Even with all that anger, does she realize all the things that Barry’s been capable of doing? Is he a little bit off the hook for saving her and the city so many times?

 “No, because Iris could’ve helped and been a part of that. It’s still a matter of a person not trusting you enough to tell you the truth, and trying to keep you safe rather than believing that you could help keep your own self safe. Obviously she’s enamored with The Flash. She’s probably been his No. 1 fan since Day 1. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this person she’s been following for so long has been right underneath her.”

-Candice Patton 

Yes! Thank God he’s not off the hook. Candice said it ALL. Iris has been there for the Flash since day one. She could’ve helped him so much more and being a part of it was all she wanted. It’s like Barry was so busy keeping her safe, that he didn’t believe in her enough to handle the truth. It’s like a slap in her face. And I’m glad she’s not letting him off that easy.

i rush -

to write poetry about corroding bones,
thumping hearts and faulty lungs
like its just what you do

in love // out of love //
      now that there’s only love,

(like i know what that feels like)

like its just broken doors and you
     having a place to g o
in the middle of this bitter winter
 (even when you don’t want to)           
a fleeting boy broke your heart

you kiss the back of your own hand
to keep the warmth between your dirty
bedspread; your tears feel like rain-

you remember that he liked the rain 
and then you cry some more before this hurt
leaves ink marks on your already filthy palms

you ask yourself again about feeling
and all this poetic bullshit that 
          you left // he left, 

you ask yourself where it hurts-
today she says everywhere, like a gun
that can’t seize fire anymore

            you break all your toes-
you don’t want to go // you don’t want to let go
but the yellow on your lips wants to say otherwise-

love, you let it shine 

and kiss the boy with the moon in his belly,
like the mess he is and the mess you are 
and what’s the point of cleaning

i rush-

to the end // to begin again.


“I hate you. I hate you more than I hate anyone or anything else in the universe. You are stubborn, aggravating, and obedient to the point where you feel as if no blame for anything can be laid at your feet. You want to control everything even though you deny yourself any sort of responsibility for anything in this universe. And the most irritating thing about that is that it is not even how you always were. People say Lucifer took his fall badly? Obviously they have not had the unfortunate responsibility of looking after you for the last few million years. Alone. With absolutely no appreciation for the sacrifices I have had to make in my own morality to keep you from completely losing your sanity.

Lucifer is gone. Father is gone. It’s time for you to grow up and learn to lead Heaven as more than an army. The battles we enter now are ones of your making, not that of divine will or any other sort of foolish nonsense you use to justify your inability to healthily express your frustration with the way Lucifer acted. He is not the only brother you have a responsibility to and I’m certain we would all flourish the moment you got off your high throne and recognized that. Heaven is in shambles and that is your doing.

I hate what you stand for and what you’ve turned me into. I hate that I cannot shake this chain of loyalty that binds me to you and I hate that most days I do not want to. I care for you more than I do myself and that is not something I have ever wanted.”

And Raphael pauses, breathes.

“I love you Michael, but I cannot stand you.”

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bae, you are like on a level of your own. so ethereal. keep shining.

woooow super sweet. ❤ thank you so much!!!!


Happy people are always happy. They glow and shine and inspire themselves to be happy. No one is powerful enough to make you happy but you. Universal wisdom and happy people know it.

Sour people are always sour. You don’t need to ask them twice to reflect their darkness on you. Sour people are only happy when they whine, thinking they seek for sympathy, when they really try to bring you into their sourness… intentionally or unintentionally.  

Happy people don’t need money to buy happiness, because things that make us genuinely happy are free.

Sour people try to find excuses in lack of money to justify their sourness.

Happy people work despite whatever and keep fighting, because the victory over your own sourness, laziness, fear, rudeness, arrogance, self-pity is the most satisfying.

But sour people will never understand it, because they are too sour. They feel comfortable to be sour.

Your chose if your want to be happy or sour.

I’m rooming with my friend next year and we were just talking about how we are going to decorate our room when she goes, “Don’t worry, you can still keep your Harry Styles poster in your closet.” I do not own a Harry Styles poster. She had such a vivid dream about my one direction fangirliness that she was convinced I had one and thought I was just trying to deny it


Here is the video we did with Yours Truly for our song “Keep It For Your Own




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By many accounts I am considered a “late bloomer” 🌱. I didn’t really figure out what I wanted to do with my life until I was 28 years old… And still everyday, as I grow and discover more about myself, I continue to bloom. 🌸 My path has been very different from everyone around me and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I didn’t really know that until now. 🌼🌼🌼 Don’t torture yourself by comparing your petals to the flowers in other gardens. Just keep soaking up the sunlight, focus on your own growth and everything will be ok. 🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻



Your heart may be broken, but I assure you, it’s still beating.
—  Don’t give up, darling, there’s a reason you’re here

Okay, so I’ve been posting art online for almost a decade now, and I want to post a few things I’ve learned that might be helpful for newer artists:

  • Few people get successful or noticed right away. Those that do usually have been drawing for as long as they can remember. No matter what, you’ll probably have to put a few years in before you get the recognition you might be wishing for, and that’s okay 
  • Post doodles. Post WIPs and sketches and designs. They might not garner a huge following, but they will make you comfortable, which in turn will encourage you to continue and improve. Being ashamed of your own work can keep you from doing it
  • That being said, it’s sometimes helpful to have a couple tags for your art–one for finished works and one for doodles, for example. People will usually look at whatever finished artwork you have first, so you can put your best foot forward while also feeling free to post your rougher stuff
  • Fanart is a great way to get attention quickly, but most people’s interest will hinge on it once they notice you. If you start going more towards original work, they may lose interest–that’s normal and understandable, although unfortunate. Be aware of this if you find your niche in fan works (same applies for nsfw art)
  • Don’t focus your attention in “branding” yourself right off the bat–if you’re spending more time trying to perfect your signature or creating your own little logo than you are posting art, you may be misplacing your efforts. That shows you’re focused more on the ideal of being a popular artist than you are on improving–focus more on whether you like your art and style, and not just how other people are going to perceive your persona





Or make your own, maybe:

‘Cause I could keep going all night. 

I wasn’t surprised by the news. Once the rumors started that Kojima was leaving, I knew we were fucked. But, hey, this isn’t the first time Konami has fucked us over. Remember Team Silent.

*the image is a propaganda poster from World War II, remade in Bioshock Infinite. It felt approperiate.*