Differing Definitions, Part 3

Say you’re in a conversation and you understand exactly how someone else defines a word differently form you. You might still be determined to make sure that a word only gets used your way. There are good reasons to be stubborn on that point.

You may be loyal to a definition because…

a) …that’s how you hear the word used, and changing your usage would feel untruthful or unclear.

b)  …that’s how your favorite dictionary or scholar defines the word.

c) …you respect an ideological group’s reasons for sticking to that definition.

d) …you’ve seen people use other definitions of the word in hurtful ways.

e) …you’ve seen that the varying meanings of a word can cause confusion and harm. You want to avoid the usages where you’ve seen this play out.

People have reasons for using words the way they do. Be aware of your own reasons, and keep an ear out for why people use the definitions you disagree with.

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Ivonne’s Weekly Fic Rec #3

It’s here guys! My weekly fic recommendations! As a fellow writer, I know how hard everyone works to get their fics out. Sometimes they don’t get as much love as they should, thus this weekly list!


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Be Your Hero by @wayward-mirage (Balthazar x reader)

Summary: Reader gets hurt a hunt with the Winchesters & Balthazar comes to save her.

A Hamper Full of Memories by @all-things-nerdy (Dean x reader, platonic)

Summary:  You’re in the middle of putting away your laundry, lost in your own little world, when suddenly, Dean asks you a question. That question pulls you back into a world where things were more innocent and significantly less monster filled.

Moonstone by @impala-dreamer​ (Dean x Reader)

Summary:  You and Dean haven’t been together very long, but it might be true love. Your happiness is soon overshadowed when you are betrayed by someone you thought was your friend

My Favorite Winchester by @spookcas (Sam x Reader )

Summary: The reader and Sam grew up as best friends and go to babysit a little Dean, but Sam’s in the mood and won’t leave the reader alone.

The Huntress by @willowing-love ( Castiel x Nephilim!Reader)

Summary: Must read the Prologue! 


The Blue Stick by @itsanerdlife (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary:  Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers.  

Tattooed Love by @avengingmutant (Pietro x Reader) Smut

Summary: Pietro likes tats, what can he say?

Re-calibrate  by @avengedwritings​ (Clint x Reader)

Summary:  Imagine Clint falling for you and the whole team tells him to remember he has a family and to not be selfish when he wants to leave Laura for you.

The Walking Dead

In Living Color by @darkmystress00 (Bethyl)

Summary: Everyone knew the world was black and white. Colors were just a thing from long told myths about soulmates and destiny. But what happens when a mysterious group shows up to the farm and Beth starts seeing colors? Who is the person that triggered them? How is she going to find out?

Imagine slow dancing with Rick.

Star Wars

Caution by @itsaconquestofimagination (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: Just a few months after Starkillers destruction, Kylo is put into an arranged marriage with another strong force user (Y/N). Though both reluctant about the whole thing, they slowly grow to appreciate one another. Despite their improvements however, they still clash and butt heads constantly, especially when (Y/N) becomes pregnant.

Best Damn Thing in the Galaxy by @castielohcastiel (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Summary: Poe seeks you out on an important anniversary date for you.

Star Trek

Imagine being alone on a rooftop with Bones.

I Have Never by @girl-next-door-writes (Leonard McCoy x Reader)

Summary: Scotty spills the beans on your crush on Bones.

Bones Drabble by @bkwrm523

This was a short list this week, because I’ve been too busy to read much. I’m looking for more Deadpool fics, Star Trek, and Star Wars. 

anonymous asked:

My church is super anti- dating. Its pretty obvious that theyre against premarital sex but I dont like how they treat dating as premarital sex too. One of my friends even feels super guilty becuase she used to date.. whats your take on this?

I think that anything you do should be centered around God. There is a way to date while keeping God at the center. So I would say you have to know your own limit. If you are not able to date in a Godly way, and that’s important to you, then you do what God tells you to do. But if your desire to date is for other reasons, then you may need to reassess your priorities.
At the end of the day I guess I understand the churches perspective. But it’s just not practical. I think a smarter perspective is to encourage young people to center choices around their spiritual life instead of pretending people don’t date

anonymous asked:

I have a negative friend who assumes the worst of everything, I am in high school & we're classmates, I moved class & I finally feel happy & relieved far from all the bad energy but she says she'll move to my new class, noo! What should I do? Helllp!

