Kelkat writes

I think Terror of Mererid is on hiatus.  I don’t think people are super interested in it anyway so I’m putting it on hold.  It was an experiment and not one I feel Like is appealing to most people.  Meh, you live and learn.  And I think more people are interested in Thirteen fic because of the new series which I totally get.

I may go back to it over NaNo instead.  Sorry to the  handful of people who read it.  Thank you.  I appreciate you gave it a shot.

Snippet from Terror of the Mererid Chapt 3

“All right, so who is Mererid or are the Mererid?”

“I’m not positive but–” The Doctor braced a hand on the dashboard as Rose pulled her hand back to the steering wheel. The car squeaked and bounced after Rose hit yet another pot hole.  “You know” he cleared his throat.  “The point is to avoid rough spots and stay on the road.”

“That’s not what you did in the TARDIS,” she teased with a cocky grin, fingers curled tight on the steering wheel. 

“The vortex does not have pot holes!”  Giggles blossomed at his outrage.

“Funny how we got tossed around then.”

The Doctor sniffed and muttered, “Temporal turbulence and a cranky time ship.”

How many tropes can I reference in this fic:  huddling for warmth; haunting; the mirror verse, mythology, adventure, romance, slight Dark TenII… I’m on a roll.  And it’s just over 5,000 words so far LOL.