So here are some simple character sheets i’ve done today. Still left are Shiro, Hunk and Allura, and then perhaps some fusions and a group drawing so that you can see the size variations i had in mind. Everyone has the same color palette as the original gems (+maybe one or two colors), except Keith because Ruby’s color palette was a tad too dark to make a nice looking suit, but the hair and skin is the same. 


Garrison Team Bonding aka “That Time Lance and Pidge Burnt Down Garrison But For Some Reason Didn’t Get Expelled??


I just wanted an excuse for Lance and Pidge bonding and drawing their school uniforms. Also, that must have been a pretty big fire if Keith could see it from that far away… Lastly, that bike of his was torture I cannot draw machines/mecha/robots/vehicles for a reason.

(for any Lance/Pidge shippers that see this, go ahead and tag this with whatever otp tag you use for your blog!)

the-keith-to-my-heart  asked:

Hi! I love your art to much and love your su au and I was wondering if the first time lance and keith fused if it was like when ruby and sapphire did and if klarnet was like cotton candy garnet. I love your art so much and thank you. ♡

Thank you so much and here’s cotton candy klarnet!!!!!!! Poor little romantically confused baby 💜