Time Keeper

Elise Blanchett was lots of things: hyper, quirky, a bookworm, but one thing she was not was patient. Which was pretty ironic, seeing as her kwami was a turtle which pretty much symbolized patience.

Elise ran down the streets of Paris, interweaving through cars and the people of Lyon causing many shouts to be sent her way. “Pardon,” Elise yelled back as she continued to run.

“What’s the rush,” asked Vadd, Elise’s dark green turtle kwami, peaking out from the side pocket of her bookbag. His head was larger than the rest of his body, as most kwami’s heads were, two antennae protruding from above his upper lip, curling at the ends to resemble a mustache. Finally, a small turtle shell was on his back.

“Have…to get home…to watch…new episode,” the slim, dark skinned girl said, pushing her legs to go faster.

“It’ll still be there when you get home,” Vadd said, his voice slow and calm.

Rolling her eyes, Elise deciding not to answer pushed herself faster until she finally arrived at her house. Hurriedly, she unlocked the door and ran up the stairs to her room. Grabbing the remote from her dresser, she pointed it to the television and pressed the power button. As the TV took a few seconds to start, tapped her foot impatiently.

“Relax,” Vadd said, flying out of her backpack and placing himself on her shoulder. “No need to rush.”

“Yes need to rush,” Elise replied to the dark green kwami as the TV turned on.  Pressing the numbers for the channel, Elise continued, “I’ve already missed the first fifteen minutes and I’d really like to watch the rest of it.”

Vadd was about to reply when the door began to open and he flew behind the brunette’s back. The door opened fully, revealing Elise’s little sister Kelia. “Hi Elise,” Kelia greeted cheerfully, walking into their shared room.

“What do you want Kelia,” Elise groaned, turning to the six-year-old before turning back to the TV.

“Do you want to draw with me,” Kelia asked, setting outs heels of paper on her bed and dropping crayons on the bed, which Elise had failed to notice she had been holding in her hands.

“No. I’m watching TV. Now shush.”

Kelia began to put, her eyebrows furrowing together. “You always watch TV!”

“Because it’s not annoying as you! And I thought I told you to shush,” Elise snapped, glaring at Kelia.

“Fine!” Kelia shouted, grabbing the sheets of paper and crayons and storming out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Angrily, she stomped down the stair, tears welling in her eyes. Kelia never wanted to do anything nowadays.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned building in Paris a man stood, sensing the negative energy of Kelia. “Poor, poor girl,” he chuckled. “Feeling sad because her older sister has neglected her. Wonderful.” Hawk Moth said as a pure white butterfly flew into his palm. Hawkmoth placed his right hand atop of his left and began to energize it with dark energy. When he removed his hand, the once white butterfly had turned black a with only a few places still white.

“Fly free my little akuma and evilize her!” The butterfly flew away, making its way into the Blanchett Household and flying into her wristwatch. A bright pink butterfly-shaped outline appearing in front of her face along with Hawkmoth’s.

“Hello, little one. I am Hawk Moth and you are now Time Keeper. Are you tired of people wasting their time doing mindless activities? I can give you the power to change that— if you get me Terrapin and Lady Penguin’s miraculous for me.” A picture of a green necklace shaped like a turtle’s shell and a silver slave bracelet with a small penguin jewel on the wrist, back of the hand, and ring appearing in front of Kelia’s face.

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The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational starts tomorrow, and to kick it off right we shut down the new Vans “Off The Wall” skatepark in Huntington Beach for the contestants of this year’s Duct Tape invitational. 

Skaters: Joel Tudor, Troy Elmore, Alex Knost, Kelia Moniz, & Ryan Burch