Keiko Lynn

Mary Poppins & Bert | Keiko Lynn

Trust Keiko to come up with an easy but excellent Halloween costume! I’m assuming there are other Mary Poppins obsessives out there? Yes? Then you would understand how exciting this costume is to me! Massive bonus is having Bert as your partner! I’m not sure where you would be able to get a chimney brush but you could always make one.

Faux Updo For Short Hair | Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn is my beauty hero. She seems to have perfected the cat eye, always has the most amazing lipstick and she can tie a hair scarf like a fiend! Sigh. Anyway, whilst perusing her site, I came across this fantastic tutorial on how to do an updo for short hair. I kind of sadly accepted I would no longer be able to put my hair up once I cut it, but this style which combines a teased crown, bobby pins & a pretty scarf is something even I could re-create! Perfect Summer hair!