Ajin Drama CD #2, track 3! It’s Satou and Kei watching the Ajin anime DVDs.

(It’s unlisted on YouTube, so if you want to find it again, bookmark it)

translator notes:
/lines like this/   are quoted from the anime.
-> I somehow figured out how to make those parts of the subtitles italicized and appear at the top of the screen, but the video processing program wasn’t having that.  Darn.

“Good grief, they were cruel to you. It really makes your heart ache.”  
With Satou, these lines can be taken with varying degrees of literalness, I love it 

I really like how the lines quoted from the past episodes converge into the present conversation
 (The formatting didn’t work so you can’t tell, but anime Satou and drama CD Satou say “Was it really?” at the same time.

I haven’t felt pain in a long time. -> ( LIT: I HAVEN’T FELT RESISTANCE TO PAIN IN A LONG TIME) 

“ If anything changes, it’s how others feel about them.”  I thought that was a great point to bring up about ajin.         


(click for high quality !)

Aaaa– here we go here’s my gift for the @tsukyamgiftexchange for @f-uho ! 

I loved all your prompts (I had a hard time choosing one ahah) but the Art School AU definitely won my heart >♡<)9 photographer Tsukki and artist Yamaguchi secretly using each other as models would be so cute!!

I hope you like it ! and Happy New Year to you ~

  • Kuroo: I like your glasses.
  • Tsukishima: I’m afraid they’re not for sale.
  • Kuroo: *laughs*
  • Tsukishima: Laugh all you want, they’re still not for sale.