‘Breitbart’ publishes “news” about a 2010 food recall in effort to take down Kellogg’s

  • Breitbart, a politically conservative site that acts as a platform for white nationalists, is doing everything in its power to discredit Kellogg’s.
  • On Monday night, Breitbart published a story titled “Kellogg’s besieged by food product recalls over listeria, glass, metal." 
  • But rest assured, cereal lovers: There’s no dangerous recall sweeping the nation right now. 
  • The Breitbart article lists out five recalls, none of which have occurred in the past two months. The recalls are from the as far back as June 2010, the most recent a voluntary recall of Eggo waffles in September 2016.
  • Plus, one of the five recalls occurred in the UK. Read more


Breitbart, the Neo-Nazi’s favorite newsfeed, is calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s cereal because the company pulled its advertisements from the racist website.

In addition, Kellogg’s is also currently running Moana promotions (FREE DECALS), and even has Moana cereal (with a really cool box).

I’ll let you do the math.

Have I mentioned lately how pissed I still am about Nickellogg not being a thing? CUS I’M STILL PISSED! They missed the chance to have an ‘evil’ companion without shoehorning them in a DLC. How hard would it have been to make a Quest after Dangerous Minds where Kellogg in Nicks body tries to bargain with you? You help him get permanent control of Valentine, and he’ll get you into the Institute. Boom! Choice! Actual moral choice with consequences I give a shit about!

…maybe I should change my username to stillsaltytodd.