“Keep Moving Forward.” Monty Oum, 1981 - 2015

Monty was and will continue to be one of my biggest inspirations that I ever had/have. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him and get him to sign my foam iron minecraft sword during PAX Prime 2013, and I will honestly never forget him. Monty was a hero, an inspiration, and will forever be dearly missed.

“They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing & the second, when somebody says your name for the last time.” (x)


I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death. - Monty Oum 

Im just gonna post it now.

tribute for the day. lol I finally drew something for Ruby.

Its been a good 3 years tumbling in this fandom (mostly in the oc community, doing comics and suffering), so this is a little art from the first red trailer to the current final? moment of RWBY.

Again nice to meet you all from this show, hope RWBY and anything relating to it will keep going.