Stupid tapes

requested? nope, just had the idea in my head for a few days

pairing: Zach x reader

Summary: Zach doesn’t want to tell his girlfriend about the tapes and she has enough and then Bryce Walker makes things even worse

warnings: mention of rape i guess 

words: over 1.8k

part 2

masterlist | request

Y/N once heard Zach and Justin talking about some tapes and when she asked Zach he only brushed her off with a “don’t worry, love, ‘s fine”. Whoever she asked about those tapes either looked confused or told her it’s none of her business. She asked Zach multiple times about them, hoping he would break and tell her anything, so she would finally know what’s going on, but he didn’t. She noticed how tense he got whenever she asked him about them and how he’s changed through the last few weeks. It was taking a tool on Y/N and their relationship, as the girl thought he didn’t trust her and genuinely knew he was hiding something from her. And one day, Y/N decided enough was enough.

“Zach, I’m asking you one last time, what’s going on with these tapes!” they were sitting in his car, heading for his house so he could help her with her biology homework, as he was a year older and amazing at it.

“I’ve told you so many times that you should forget about them and stop worrying,” he replied calmly, though he could sense that Y/N wasn’t going to drop the topic this time.

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It’s no common mistake that Taylor has had quite a connection with 5H for a long time now, apart from being the girls favorite at one point too. But it’s also no common mistake that she’s known for being “ the queen of PR games” in the music industry.

“They are the hunters, we are the foxes.” - Taylor

Our main focus though is something similar between Tay and Lauren.

 This is all observational based on recent discoveries. 

Also yes before anyone says anything,  I am aware that they come from different places inside of the music industry but Celebrity Culture makes no exceptions for anyone.

I know some harmonizers have beef against her for whatever reason it may be but stay with me this reaaaaallllly isn’t about beef.  Or is it?

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Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else finding Blue Pearl to be one of the most mysterious characters on the show right now? She’s so quiet and reserved, never speaking unless spoken to, and yet this character has seen so much.

From “The Answer”, we know that Blue Pearl was around during the Gem War, and presumably had known Pink Diamond personally. Is Blue Pearl grieving the loss of Pink Diamond as well? Did she like Pink Diamond? Was Pink Diamond kind to Pearls? Is Blue Pearl forced to keep her emotions hidden because of her low status?

Are we going to have a scene in Wanted where Blue Pearl unleashes all those millennia of pet-up grief and rage on Rose Quartz?

Daddy’s Little Schoolgirl

Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW visuals, sexual content, rough, spanking, daddy kink, age difference

Summary: AJ has a kink for his girlfriend dressing up like a schoolgirl. And one day he buys her the outfit and orders her to dress up. Smut ensues. That’s it. 


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laughter makes the heart grow fonder: requested

hope you like this!!

Originally posted by blood-and-passion

it had been a very long, very strange, and very confusing journey for (y/n).

first, her village had gotten terrorized by scary men, their hands wielding large blood covered axes.

second, her home was broken into by a very large blonde haired and blue eyed viking man, his language confusing the young girl for a moment until she finally realized he was speaking the language she was currently being taught.

and third, a strange yet beautiful blonde haired woman had saved her from being killed in cold blood and decided to keep her.

keep her.

of course, (y/n) generally thought that the beautiful vikings woman had meant to keep her as a slave, but the woman had different plans.

she wanted to keep her as a daughter.

this confused (y/n) greatly. she looked frantically at every man and woman in her village, but none had come forwards to rescue her from these….heathens.

they let them take her.

the beautiful woman hadn’t left her side once. all day everyday the woman would play with (y/n)’s hair, feed her even though she was old enough to feed herself.

and after a few weeks, (y/n) realized it wasn’t that bad.

as a young girl, (y/n) never grew up with a family, she was taken care of by fellow villagers after her parents disappeared and never came back.

so when the woman- whose name she now learned was helga- had treated her better than anyone in a long time, it didn’t bother (y/n) one bit.

at night, when (y/n) was cold and shivering on the boat that was rocking and shaking against the harsh ocean waters, helga would wrap (y/n) in a nice fur blanket and gently kiss her head.

this warmed (y/n)’s heart.

she felt she had to somehow repay helga for all the love she had given her. so everyday after helga would finish on her hair, (y/n) would surprise her and do her, making the most beautiful braids helga had ever seen.

honestly, (y/n) never wanted to go back.

she loved being with helga, spending everyday with her. though, the other viking men thought (y/n) was quite strange. no person they’d ever taken captive before liked it so much.

even floki himself was growing fonder and fonder of the girl.

but when they all stopped on unknown land, helga didn’t stop with just one.

she snagged a child.

she saved the girl from her husbands and friends pillaging and killing.

