🎓 how to create a sorority graduation shadow box! 🎓

Spring is an ideal time to make a commemorative shadow box of your sorority graduation paraphernalia! Collect your grad keepsakes and spotlight them in a framed box for safe keeping. Post-initiation is another prime time for crafting a shadow box of your bid day, new member and sisterhood memorabilia. Treasure your sorority memories, turn them into wall art and preserve them for years to come with these sorority sugar ‘How To’ instructions for making your own greek girl display box! 


STEP 1 Gather Your Materials: 

Determine the theme of your shadow box and collect all the things you want to put inside. These are some ideas for what you may want to include.

  • GRAD BOX: Grad cap, sorority stole, commencement invitation, photos, tassel, tickets, dried flowers, program, certificate, chapter papers, medals, awards, buttons, etc…
  • MEMBERSHIP BOX: Membership certificate, bid card, pledge ribbon, photos, big/little keepsakes, dried flowers, name tag, button, decal, ribbons, awards, koozie, greek letters, notes, awards, door signs, greek stitch letters, pearls, etc…

 Supplies You Will Need:

  • Wood shadow box from a craft store. 11″x14″ or 20″x20″ are popular sizes. Make sure your box is wide enough and deep enough for your items.
  • Scissors
  • Background fabric or scrapbook paper. Use acid-free and archival-quality materials.
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  • Foam brush for applying glue
  • Clear glue dots
  • Clear headed straight pins and/or color matching straight pins. Use stainless, dressmaker quality pins only.
  • Quake Hold Museum Wax
  • Permanent Sticky Mounting Tabs
  • Double stick tape
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Sheet of foam backing if you’re using pins to attach your items

STEP 2 Cover the Background Board:

  • Remove the board from the back of the box.
  • Cut your acid free background fabric or paper to fit. (For a grad box, your stole can serve as the background fabric.)
  • If you are attaching your items with pins, glue a sheet of foam backing to the board prior to attaching the paper or fabric.
  • Using Aleene’s craft glue and a foam brush, glue your background paper or fabric onto the board.

STEP 3 Attach Your Keepsakes:

  • Layout your design before attaching any memorabilia. 
  • Sketch your design on a separate piece of paper, so you can remember where everything goes.
  • Work from the background forward. Place larger pieces in the back, smaller accents in the foreground.
  • Glue-mount-pin-tape your sorority keepsakes layer by layer onto the board. Select the mounting method based on the weight and style of the piece.
  • Not everything can be glued, so secure some items with clear headed straight pins, color matching pins, sticky mounting tabs, hot glue, glue dots, double stick tape, or Museum Wax instead. A combination of mounting techniques is highly recommended.
  • Add 3-D accents to the front of your design. 

STEP 4 Re-Assemble Your Box:

  • Once the items are securely in place, carefully reunite the decorated back with the frame and glass. 
  • Hang your sorority shadow box where you can enjoy it! 

{shadow box photos from Pinterest}

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@deitykeith submitted: i SENT THIS TO U TWO YEARS AGO TOO IM SORRY BUt im not home before tomorrow and only got my phone so had to be creative SomeHOW ;;; buT!! HAPPY VDAY ❤
i hope u have a good day and ily 💕
(changed name since so had to do it this way lmao im not good with drawing/writing on phone???)


Never forget that Bellamy Blake was tortured.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake risked his life by going inside of Mount Weather alone to save not only his people, but the grounders as well.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake was hung by John Murphy after he hung John Murphy.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake begged for death when he hallucinated Jaha and the other 300 that died in the Culling.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake never fought back when those 300 people and Jaha took swings at him.
Never forget  that Bellamy Blake saved Clarke Griffin from a spike pit even though he wanted to drop her.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake saved Clarke Griffin from being shot after he just got the crap beat out of him because he knew they couldn’t lose her.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake dressed up as an Ice Nation grounder knowing he could’ve died, to save Clarke  Griffin.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake broke into Polis because he thought Clarke Griffin was going to get killed.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake made these kids believe in themselves on Earth when no one else could get them to listen.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake did everything in his power to keep his sister safe and hidden up on the Ark.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake’s guilt started up on the Ark when his mother was floated.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake feels abandoned and that’s part of why he pushes everyone away.
Bellamy Blake feels abandoned and alone. He lost his mother at a young age because of his mistake. His sister doesn’t feel wanted in the one place that they’re suppose to call home and she’s leaving him, plus he’s been pushing her away. He feels abandoned by Clarke Griffin. The one girl he risked his life for to save their people. To save her and she chose the people that abandoned them inside Mount Weather. He faced with the fact that he might lose Lincoln and Kane because of a choice he made. He pushes people away because he doesn’t think he deserves good. Monsters don’t deserve good, do they?
He doesn’t hate the grounders because of Gina’s death. He hates the grounders because they’ve been at each other’s throats since the 100 landed. The grounders have killed multiple of his people. It was and always have been life or death between the two groups. He hates the grounders because they had an agreement. They were suppose to work together. They were suppose to help each other but it was by Lexa’s word that the grounders left. They left him and his people there to die. They were forced to kill those people inside that mountain.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake didn’t want to kill the wounded when Pike and the others attacked the 300 Grounder army.
Never forget that Bellamy Blake chooses his side based on what will keep his people alive.
He never thought they’d turn on each other. He never thought they’d start to kill one another.

Take that summer and put it in the box you keep under your bed, labelled ‘precious.’ Filled with rose-tinted ticket stubs and notebooks filled with pressed bluebells and rose petals. You always did find beauty in destruction, and maybe that’s why we didn’t make it. You had to destroy me to love me.
—  Excerpts From The Book I’ll Never Write #7

(I bought this from an itty bitty old lady in a nearby small town that hand makes them. I loved the folk tale that goes with it, and so bought my first ever Christmas Spider…Isn’t it pretty?)

According to legend, a poor woman had no decorations for her Christmas tree. That night a spider, hidden in her tree, crawled about and left a cobweb. When the woman woke on Christmas morning, she found that the web had turned into shimmering silver.

-200 year old German Fable Story of Tinsel

anonymous asked:

I think your portrayal is absolutely phenomenal. The way you dig into Beth's emotions as well as her thoughts has given me a brand new appreciation for her character. And I can hear her voice so clearly it's scary.

Well, this made me emotional ??? stop, I really am horrible at showing my appreciation for this because all I can ever say is thank you. I truly mean it, just thank you! I put a lot of effort into her and developing her thoughts that when it is recognized I’m literally just a sobbing and smiling mess. Thank you for taking the time to send this. Honestly this means more to me than you’ll ever know!