When you are aware of your friend’s negative energy you are less likely to fall under its spell. It is good that you were able to get some time away so that you can feel happy and relieved. If it turns out that she joins you in your new class you don’t have to let her pessimism bring you down.

When you interact with her practice compassion with her. Without judging, recognize her tone when she speaks and label it in your mind as positive, negative or neutral. Notice what causes her suffering and try to see what might help her and what you might do to help her. If all you can do is to keep your distance and protect your own good spirits, then that is what you can do. If you see a way to help her address and change her pervasive negativity, offer her what you can.

I wish you peace and patience as you practice compassion in the face of negativity.

anonymous asked:

Got any tips on how to write better asks?

Now here’s the question: What’s your goal here, writing a better-worded asks or writing a better-targeted ask?

In the former, it’s a matter of keeping your own character in mind in your head and following through with their words and actions while keeping it succinct enough to fit in our character limit.  Be clear about what you’re asking, try to keep it to one or two questions - I’ve made the mistake a couple times of trying to ask too many questions - and don’t worry about filling in the whole ask.  If it flows well with less, then make it so.

Now there are some minor exceptions like character quirks for our own and what not.  I’ll use my Joltik Nilam for this example.  Nilam is an excitable sort and expressly curious.  She can be the sort who will rapid fire questions and then forget she asked half of them.  In her case, if I want to represent this quirk without detracting, I’ll try to do two things: I’ll make the question I actually want answered first and add a statement between that question and follow up question.  Later questions might also be adjusted to be associated to the first or be silly or pointless things.  Ultimately the goal is, despite all these ‘questions’ to point the target at the actual ask.

Try to avoid talking about your own character.  Focus on the other person’s character, make this all about them (and to be fair, it is).  It’s OK to do things like declare what actions your character might be taking so people understand how your character is interacting with their own and maybe provide indicators to your character’s mood or opinion.  I put some serious stress on this because I’ve seen several instances where someone put some extent in describing their character and actions just to ask one question.  None of that helps the artist.  This is why we have character pages, if the artist wants to include your character, they will happily take a moment to go look up the ref (so long as you make it easy to find!) but otherwise these ask-blogs are not our own stories.

To which note I’d like to add to drop any expectations of your characters being drawn.  These folks have no obligation to do so and it’s done as a kindness and for fun.  Plus if you expect nothing in return, it becomes a fantastic surprise every time when they do include your characters!

In the case of the later, we want to understand the character we are attempting to ask.  Sometimes this is simple, the question we come up with is because something they recently said on the blog.  That’s awesome!  Fire away!

It can be just that easy sometimes.

That said, when I come up against a wall, nothing clear on the front page, it’s time to search for details!  Look for character descriptions, look for plot synopsis, look for a hints page.  Even I can overlook something that might have been obvious (but I can make the illusion of being hyper aware by using these tools offered by artists and writers).

Once I’ve picked out a hint that I like (or sometimes when there is nothing there) I’ll hit the archives.  When I have a hint, I’ll look up the character or specific events that may be involved.  This is how I can toss down specific asks for blogs that have been running for a while without actually completely diving the archives.  I don’t need every little moment, happy or sad.  I just need this one specific one about this one thing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every character has a driving force, a reason for doing the things they are doing.  Sometimes this driving force is flat out obvious (See: @ask-witchhunters, at least on the outside - they probably have personal motives that drive this, something to dig for! ) and sometimes it’s a lot more subtle (Skeith from @askomni in curing her imbalance - I knew she had a plan but until the very end I had no idea what it really was).  By learning what moves them forwards, you can deconstruct that for your own nefarious purposes or adjust how you word your ask to work with/against this (after all, contention can have some interesting results!).

The merit of your writing.

So, you’ve read something that has resonated with you. It’s everything you’ve wanted in terms of characters, prose, plot and pace. It’s the best you’ve read in years. You reread your favourite lines. You have to take a break just to absorb every meticulously crafted line. You are in awe of how something so small can seem to take up so much space.

And in a perfect world, it would inspire you to go out and create. To work on that story that is languishing in your save files, to pick up that WIP you abandoned, to make you want to write something different and new and better. 