(y/n) was pleased as well.

but the little girl, was not. she didn’t understand a single word anyone was saying to her. helga had tried to make her feel welcome like she had with (y/n), but it hadn’t worked.

and days later, they arrived in kattegat.

helga was so excited to show (y/n)  and the young child her home. she showed them all around kattegat, the hall, everything around and about she showed to them.

(y/n) tried very hard not to show interest in all the beautiful things kattegat had to offer.

but when helga would look, she’d smile widely and nod along to everything helga was saying.

the little girl just followed, keeping her head low and her shaking hands behind her back.

it wasn’t until weeks later, she had met helgas younger friends.

“the sons of ragnar” she had called them, but the name had absolutely no meaning to (y/n).

the men she had met were very handsome, especially the youngest.


he’d look (y/n) with such a curious look, it made (y/n) want to cower away and go back to helga and flokis home. he’d smirk at her when she’d be caught looking at him.

she was….different than most of the other women in kattegat.

ivar couldn’t help but be attracted to her, not just by her physical appearance either.

she was so….strange. she looked at everything like it had a soul, too.  she treated all these strong viking men like they were already her friends. 

this stirred something within ivar. how could a girl, from such a far away place, be so comfortable with people who had ripped her away from her home?.

but this just made ivar more and more curious about this beautiful creature. he had wondered why someone as sweet as helga wanted a slave, but ivar never asked.

one day, he decided he needed to go talk to floki about his legs, and if floki could do anything to help.

once he made it to their house, he busted through their door.

his eyes immediately  caught hers. she looked so beautiful, sitting their, trying to help helga feed the younger girl- Tanarus- who was refusing to eat.

“hello floki, helga” ivar greeted, shutting the door behind him as he slid his legs in.

(y/n) stared at him curiously, just as ivar did with her. she wondered if ivar had always been that way, or had he gotten hurt in some accident?.

(y/n) was too afraid to ask.

“hello, ivar” said floki politely, not really questioning why ivar had shoed up so out of the blue.

ivar crawled over to where helga,  Tanarus and (y/n) were sitting, he placed himself in front of the women, adjusting himself and making himself comfortable.

“so, who’s this?” ivar asked, looking more so to (y/n) than the child. floki noticed this.

helga looked to (y/n) and smiled lovingly at her.

“introduce yourself” helga prodded gently, scared to push her further.

(y/n) opened her mouth and spoke with a voice so soft ivar could feel it fly through him.

“(y/n)” she said simply, then went back to be a silent little butterfly.

ivar nodded slowly, saying her name several times in his head.

when the little girl said nothing, helga stepped in and introduced her for her.

“ her name is Tanarus” helga said, lovingly stroking the terrified girls head. ivar didn’t think helga had it in her to have two young slaves in her home.

“oh, you brought them back. i see they will make good slaves, i’m sure” ivar mused.

helga glared at the boy and shook her head angrily.

“they are not slaves”. neither of the men had seen little helga so angry.

(y/n) bit back her smile when she seen floki shake his head and roll his eyes, half serious.

“we are adopting them. they are my children” helga said, giving the girls a happy smile.

ivar turned his head towards floki, shocked. he wanted floki to say he was joking, but the look on his face told ivar he was telling the truth.

(y/n) lowered her head, smiling at the look on ivars face.

“ahh. well, let’s see”. ivars hand reached out for (y/n)’s dress skirt. but when the younger girl gasped and jumped away, thinking he was reaching for her, ivar continued.

(y/n) could see the happy look in his eye as he teased the young girl, scaring her to the point that she was screaming and crying out in fear.

helga glared at ivar once more and lead the crying girl away from him.

ivar smirked and pulled his hand back, looking very satisfied with himself. he turned towards the other one, the pretty yet strange creature.

she was slumped down in her seat, shoulders shaking with fear.

ivar felt slightly bad, seeing as he had scared her, too. he went to say something to her.

until he heard a snort.

she moved the hair from her red face, and ivar found out that her shoulders were not shaking with fear, no, but with laughter.

she was laughing.

the sight made ivar smile at her. she was laughing so hard tears were now running down her face.

