Keisha fabo

Why I don’t fuck with The Gays, Reason 3,271: Breadquanda

A friend added me to a gay FB group and I check in pretty frequently because it has a lot of members and people post links to queer news stories that I’ve often missed.  The moderator changed the group header to this about half an hour ago:

And this is the comment I just posted as soon as I saw it.

We’ll see if it sparks some intelligent conversation or (more likely) there’ll be some internet eye-rolling and gays trying to out-sass each other over who’s being too sensitive.  But in case you’re not familiar with Keisha Fabo, here’s a link to video (embedding is disabled) so you can catch the gist of the situation.

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Things I say because of Keisha Fabo.
  • “Time to G O out the D O”
  • “My number one rule is; if I can reach the base, get that dick out my face.”
  • “There are two things I don’t want to break in life, and that’s a sweat and a nail but honey I don’t give a fuck if you break my jaw with it.”
  • “You’s a fuckin’ chicken head.”
  • “Girl, you got her and you tore her a new booty hole!”
  • “Let’s go do some hoodrat shit.”
  • “Let’s find us some thug daddies to fuck with”