Every time I see a teenager vomit out their history of trauma during shipping discourse as a trump card I want to shake the little frickers (and the big frickers that started this trend) because that is not safe and it is not healthy.

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fleur man if you're cruising for dic pics you're gonna have to give me about two hours minimum, because frankly I'm a stickler for quality in photography. If the lighting is bad or the angle is unflattering the pictures's getting redone; mind you it's damn hard to keep your hog cranked when you have to keep reevaluating your own hog. Anyway, deuces, love you.

Holy shit
Love u too???

Voltron: Legendary Sweater Weather Defender!

I hc that Lance easily gets cold on the castle and that he somehow ends up having a huge stash of big sweaters…no one knows from where though

I also hc that Keith secretly loves seeing fluffy Lance in too big sweaters

“Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (The Veiled Lodger)

Sakura Pigma Micron 005, 001,003,008, in my Fabriano Sketchbook. I really loved the composition in this scene, so this was a must for my Series 4 drawings. 

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You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you give yourself the time and the space to get started. Take a step back. Breathe. Start when you’re ready, and be amazed at your abilities.
You do not need to be born a certain way to be able to show strength. You do not need to be a specific person to be able to conquer challenges. You have everything that you need with in you, right at this very moment, regardless of who you are.

I can’t help but marvel at how both Mana and Cross shaped Allen’s personality.

At first Allen was simply Red, a boy with no relations who didn’t belong to anyone and no one belonged to him. He was harsh, foul-mouthed and did his best to survive in his cruel environment.

Then came Mana who taught Allen many important things. Be patient. Talk politely. Act kind. Feel compassion for others. Forgive. He taught Allen to love others.

When Allen lost Mana, his only source of happiness Allen took these teaches to the extreme, he was always ready to sacrifice himself for other’s happiness, “love others” spiraled to martyrdom.

But then Cross took him as his Apprentice. He was nowhere near as gentle as Mana but he gave Allen important lessons too in his roundabout way. Stand up for yourself. Strike back when someone wants to take something from you. Fight for what you believe in. He taught Allen to love himself.

Hopefully Allen will take Cross’s teachings to his heart too and reach a balance where he can love himself as others so he can save himself.

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If you have one piece of advice for inspiring animators, what would it be?

Don’t stress about having your own show right away. Focus on getting on a production and learning as much as you can. Learn how to tell a good story, to animate well, to design well. Learn how all the pieces of a production go together. Learn the pitfalls. Learn what you like and don’t like. Keep making your own stuff. Then if you get a chance to do your own thing you’re ready to run.

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Since you posted the Samus photo I have a question that I've kind of been too awkward to ask until now :P With costumes that are so form-fitting like Samus, Mara Jade, and Asuka, what do you wear underneath so that lines don't show through?

This is a GREAT question because I wish someone would have told me what to wear under my bodysuits years ago. 

Shapewear is a wonderful tool and I recommend it to people of all sizes. Not only does this prevent panty lines from showing, it smooths out all your shapes and keeps potential food babies in check. The “wear your own bra” style is extra great and versatile. Body suits tend to compress your chest, so lots of cosplayers (including me) choose to wear padded push-up bras with them to balance the figure and create a more flattering silhouette.

The shapewear acts like a lining that can be washed frequently, so that the whole bodysuit doesn’t have to be. Unless you’re sweating A LOT or something, the bodysuit stays relatively clean.

Here’s the brand/style I actually use:

On a related note, here is a very important bodysuit undergarment PSA that can’t be shared enough: If you have a penis and you’re wearing a bodysuit, PLEASE wear a dance belt for the love of god. No one wants to see the sad outline of your flaccid wiener. A dance belt is designed to keep your dick under wraps. Google it if you need to.

Good luck with your bodysuit adventures.

Imagine being kidnapped so many times because you’re the Champion that Gladion assigns a squad of bodyguards to protect you (and being jealous when you become close to the bodyguards).

a compilation of my favourite bb-8/stabby headcanons i have got in my inbox
  • What if one of stabbys children decides he doesn’t want to be like his father, that he doesn’t want to stab people, so against his family’s wishes he takes off the knife and puts speakers on instead. Thus resulting in space dj roomba (@obssessive101)
  • part of ben going to the dark side was realizing he was luke’s second favorite. stabby always came first. (nonny)
  • oh my god kylo getting offended and angry bc bb8 is the true continuation of his grandfather’s legacy (@admfirmuspiett
  • inb4 the lightsaber-armed Stabby incident gets Imperial researchers to look into sturdier boot designs. Like, “we’re working on a second Death Star here and y'all want to make BOOTS???” (nonny again; to which i say, no one who has served with Stabby questions the need for better boots; and no one else questions the strange requests that come their way. think about it: someone had to request the materials for Vader’s Castle of Angst. The Empire is a strange place to work.)
  • So… surely if Vader has Stabby wandering around among the imperial army and stabby is sending kill cams back… he’s like, THE MOST valuable intelligence operative the alliance have right? (@ misskel. and yes. sort of. stabby does not gather intelligence, apart from in the most random ways. say he stabs someone and as they chase him, he runs past a board with some Very Important plans on it. or he stabs a double agent and some Resistance guy is like shiit that’s bob in accounting knew he wasn’t up to any good he never refilled the coffee pot. attempts to send him instructions have thus fired, though if that’s because of distance or Stabby’s innate desire to interpret any instruction as Stab Shit is very much up for debate)
  • Your stabby story is fantastic! I’d like to imagine that both sides have unreasonably large bounties on its return, leading to confused (and stabbed) bounty hunters (nonny the III. yes. oh god yes. someone art bobba fett getting stabbed pls)