Happy birthday Kelly🙇‍♀️
Born January 6, 1983
16 years old in 1999.

Kelly Fleming and her family moved to Littleton from Phoenix, Arizona 18 months before the shooting.

Kelly was a shy and creative girl who loved Halloween and was an aspiring songwriter and author who wrote many poems and short stories based on her life experiences.
Her mother, Dee, remembered Kelly coming home from school two months before the shooting, saying: “I’m not shy anymore.”

When the shooters entered the library, Kelly was hiding beside a table with other girls who she had been sitting with: Lisa Kreutz, Jeanna Park, Diwata Perez, Valeen Schnurr, and Lauren Townsend. At one point Dylan Klebold fired under the table, injuring Val and Lisa. He fired his gun again, killing Lauren. Both gunmen reloaded their weapons and taunted Val, asking her if she believed in God. The shooters then moved away from Kelly’s table, moving to another table where they shot Nicole Nowlen and killed John Tomlin before coming back to the girls’s table. Coming up from behind, he shot Kelly in the back with his sawed-off shotgun.

Kelly’s funeral was held at the same time as Daniel Mauser’s at the St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church. She was buried with two teddy bears in her arms. Her grave is located at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Columbine calendar

6 January- Kelly Fleming birthday

17 January- Lauren Townsend birthday

19 February- Matthew Kechter birthday

2 March- Daniel Rohrbough birthday

3 March- Corey DePooter birthday

9 April- Eric Harris birthday

20 April- shooting anniversary

5 May- Kyle Velasquez birthday

25 June- Daniel Mauser birthday

4 August- Isaiah Shoels birthday

5 August- Rachel Scott birthday

28 August- Steven Curnow birthday

1 September- John Tomlin birthday

11 September- Dylan Klebold birthday

22 October- Dave Sanders birthday 

6 November- Cassie Bernall birthday

Made a college of all those killed at Columbine on April 20th, 1990. im sorry this sucks. I was in a hurry.

Victims (no order): Steven Curnow (14), Corey DePooter (17), Kelly Fleming (16), Matt Ketcher (16), Daniel Mauser (15), Daniel Rohrbough (15), Coach Dave Sanders (47), Rachel Scott (17), Isaiah Shoels (18), John Tomlin (16), Lauren Townsend (18), Kyle Velasquez (16), Eric Harris (18), Dylan Klebold (17)


We went to visit the Columbine Memorial, and it was an emotional experience. I’ve been reading about Columbine for about ten years, and since we were so close, I wanted to go visit and pay my respects. Some of the stories that came out of this horrible point in history has touched me deeply. We should never forget this tragedy, nor the fact that this keeps happening.

Although each and every one of the victims hold a special place in my heart, I will end with a very popular quote by one of them that I try to live by everyday:

“I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.” - Rachel Joy Scott


“I suddenly found myself looking up at the windows of the old library and I was kind of just looking up there and I started talking to Kelly and telling her how much I missed her and loved her and I was so sorry for what happened to her there and I was praying to God that she was just truly happy and at peace. It was like almost immediately a movement caught my eye as I was looking up in the windows and I realized it was a figure moving across the front of the old library windows, I knew almost instantly that it was an angel and I was like oh my gosh. She was very clear to me when she started, she had like a long flowing gown, I knew she was very elegant and I was just "oh my gosh that’s an angel” and I wish I had a camera was the thought that came to mind. Then I did realize I had a camera sitting here in the front seat so I grabbed the camera, I took a couple of pictures very quick and then she was gone. I just knew she was sent as an answer to my prayer and I knew she had brought me a message from Kelly and I knew she was telling me that “I am with you always mom, I am happy and I’m at peace.”.“

- Dee Fleming, mother of Kelly Fleming

Kelly Ann Fleming [January 6,1983 - April 20,1999]

A writer and a poet, a gentle soul who walked among us.


I step outside, what did I hear?

I heard the whispers,

And the cries of the people’s fear.

The loneliness of wisdom,

Can that be?

The sad, sad sorrow that I see,

That is past in the trees,

Is it true, can it be real?

Can I let them know how I really feel?

The things that I have seen,

The things that I have felt,

The feelings of sorrow

That I hope will soon melt.

Wherever I looked,

Wherever I turned,

I see shadows all through the night.

I put my head down and said a little prayer,

To tell the Lord the sad, sad, sorrow

And the lonely cries that I have heard.

After a minute of silence, of wisdom,

I looked up slowly,

I saw a thing that I have never seen.

I saw a light and asked myself can that be?

Was it real or was it a dream?

I didn’t know but hopefully

It will come to me.

It was bright and I was scared.

I didn’t know what or if I should see.

I looked and then it came to me.

It was a dream.

When I was turning to walk away,

I heard a voice.

Written by Kelly in 1998. Her first draft; final draft published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III


April 25th
On this day in 1999…
Funerals for Kelly Fleming and Daniel Mauser were held together at the St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church.

Kelly Ann Fleming was remembered as a sweet, shy girl. She was an aspiring songwriter and author who wrote many short stories, poems, and was working on an auto-biography. She was creative, loved Halloween, and was looking forward to getting her drivers license. Her mother said that two months before the shooting, Kelly came home and said “I’m not shy anymore.”

Daniel Conner Mauser was remembered as a shy, gentle, loving boy who liked pepperoni pizza, playing video games, and wasn’t afraid of challenges. He was accepted into the National Honors Society five months after his death. Daniel received great grades and was a volunteer at a local hospital.


“The one’s who weren’t seeing their kids were kind of getting moved towards the gymnasium. There’s all the people in the gymnasium that we’ve come to know so well over the last  few years. We had no idea who they were, who their kids were. How within 24 hours we were gonna be connected for the rest of our lives.” 

April 20th 1999

Today, before anything else, we pay respect.

We pay respect to the beautiful souls and victims. To the wounded and to the survivors


Cassie Benall, 17 years 

Corey DePooter, 17 years

Dan Roghrbough, 15 years

Daniel Mauser, 15 years

Dylan Klebold, 17 years

Eric Harris, 18 years

Isaiah Soles, 18 years

John Tomlin, 16 years

Kelly Fleming, 16 years

Kyle Velasquez, 16 years

Lauren Townsend, 18 years

Mattew Ketcher, 16 years

Rachel Scott, 17 years

Steven Curnow, 14 years

William David Sanders, 47 years

You are not forgotten
You are never forgotten

Rest In Peace


To the 24 that were injured and had survived


To those who came after, 

To Greg Barnes, 17 years 

To the survivors,

To the parents and friends.

To the Bernall family.

To the DePooter family.

To the Roghrbough family.

To the Mauser family.

To the Klebold family.

To the Harris family.

To the Barnes family.

To the Soles family.

To the Tomlin family.

To the Fleming family.

To the Velasquez family.

To the Townsend family.

To the Ketcher family.

To the Scott family.

To the Curnow family.

To the Sanders family.

To the ones who suffered and the ones who loved

To the people today, who battle inner thoughts, who wake up expecting a fight

For the depressed

For the suicidal

For the bullied

For the dreamers

For the future.

People have learned from this tragedy. People have forgiven, helped, spread awareness and learned to love. People have accumulated knowledge

People do not forget,

April 20th, 1999.

The memorial after Columbine all around the school.

The memorials were literally everywhere, clement park, the parking lot, behind the school, the tennis courts. Everywhere you looked, you would see blue and silver, tents filled with posters and messages, teddy bears, balloons. These photos were taken by Tom Mauser. 

A collection of messages from a school in Oregon, where another school shooting took place.