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I caught some of the cast getting ready for the matinee! #spongebobshenanigans  #sitcomtakes  #nauticalnonsense

Threes Company - BG Studios. #musicallyapp

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Ready to Play
Side Show: 6/15/14 Kennedy Center Cast
Ready to Play

Side Show Kennedy Center 6/15/14 Evening

Erin Davie (Violet Hilton), Emily Padgett (Daisy Hilton), Matthew Hydzik (Buddy Foster), Ryan Silverman (Terry Connor), David St. Louis (Jake), Robert Joy (Sir), Blair Ross (Bearded Lady/Auntie), Brandon Bieber (Three-Legged Man), Hannah Shankman (Tattoo Girl/Koo Koo), Matthew Patrick Davis (Geek/Doctor), Don Richard (Reptile Man/Doctor/Tod Browning), Kelvin Moon Loh (Half-Man Half-Woman/Doctor), Charity Dawson (Fortune Teller), Javier Ignacio (Dog Boy/Houdini), Lauren Elder (Venus Di Milo), Jordanna James (The World’s Tiniest Cossack Woman/Frieda), Josh Walker (The World’s Tiniest Cossack Man/Hans), Barrett Martin (Pin Cushion/Judge/Ray), Derek Hanson (Roustabout/Doctor/Johnny Eck), Con O’Shea-Creal (Roustabout/Crew)

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Spring is coming, New York! Kelvin Is Happy In Chinatown … 



Kelvin Moon Loh as Will :) 

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