into greater accountability on the basis of their predispositions

5. Relieve men of their roles as protectors and predators

6. Redefine the societal roles of women and men is response to present conditions

7. Advocate for feminine systems in all areas of government

8. Build political structures using a circular model

9. Repattern societies to nurture the resurgence of biodiversity

10. Feminize male-centric language

11. Deconstruct the mythology of male spiritual supremacy

12. Restore the female archetype as central to creation

13. The future is female

So I kept finding articles about Future Feminism and their art show and performances and there was tons of talk about the 13 tenets of future feminism, but nobody would ever just list them all. The image above is the only one I could find with all of them written together, but almost every site has it in a really small resolution and with parts blocked out, it was hard to read. All the tenets were also carved into rose quartz for a show, but no site or article actually have pictures of each one. The best I got was one that went all the way up to 7. These tablets were also really hard to read.

External image

So with some digging and some work: above are the 13 tenets of future feminism. My curiosity is satisfied. Image largely for legitimacy. Click for a higher resolution. I’m mainly posting this just because I went through the effort of digging it all up so I might as well share.