Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ratings

Things modern Eric Harris would write "YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE" entries on

- Fidget spinners
- Quidditch
- Keeping Up with the Kardashians
- Black Lives Matter
- Calling customer service and always getting someone who barely speaks English
- Not being able to watch anything new without Trump or the White House coming up
- Gun control advocates/laws
- Dance trends like Gangnam Style when that was a thing
- Little kids who play Call of Duty and other M-rated MFPS.
- Modern pop songs where you can’t tell what the artists are saying or it’s just a bunch of groaning and beats
- Fifty Shades of Gray even though he’d secretly own a copy
- One Direction/any boy band

One of the most watched shows in the DC Version of the United States is Watching Over The Waynes. It’s a reality show starring Alfred and the entire Bat Family that is their equivalent to Keeping Up with The Kardashians. When the show is on, it’s the only time that no crimes happen, because the Villains, and the Bat Fam, are watching to see how they’re portrayed in the show. The highest rated episode? The Robins go on a road trip across the US to San Francisco.



Tyga says it feels very life like. If he had to rate how natural it feels it falls at about a ‘7’ on a scale of 1 to Blac Chyna.

an entertainment news show deciding it’s a great idea to propose to the wayne family a keeping up with the kardashians-style tv program for maybe six months because it’ll be good for gotham both as pure recreation and a city-beneficial action since all the money from the ratings will support homeless, veterans, orphans etc

and it just so happens the cameras have ganged up on bruce wayne and dick grayson just before they enter a gala event and bruce is trying to keep his cool and smile and be suave on air as always and dick is just straight up agreeing to it, no pause or anything, nodding excited alongside the interviewer because “it’s not like we have a batcave underneath the manor to hide :D”

Quick Analysis On Why Larry Didn't Break Up

Some of you have been contemplating the possibility that Louis & Harry have broken up. I wouldn’t be too worried.

1. ‘They aren’t all over each other like they were in the early days.’
That would be due to the fact that they are no longer in the 'honeymoon phase’ which happens to most couples. Take Barack & Michelle Obama, for instance; they have been married for a long time & have children together. They are not constantly over each other, does this make them less of a couple? This is most likely relatable to many parents who have been together for years. Again, it does not mean they have broken up. Also, it has been 4 years; they will have gained experience in restraining themselves on stage, in interviews, etc.

2. 'Eleanor is so close to Louis’ family, if she was a beard she wouldn’t be.’
This isn’t necessarily true. She may be covering up Louis’ actual relationship, but the family might actually view this as helping him keep Larry out of the public eye until they feel ready to tell the world. This may explain her involvement in Jay & Dan’s wedding, they view her as a close family friend. There is also the possibility, however slight, that all/some of the family don’t know about Louis & Harry. Coming out is a difficult step for anyone; if he is not ready to share this with his entire family, he wouldn’t dare share it with his fans. This would also be the time to mention that Harry appears to be just as, if not more close, to the family, so this point may not be the best one to abandon your belief in Larry over.

3. 'Louis wouldn’t let himself be miserable for so long.’
Simply put, if it were for the other boys, I’m sure he would do everything in his power to protect them. Also, if their management team is as vicious as we give them credit for, he may not have a choice. He’s not invincible.

4. 'They would have come out by now.’
This point, while ludicrous, seems to be a popular one. As it is 4am, I’m just going to bullet point reasons as to why this is not a valid reason to abandon ship:
a) They may not be ready. As stated above, coming out is such a difficult thing in today’s society.
b) Whilst equal rights are beginning to come into play, there is still such a long way to go & religion is still a huge part of modern life. They couldn’t risk losing those ticket & album sales.
c) We all saw the uproar caused by the Zouis video; it was trending on Twitter for days & is still mentioned in articles to this day. Imagine the media attention that would be caused by the 'front man’ and a committed boyfriend coming out as in a relationship. The band’s reputation would be ruined & they’d be portrayed in a negative light.
d) They are the biggest boyband in the world, and therefore, management’s biggest cash cow. If anything were to jeopardise this, it would have an effect on the boys, CEOs, secretaries, etc. in that company. There is no way they’d risk not being able to bring in a paycheck to everyone they employ.

5. 'Haylor & Hendall.’
I thought this was dead & buried, but apparently not. Haylor, without a doubt in my mind, was a publicity stunt. From the paps waiting at the side doors, the New Years Eve fiasco, to Union J flat out insinuating Taylor was a beard in an interview. I believe this speaks for itself. Hendall was possibly a larger stunt; Keeping Up With The Kardashians had failing ratings & Kris is well known for her publicity deals. Linking Kendall to Harry undoubtedly helped her modelling career in London, given his connections to Cara & co. She’s now promoting a new clothing line with Kylie, I believe. It is also worth mentioning that, during these two stunts, Louis was absolutely miserable (Haylor, in particular) which says a lot, interpret tha as you will. The bottom line is that if Louis didn’t care, he wouldn’t have looked so dead inside throughout the duration of these 'relationships.’ If you didn’t doubt Larry then, there’s no reason to doubt it now.

Okay, since it is Stupid O'Clock in the morning, I’m going to leave it here. I’ve probably forgotten something or some of this doesn’t make sense, but a girl’s gotta sleep. So go enjoy some tea & Larry videos while you await new matching tattoos.

mlmlibra  asked:

for the tv show ask thingy, keeping up with the kardashians 😉

favourite female character: kendall
favourite male character: kanye
least favourite female character: khloe
least favourite male character: rob ((is he counted?))
favourite ship: kimye😤
least favourite ship: caitlyn/kris srry
film/tv show rating: 5/10

Showing off your boobs is fine. Perfectly fine. The problem is when you live in a society where everyone thinks your boobs are ALL you have to show.

Like, I will show a man my breasts. Oh, who cares? At the end of the day: They’re just boobs.

But I will also lecture him about why he should be reading Jane Austen and understand how under-rated a novel Mansfield Park is.

That means more. 

The Raunch Culture will never understand this, though. Not ever.  That’s why it is a failure.  It has no concept of subtlety. 

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Welp. The ratings are down and are we surprised? Scott being drunk every episode is getting pretty predictable. As a result, Ryan Seacrest has asked me to step in and save the show. This Sunday catch me on KUWTK and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at me shooting the video for “Only One”.