I’m not going to be upset over Monty’s passing anymore. Because why would I be upset over something that gave me so many friends, a clearer career path, and so, so many great memories. 

I wish he wasn’t gone, I always wanted to tell him thank you for what a silly little web show on the internet has done for me. But I think he knows, wherever he is.

So thank you Monty, thank for helping me to keep moving forward in this crazy game called life.

A comparison of two of my works featuring Tails.

First is from 2009 vs now in 2017. It is always fun & encouraging to look back at where you once were to where you are now. Do not hold fast to feelings of inadequacy, but rather stand up & make the effort to initiate the change needed to accomplish all you set out for.

Keep moving forward, you will get better. We are all capable of improving ourselves :)