“y-you..s-scared her!” she said, then bursted into more fits of laughter. the sound so pure and angelic.

it made ivar laugh with her.

 even though floki, who he himself were choking up with laughter, got up to leave and check on his wife.

(y/n) settled down slightly, still giggling breathlessly. she gave ivar a look that made him feel something he’d never felt before.

“forgive me for laughing” she said, making ivar stare deep into her (e/c) eyes that practically glowed in the sunlight that was streaming from the window behind her.

“it was funny. you have nothing to be sorry for” ivar said, making the girl smile even wider. the way she spoke to him drew him in even more.

“you’re…different from how i thought you’d be” she mused, making ivar look to her startled.

“me?” he asked. she shrugged and fiddled with the bottom of her dress skirts.

“i thought you’d somehow be……more like an asshole” she admitted, making him laugh.

“not going to lie to you, pretty girl, i am” he said making her smile.

for a moment he just looked at her, taking her beauty in. he noticed that when he called her “pretty girl” she blushed a dark scarlet color.

a color ivar now was addicted to seeing.

“do you like it here?, with helga and floki i mean” ivar asked, tilting his head to the side.

(y/n) sighed and looked about the room, her eyes looking over every little nook and corner.

“yes. it’s a lot better than home” (y/n) said, making ivars eyebrows crinkle together.

he opened his mouth to ask more about what she meant, but floki walked into the room then, and sighed whilst pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“(y/n), please go talk to her. she will not listen to me” floki muttered running his hands over his face and bald head.

(y/n) smiled and stood, smoothing out her skirts and gave ivar a small smile, a promising and blissful looking smile.

“i hope to speak to you again soon, ivar” she said, her smooth voice causing ivar to shift where he sat. 

the way she said his name made ivar almost sight out and grab her by her ankles.

she walked out of the room, smiling even wider when she was out of ivars sight.

floki didn’t miss the thoughtful smile upon ivars face either.

“i see that look on your face, ivar. what are you thinking in that crippled mind of yours?” floki asked sitting in his chair.

ivar smiled and bit at his bottom lip, stealing a glance at the girl who was behind the door frame.

“i think i made a friend, floki”.

little did both (y/n) and ivar know they’d become a little something more than just ‘friends’.

sorry this sucks lol, i’ll try harder in the next request!


For @claudia808…enjoy!

“I’ll just be a moment,” Eggsy told Y/N.
She smiled at him. “Alright. I’ll be waiting out here.”

Eggsy smirked, kissing her temple briefly, and headed inside. Y/N brushed her hair back before pulling out her phone. She was texting her cousin who had sent her a few screenshots of some memes. Y/N chuckled.

“You’ve got a pretty laugh.”

Y/N’s head jerked up at the unfamiliar voice. She gave a brief smile to the man, keeping her eyes low.

“Thank you,” she replied curtly.
“I’m sure your boyfriend loves to hear it.”
Y/N knit her brows. “I could ask him if you’d like.”

The man chuckled, inching slightly closer. Y/N gulped, taking a step back.

“Seems you’ve got a sense of humor too,” the man complimented, “Looks and banter. Quite the deadly combination.”
“For some I suppose,” she stated nervously.

Something about this man rubbed her the wrong way. His leering gaze never wavered. It made her stomach churn. Y/N glanced back toward the store. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw Eggsy heading toward her. He smiled before cocking his head to the side. His smile deteriorated into a grimace. He hastened his pace before reaching her side. Protectively, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her into his side.

“What do you think your doing?” Eggsy angrily asked, “Can’t you tell you’re making her uncomfortable?”
The man let out a scoff. “Please. We were having a nice conversation.”
“Didn’t seem like she was doing her part of the conversation,” Eggsy seethed.
“All the better,” the man cheekily snickered.

Y/N moved behind Eggsy’s back as he moved toward the man. His gaze was deadly and focused.

“Y/N is a person, not an object! She doesn’t need a pig like you forcing himself on her,” he hollered at the man.

The man opened his mouth to speak, but Eggsy brought his knee to the man’s stomach. He doubled over in pain. Gritting his teeth, he pulled the man up by the back of his head.

“If I see you anywhere near her again, I’ll be using more than just my knee,” he whispered, “Got it?”

The man frantically nodded as Eggsy let go. He hastily backed away from the pair. Eggsy gently turned to Y/N, bringing her into an embrace.

