Do you think that when all’s said and done and the paladins go back to Earth, kids dress up as the paladins for Halloween? How stoked would Lance be to hear kids arguing over who gets to be the Blue Paladin? He would totally tell them that everyone can be the Blue Paladin, they should all be blue. Hunk would give ALL THE CANDY to lil Yellow Paladins. Plus candy apples. And Keith would probably be flustered by tiny Red Paladins, like ‘they want to dress up as me? but WHY??’ And Pidge would probably dress up as herself and sneak in with some of the taller kids just for the candy.

“Pidge, you’re twenty–”

“Never too old for Hershey’s, back off!”

Allura doesn’t get Halloween, but she supports all these new small Pink Paladins. And Shiro loves seeing all the teeny Black Paladins and congratulates them on defending the universe.

And Coran dresses up as Cardboard!Voltron and goes to all the parties because HE CAN.

Lotor and Keith getting to know each other, but it mirrors the scene where Allura is trying to talk to Pidge about being a girl.

Lotor: So, Keith, we haven’t had a chance to really talk. Tell me about yourself.

Keith: Well, I like the red lion, and I like the color red, but I hate apples. They’re so crunchy. Also, I sweat a lot. I-I mean, in general, unrelated to the apples.

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In Raised by Lions, what is Keith's favorite food? How does Shiro find out what it is?

First Fic - Current Fic

Title: Raised By Lions: Treat

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Shiro, Keith and Red Lion

Summary: Keith takes Shiro grocery shopping.

“I don’t recommend eating that, it’s super sour.”

Shiro glanced up from the piece of fruit that kind of resembled a bumpy apple. “Really?”

Keith nodded as placed a hand over Shiro’s to force him to put it down. “I ate one once, and I swore it felt like I ate five raw lemons. You don’t want to try it.”

Shiro didn’t seem convinced as he looked over the fruit. “Well maybe we could make lemonade out of it?”

Keith raised a skeptical eyebrow. “You know how to make lemonade?”

“No, but that’s what you’re suppose to do when life gives you lemons,” Shiro teased.

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Voltron paladins as things my friends have said and done
  • Lance: pretended to drop his phone in the trash and proceeded to accidentally let go of the phone
  • Keith: ate an entire apple, even the core
  • Hunk: while getting ready to switch lanes, whispered "you better stay in your lane bitch" towards the car behind him
  • Pidge: called a cemetery a funeral park
  • Allura: "I'm the cutest one here. Does everyone understand I'm the cutest one here?"
  • Shiro: "I'd go on a date with death"
Catch My Breath

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Pairing: Hunk/Keith/Shiro

Summary: Hunk and Keith make out in a closet, and convince Shiro to join in, too.

Keith panted against Hunk’s lips, fingers coming up to curl around his shoulders. They pressed closer together in the tiny closet, trying to quiet their heavy breaths and half-muffled moans in each other’s mouths.

Hunk pulled back a bit, trying to calm them down, but Keith was not having it. He followed the heaven that was his mouth, until he’d pressed Hunk completely against the opposite wall and was chest to chest with him.

He pressed a kiss against Hunk’s lips, and then to the side of his mouth. Then, he travelled lower to press against the side of his jaw, which quivered under his touch as Hunk tried valiantly to calm himself.

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My husband and I don’t always agree; but when we do, it’s about 90s alternative.

Minor notes about this illustration:

1. Hubs was insistent about Slash’s inclusion. I’m glad about this because Slash was fun to draw.

2. The guy from The Prodigy is Keith Flint. I had to look that up. The illustration was incomplete without his hair. Fun fact from his Wiki: “In an interview, he stated that his most painful tattoo was the text ‘Inflicted’ across his stomach. He stated that it felt like he was on an altar being ritualistically scarred by a Satanic beast.” Aren’t you kind of glad you know that now?

3. Drawing Kurt made me sad.

4. Courtney Love is not here. I omitted her on purpose. Yuck.

5. I apologise for any other musicians I may have forgotten. Like, in retrospect, maybe Gavin Rossdale, Zack De La Rocha and/or Dave Grohl should have been in here. Or maybe the guy from Stone Temple Pilots. (What do the people from Soul Coughing look like?) But such speculation could go on all day, and I felt like wrapping it up and posting it. Sorry, guys.

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