IT’S CLOSING NIGHT OF HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL. It’s been such an incredible run. Thank you everyone for your overwhelming love and support. ❤️💛💚💙

It’s incredible, you know. It feels like a big responsibility. It’s something I’ve taken very much seriously and something I thought about a lot. I’m just excited because I know. Like, growing up I wasn’t able to see someone necesarrily that looked like me, that was from where I was from in a movie. And I’m excited that kids will be able to see that. [about representing the Asian community on Hollywood with her role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a strong powerful woman]

okay @ dance side of tumblr, i have a question for you. there’s a specific dance move someone always ends up doing in just about every 50s musical i’ve seen that’s just. my absolute favorite thing. it’s like… an angled turn/spin with wide arms. but i can’t figure out if it has a name or not. so. here’s all the gifs i could find of people doing this particular move. if it has a name, pLS LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT AND I WANT TO MASTER IT AND TALK ABOUT IT BY NAME ALL THE TIME. it looks so free and open and fun. gah.

….honestly it seems like i’ve mostly seen gene kelly do it lol.

or donald o’connor. with gene kelly.

but i’ve seen donald do it in his movies, too. not just with gene lol.

like maybe some of these are different moves altogether and the only thing uniting them is the fact that they’re spinning/turning and spreading their arms and it’s just a generic thing but. if it’s actually a move in itself i’d rEALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.