“Are you okay?”
She nodded. “Yeah. Thank you Eggsy.”
He kissed her temple again. “Of course, love. Of course.”

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Everything Changes - Peter Parker

Words: 1096

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey so this imagine was a long time coming I guess because if you write Peter imagines then this is one that you write haha.

And can we take a fucking minute to talk about the trailer people?!?!? Like what is life?!? And Tony Fucking Stark, what the frick frack do you think you’re doing taking the suit off that smol bean!?!?! Still #teamironmanforever XD … Enjoy the imagine :)

“Peter Parker!?” Your friend screamed but still managed to keep her voice low. Regardless of the fact you were sure no one did hear her you still put a finger to your lips and told her to shush, looking desperately around to see if #anyone# had heard her.

Peter Parker?!” She repeated in the same tone. You couldn’t tell if she was acting this way in disbelief or shock - or both.

“Yes.” You replied finally. She had been pestering you for weeks for who you had a crush on because she claimed she could tell exactly when you had one. You had told her, and now this was her reaction.

“Peter Pa-” She began to say again but you shut her up.

“Don’t you think you’ve said it enough already?”

Y/F/N just looked at you. She had an evil glint in her eye.

“Don’t you dare.” You said.

“Oh trust me, I am not going to do or say anything.”

“Yeah right.”

“No seriously,” She said and winked, “Your secrets safe with me.”

She closed her locker door and set off down the hallway making you follow her.

You cursed your timing knowing that next period you would have Chemistry, with Y/F/N… and Peter. With Y/F/N sitting on your right and Peter directly in front of you. Great.

Y/F/N had paused next to the door, “Ready?”

“For what?”

She raised her eyebrows with a knowing look.

“I wish I hadn’t told you now.” You groaned and half rolled your eyes.

“It was the best thing you ever did.” She stated and then opened the door and entered the class room.

You followed her to your usual spot. Peter was already sitting there and you tried not to look at him. Y/F/N was though. She was looking at him as if she’d only seen him for the first time. As if she was looking at him in ‘a different light’.

You rolled your eyes but grinned slightly. She had better not say or do anything.

Your teacher came in and handed out the graded tests from last lesson. You were doing well in school and didn’t need to worry too much about your grades. After she had done this she stood at the front of the class.

“As I said last week everyone,” She started,“ your projects towards your final grade start this week so could you get into partners and carry out the preliminary experiment written on the board.”

You had completely forgotten about this! You had had so much homework this week you had totally forgot that this was this week.

You turned to Y/F/N getting ready to work with her. She grinned at you manically before leaning forward to the girl in front and asked if they could work together. You sat completely shocked until you realised what she was doing.

“Y/F/N?” You said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing nothing.” She said still smirking, “Just like I promised.”

Y/F/N?!” You hissed again but she had already moved to the other desk.

You sat there not knowing what to do. She was your only friend in this class.

“Um, Y/N?” You heard someone say and you turned to look in front of you to find Peter Parker staring questioningly at you.

“Uh yes?” You said as best as you could.

“I’m guessing you don’t have anyone to work with?”

“Yeah…” You said lamely glancing behind him at Y/F/N.

“Do you want to work together?”

This was not happening. Last time you checked you didn’t live in a teen movie.

“Yeah sure.” You carried off with a light smile. “Do you want me to move round there or you come here?”

“I’ll move.” He said returning the smile. You shifted your stuff over to the other side of the desk so he could put his stuff down.

You saw that Y/F/N was looking back at you with the same mischievous laugh she’d had before. You ignored her and focused on not making yourself look stupid in front of Peter. Doing that was probably going to be harder than this experiment.

You turned back to Peter and gave him a shy smile.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” You said regarding what was written on the board.

“No.” Peter agreed and you two started to get your equipment together and the chemicals you would need. It was a titration neutralisation reaction so it wasn’t hard, just fiddly.  

You two worked in silence for a few minutes and you couldn’t tell if the silence was awkward or not. You just didn’t really have anything to say.

“Could you pass me the acid?” Peter asked. You picked up the bottle and passed it to him.

“Thanks…” He mumbled still concentrating on making sure the acid stayed where it was supposed to.

Suddenly you remembered that this was a full blown project. As in a project that had a practical element and a research one. That was required to do in the pairs so one person couldn’t get the other person’s grade for them.

“Shit…” You said under your breath as you realised that Y/F/N had probably planned this out in the five minutes they had before class.