Instead, it makes you feel inferior. The words are too good. You could never write like that. The characters are too perfect. You don’t have that insight. The story is too captivating. Your ideas are boring, cliche, plain. The insight is remarkable. You can barely string a thought together coherently. 

Why even bother, you think.

Don’t fall into that trap. I have been there so many times. I have abandoned writing for years because of “why even bother”. I have let it destroy my confidence, only to patch it back up in a cheap imitation of what it once was, just to let it invade my thoughts again. I have questioned every thing I’ve written, every choice, every line, because why even bother if someone is so much better. 

YOUR WRITING HAS MERIT. What you don’t realize is that it’s not in terms of better, but different. Different style, different story, different interpretation, different mind.

Someone out there will love the way you describe the night sky in poetry. Someone out there will love the way you describe the look on someone’s face when their heart breaks. Someone out there will love your idea, that strange one that seems impossible or already done, because it’s new and exciting or they love endless amounts of that same story. Someone out there will love your interpretation of that character, whether more gentle or bitter or broken or healed. Someone out there will love the words you write, the grandiose use of adverbs (my guilt) or the minimal scattering of dialogue. Someone out there will love your abundance or lack of something you saw in that story you so loved, the one that rendered you speechless and snuffed out your fire. 

Someone out there will love your words. And you need to share them. 

Speaking as a writer, no one sets out to create something to discourage others. No one wants to dominate their corner and be the only one there. No one wants to be alone in their craft. If they do, they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Speaking as a writer, I would never want you to read my writing and think, why bother. 

I want you to think, why bother waiting?

Your story matters. Your writing matters. It’s beautiful and defined and gorgeous and a work in progress and growing and already there and insightful and mysterious: it all has merit. 

Never stop. Never stop writing and practicing and doing and creating and learning and loving the words you weave.

You may think someone has done it more beautifully or better or too many times or never because who wants to read it? 

They maybe have done all those things, but they lack one thing: they haven’t done it like you have.

7 Jared Padalecki Quotes That Will Help You Find Your Inner Strength
  1. “When life beats you down, NEVER give up.”
  2. “On New Year’s Eve, my dear friend lost his battle with depression … Though he wasn’t the first friend I’ve lost to suicide, I sure hope he’s the last. I wish I had the chance to go back and tell them what they meant to me. I wish I had the chance to beg them to seek help, to keep fighting. I wish they knew that they were surrounded by countless others who struggle on a daily basis.”
  3. “I hope [the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign] helps people realize that they shouldn’t be ashamed of what they are going through … I hope it helps people take pride in the fight that they have been fighting, and gives them a push to never give up or give in. I hope it helps inspire people to keep fighting. no matter how hard it is.“
  4. "If you’re out there and need help, please seek it. Be proud of your valiant day-to-day struggle. There is no shame in needing support.”
  5. “There are some lucky folks out there who don’t struggle with these issues, and I am truly happy for them. But, for those that do, it’s important to approach each day with the mindset of, ‘This might not be easy, but I am going to give it everything I’ve got.’”
  6. “There’s no shame in having to fight every day, but fighting every day, and presumably, if you’re still alive to hear these words or read this interview, then you are winning your war. You’re here.”
  7. “Don’t underestimate your own strength. To persevere. To make it through the most difficult of times. And, JUST as importantly, don’t underestimate your ability to help someone ELSE during THEIR most difficult times. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word, or gesture, to help someone make it through their day.”

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Natasha + Guilt

How to make Day6 members


  • 50% vocals
  • 30% power dance
  • 10% fluffy hair
  • 9% bunny teeth
  • 1% disappointed dad stare


  • 70% lame jokes
  • 10% guitar skills
  • 10% giraffe height
  • 5% argentina
  • 5% glasses


  • 40% rudeness
  • 25% rap skills
  • 15% chokers
  • 10% shouting English
  • 10% doting on dowoon


  • 50% cuteness
  • 20% honey vocals
  • 15% killer smile
  • 13% pink sweater
  • 2% pouting


  • 40% deep voice
  • 30% blush
  • 25% awkwardness
  • 4% arms
  • 1% hyung slayer

“you’re kind of a bitch in the morning”

“yeah well you’re kind of a bitch all the time”

they actually love each other


Leo: I’m not scared of bugs 😂