The Evil Within in a Nutshell
  • Ruvik: Swiggity swooty - I’m coming for that booty
  • Sebastian: Swiggity swag - get the fuck off my back!
  • Joseph: Swiggity swasses - where the hell are my glasses?
  • Kidman: Swiggity sweel - Imma kill with that heel
  • Administrator: Swiggity swoe - I’m Slenderman’s hoe
  • Jimenez: Swiggity swoofed - oh shit, I done goofed
  • Stefano: Swiggity swart - Appreciate the art!
  • Leslie : Swiggity swot - Me is scared a lot
  • Tatiana: Swiggity swide - Pretty but dead inside
  • Keeper: Swiggity swars - I’ll make you see stars
  • Sadist: Swiggity swaw - Make love to my chainsaw!
  • Sentinel: Swiggity sway - I just wanna play
  • Burned Laura: Swiggity sweaning - I give hot a new meaning!
  • Theodore: Swiggity switch - Lord said you shan't bitch
  • Innocent Bystander: Swiggity swuck - what the actual fuck?

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