“Huh?” Peter said assuming you were talking to him.

“No nothing…” You said going red. Great, now he thought you talked to yourself. You gave him a small smile and he smiled back before returning to the experiment.

Why are you like this?! You thought as Peter passed the equipment to you so you could carry on the experiment.

You listed the volume values you had got to Peter and he wrote them down. You were surprised you could do it because your hands were slightly shaking from nervousness.

Soon you were completely done and you packed everything up. You didn’t know what your next move was going to be with this project because it would mean actually working with Peter.

Your teacher, after being satisfied with the state of the classroom, called the class dismissed and you got up to leave and run after Y/F/N.

“Y/N, um wait up.” You heard Peter say behind you and you stopped and turned round.

“Hey do you want to do the research element now? I mean we already have loads of work from other classes so we could just get it over and done with.” Peter asked. “That’s only if you’re free!”

“Yeah I am let’s do it.” You said.

“My place?” Peter asked timidly.

You internally screamed. “Yeah sure.”

Y/F/N who was standing nearby, much to your annoyance, and listening in gave you a thumbs up from behind Peter. You shot her a warning look and she just smirked and waved goodbye.

You couldn’t believe this was happening.


i know (eddie kaspbrak x reader)

requested: yes

summary: eddie has a vivid nightmare involving his two biggest fears: the leper and losing his best friend (warning: kind of gory)

reader uses female pronouns! (i’ll use them by default, unless requested to use other pronouns)

a/n: i’m not sure how i feel about this but i hope you guys like it, and i hope it’s kinda similar to what you were looking for, anon

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The Goodnight Gansey Squad

So you know how the gangsey got Adam to eat by making everything nonchalant and sly, like, “oh if this pizza isn’t finished, we’ll just throw it away so why don’t you eat it Adam?? ” and of course Adam eats it and like that was
a whole thing? A sneaky way to take care of Adam?

What if the gangsey did something similar for Gansey but with sleep?

•The dark circles under Gansey’s have become too prominent to go unnoticed now

•One of the Aglionby teacher’s even pulled Gansey aside to ask if everything’s alright, to which Gansey replied that everything was wonderful and that it’s really nothing, all Ganseys have dark circles and it’s just the way his face has always been

•It has Not always been like that

•Ronan’s the one to notice first that Gansey’s sleeping habits have become really bad bc Mini Henrietta is growing twice as fast as usual

•and Gansey is using his politician’s mask around his friends now bc he’s too tired to be emotionally present 24/7

•And for the first time, he can’t seem to get really excited about the Glendower Search, a big sign that something is wrong

•So Ronan begins the Goodnight Gansey Squad, and their goal: get Gansey to sleep

•Gansey’ll be at St. Agnes with Adam studying for an exam, and Adam will make sure that Gansey takes a seat on the bed with a blanket and pillow positioned nearby

•Adam’ll tell Gansey that, Oh he read that it helps to remember things if you lay on your back with your eyes shut, so all your senses are focused on hearing and memory and blah blah statistics

•So Gansey of course humors Adam and lays down, eyes shut and smirking a bit at the oddness of the idea

•Adam will then dim the lights and read in a soft, soothing voice from the textbook (something Gansey used to do for him) for a while until he hears Gansey’s breathing change to the deeper breaths of sleep- and he lets Gansey stay the night

•On warm Henrietta nights when being under the covers is too hot, Noah will complain that’s he’s “lonely and tired” and will convince Gansey to lie in bed and pull the covers over them both, with Noah’s presence keeping the temperature cool and making sleeping more comfortable

•Blue knits Gansey the Most Comfy Sweater he’s ever worn in his life, and she gave him a scented spray with it that supposedly helps people sleep better

•whenever Gansey wears it to bed, he gets a full night’s sleep :)

•Blue also makes Gansey take her midnight calls laying down in bed instead of on the cold hard floor of the kitchen/laundry/bathroom. She keeps her voice soft and low, and it makes her smile softly whenever he falls asleep during the call

•About two weeks into the Goodnight Gansey Squad mission, Gansey confesses to Ronan that it’s not just his insomnia that’s keeping him awake, but he’s purposefully not sleeping bc his nightmares have been getting worse (they deal a lot with the Gansey’s Foretold Death Sentence and what it means for him and his friends, but of course he leaves the specifics of his nightmares out), and sleep has become a burden more than a necessity to him

•Ronan understands, of course, being Oh So Familiar with nightmares himself

•He convinces Gansey to try and sleep anyways, and if things get bad, he can come sleep with Ronan

•Sometimes Gansey just starts the night sharing the bed with Ronan anyways bc Ronan’s presence is warm and secure, and Gansey feels safer with Ronan by his side

•Surprisingly, Ronan dreams less when he shares a bed with Gansey- whether it’s from sheer willpower of not wanting to dream anything to life or from feeling more at ease around Gansey, Ronan’s grateful for it

•Gansey during the day slowly becomes a whole new person now that he’s actually sleeping

•He has!! So much energy!!

