prideofgypsiesGreatest days lately surfing with my babies super proud papa had to get more presents. 😜😜😜😜😜. Mahalo RAZ @firewiresurfboards @raz_mehlsen @kellyslater @slaterdesigns @rob_machado@dan_mann @tomo_surfboards. Mahalo unko KELLY kids are stoked Aloha j


prideofgypsiesKid in a candy shop. Super stoked my first boards. Normally I always borrow my OHANA’s boards. Mahalo Kelly and raz Check out these pads. never did Algae feel so good between your toes! Through this patented algae-technology @slaterdesigns are removing excess algae biomass from freshwater sources, reticulating freshwater back into the habitat and aiding in the capture and sequestration of CO2. @slaterdesigns are literally scarping pond scum, solar drying and pulverising it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps rebalance the natural ecology! @bloomfoam@slaterdesigns @kellyslater@firewiresurfboards #drawingnewlines#thefutureunderyourfeet

“This day, @kellyslater caught some of the most amazing waves I’ve ever witnessed in my own life. I’ve been privy to Kelly surfing some incredible waves, and even had him tell me “that was the best wave of my life” in Mexico once… but this was something else. Massive, crystal clear, double-overhead waves reeled down this lonely reef atoll, with not a soul in sight. Sometimes looking like a reverse Teahupoo, other times looking like J-bay at its best… this wave had a few nuances, those being it couldn’t decide which world-class waves to imitate. Kelly surfed all day, tackling each wave with a chess master-like demeanor. On this wave, he got spat out of a barrel. I could have hung up my hat as a surf photographer, for it was as good of a wave as I’ve ever seen the seven seas produce.“ 

- Photographer @morganmaassen