Keisha's Valley


…I’m not the only one that finds it odd that Keisha Fabo is upset at Terrell for fucking some bitch named Deltrese, yet when she goes to discuss the issue with Breadquanda, Breadquanda mentions how she sucked his dick and yet Keisha doesn’t even bat an eyelash at that.

So are Keisha, Breadquanda, and Terrell part of a cuckold?

Fully literate Keisha Fabo, part 1: The Awakening

Keisha Fabo sprints excitedly to an unidentified house. “Oh my goodness, Breadquanda is going to be astonished when she hears this news. Let me enter this house!” Keisha stands in front of a woman inside the house, speaking enthusiastically. “I am going to tell you some information! You will be stunned when you learn what gossip I have heard. I was just on the telephone with Ashawana-bufonton-quiba-la-fond­ela-requanda-laquisha-bonisha-­tisha-bufonton-trella-niqua-an­drea and was told that Darell has been seen fornicating with a different woman!” The woman reeled back, questioning the rumor, “Oh my goodness! Who is he sleeping with at this moment?” Keisha scoffed, exchanging the name “Some lewd woman named Deltrese!” The woman asked again in desperation, “who?” “Some lewd woman named Deltrese!”

The woman, now identified as Deltrese, is taken aback and shifts to the offensive. "Well, I beg your pardon, my name is Deltrese and you are flinging accusations that I consider slanderous and untrue! Please leave my house! You are a cheap whore and a wench!“ Keisha trots outside, slamming the door behind her. Deltrese smirks victoriously. "I cannot believe that worked! She is a dim whore.”

 Keisha Fabo finally arrives at the real Breadquanda’s house. She is so eager to explain recent events, she feels the need to rile up Breadquanda’s curiosity. “Let me tell you what just happened!” Breadquanda responds in compliance, “Yes, tell me what happened.” “I have just recently ended a phone call with Ashawana-bufonton-quiba-la-fond­ela-requanda-laquisha-bonisha-­tisha-bufonton-trella-niqua-an­drea and she said that she had intriguing gossip for me, as I asked her to continue with her story,” Keisha continued to tell the same story as last time, Darell was fornicating with a woman named Deltrese. “Oh no, that is a bull headed lie as I gave him oral sex so intense last week that his penis figuratively fell off, and I jokingly said ‘what do I do with this disembodied penis, it’s a sex toy!’”

They exchanged expressions of shock until they ultimately decided to end the day with their favorite activities. “Let’s go to the club and have rough intercourse!” said Breadquanda. Keisha agreed, adding that they should be hasty. “Let us proceed out the door.”

(part 2 is up now