•He hardly ever wears his Autopilot Mask of neutral emotion anymore like he used to do bc now he has the energy to deal with people and society

•He throws himself wholeheartedly into everything he does

•Mini Henrietta doesn’t grow nearly as much as it used to, but nobody really seems to mind :)


(Yes it’s Radmond fanfiction featuring two OOC boys probably) 

KO had been the one to find the first rose. He’d been cleaning up after the first official Plaza Prom, and had found the somewhat wilted flower laying on the punch table. He hadn’t thought much of it, really he only mentioned it to Rad and Enid because he felt sad that somebody had forgotten their flower. “I know if I’d gotten Mommy a fancy rose and she’d lost it, she’d be super upset about it!”, he explained, giving his two best friends the KO Puppy Eyes. 

That’s how Mr. Gar’s shop ended up having a vase (KO had made it himself out of macaroni, somehow…) with a much happier looking rose resting in a couple inches of water. Nobody questioned it, probably because nobody really cared, but the little addition seemed to brighten the shop a bit. KO was convinced someone would come in and recognize the flower, even though Rad insisted that nobody would remember “Some dumb flower” well enough to actually miss it to begin with. 

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I combined two requests for this, hope you won’t mind ! Also I’m sorry for the wait xx

The sound of laughter echoed in the apartment as Joe and his friend Britt stepping into the living room. Y/N watched them from the counter where dinner was almost ready. Her stare on them was hard and somehow, Joe was oblivious to it. “Hey.” He greeted his girlfriend, dropping a kiss to the top of her head as he put out two beers out of the fridge. Y/N nodded at Britt, sending her a small smile but it was obviously forced. The friends sat down on the stools on the opposite side of the counter. As Joe opened the beer in one smooth motion with the bottle opener, Britt had her eyes all over him and a smirk appeared on her face. Y/N regretted having such a good looking boyfriend for a minute. “Didn’t know you were that strong.” The American girl teased as he now opened his own beer. “Try me.” Joe replied, smirking back at her. The two of them laughed. And that is when she realized that she was completely invisible to them. As Y/N grabbed two plates to serve them dinner, she  put them on the counter a bit too loudly and it cause the two friends to snap their heads in her direction. A heavy silence was suddenly filling the air.

After a long minute, Joe reached out to his girlfriend but she stepped away. “Is everything okay?” Joe asked, a worried frown on his face but she put on that same forced smile again. “Yeah, sorry, I’m just tired. Serve yourselves, I’m not really hungry so I’ll just take a shower.” Y/N explained. She pecked Joe’s lips quickly before running up the stairs in the amount of seconds. Joe shared a worried look with his foreign friend as he definitely figured that something was wrong with the one he loved.

Around twenty minutes later, Joe and Britt were settled on the couch, a weird tension hanging in the air. A random TV show was playing in the background but Joe wasn’t paying any attention to it. His mind was wandering through the signs that he had missed since his American friends had arrived and he wanted to punch himself for not realizing that he hadn’t been paying much attention to her either. As he was about to climb the stairs to talk to her, she was already in the hallway, making her way to the door, a traveling bag in a hand, the keys to the car in the other. “Where are you going?” Joe asked, taken by a sudden fear that she was leaving him for good. Y/N stopped in her tracks, turning around to watch her confused boyfriend. “I’m going to Zoe’s for the weekend.” She affirmed, letting out a tired sigh. Joe stepped closer to her, his frown growing. “What? But I can only see you on the weekends, it’s the only days where you’re not at work.” Joe pointed out, reaching for her touch once again but she moved away slightly. She was tired of having to pretend like she was okay with his friend being here. “As if you care.” Y/N scoffed, opening the door and walking to the stairs. Joe followed her in the hall of the building, grabbing her wrist to stop her. “Wait, what’s going on? Why are you like this?” Joe asked, his heart pounding a little faster. “Oh you know why. I’m invisible to you when she’s around, you’re flirting with her for fuck sake! Just in front of me.” She exclaimed, the anger evident in her voice. Joe’s eyes softened on her as they were darting over her face, he could see that she was hurt but if she knew how he loved her. It went silent for a few seconds. “Have fun with Britt.” Y/N stated as she turned around to leave but Joe stopped her again.

“Does Zoe knows you’re coming?” Joe asked in panic, trying to find a way to keep her with him. “She’s the one who offered, if that’s your only worry.” She said before running off down the stairs. Joe stood there for a minute, trying to process what had just happened. He walked back into his apartment to find his friend confused as he closed the door violently behind him. He was mad at himself but it was properly better to let her calm down., even if this specific weekend was supposed to be special.

As Joe woke up two days later, he rolled over in the bed, expecting to see his girlfriend smiling up to him but he was left with cold sheets next to him. He sighed as he looked up to the ceiling. He had tried to call her or even Zoe but she didn’t want to talk to him. But that day was supposed to be their day. But she was two hours away from him and he couldn’t stand that. After a short moment, Joe was dressed and down the stairs where Britt was waiting for him. She frowned as she saw him quickly grabbing a few items here and there in the living room. “You’re going to Brighton, aren’t you?” Britt questioned but it sounded more like an affirmation. Joe stopped his movements as his friend spoke and he sent her an apologetic look. “I’m sorry but I can’t not be with her today. Are you okay with that?” Joe asked and Britt sent him a warm smile. “Of course! Don’t stand there and apologize to me, just go!” Britt exclaimed as she basically pushed him out of the apartment, earning an amused expression from him.

Joe stood in front of his sister’s house, walking back and forth as he was suddenly filled with nerves. After taking a long breath, he knocked and waited for a few minutes before someone opened the door. Zoe sent him a small smile as she noticed the bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Joe, she said she wanted to be alone.” His older sister affirmed as she moved around to let him in. “I know but it’s our anniversary today, I had so much stuff planned but I screwed it all up.” Joe explained, passing his free hand over his face. Zoe watched her brother for a minute, analyzing his face and she noticed how he regretted everything. “Also.” The dark blonde boy started, reaching for something in his back pocket. Zoe watched him intensely, a frown forming on her face. When Joe showed his sister the small velvet box, she gasped and looked up to him. “Are you joking? Who knows about this?” Zoe exclaimed, keeping her voice low as she remembered that Y/N was still in the house. “Literally no one.” Joe admitted, a smile forming on his lips as he looked at the box. His older sister smiled herself as she watched him, realizing how happy he was with her.

Footsteps were suddenly coming down the stairs and Joe quickly hid the box back in its place. As he turned around, Y/N stood there, confusion across her face as she watched the siblings.

“What are you doing here?” Y/N asked in surprise but there was a small smile on the corner of her lips as she laid her eyes on her lover. “It’s not really our anniversary if we both spend it on our own.” Joe stated as he stepped closer to her, handing her the flowers. She let out a small laugh. “Wow, got me flowers and all that.” She replied, a hint of sarcasm in her voice, making Joe laugh as he leaned in to kiss her softly. “Happy 2 years anniversary, my love.” Joe mumbled against her lips before pulling her into a long hug. Zoe watched the couple as she crossed her arms, tears stinging at the back of her eyes as she thought about what Joe had shown her only minutes earlier.

The sun was slowly setting on the Brighton Pier and the atmosphere was getting colder and colder. Joe and Y/N were laying on the beach, talking about a little bit of nothing and a little bit of everything. “I’m sorry I left.” Y/N said, cuddling closer to her lover. “I’m sorry I let you.” Joe replied, looking down at her as they exchanged a laugh. Joe took in a deep breath before lifting himself up, earning a confused look from her. “Are you okay? You seem nervous.” She pointed out, sitting back up as she looked at him. “I need to ask you something.” He started, eyes looking at the beach as he took in another breath. “Are you about to ask me if you can buy something completely crazy for one of your bloody videos again?” She joked, a big smile on her face but when Joe pulled out the velvet box, opening it to show a beautiful silver ring, her jaw dropped. “Could be but no.” Joe replied, relaxing slightly.

“I know we haven’t been together for that long but I can’t see myself with anyone else but you. And that is why I want you to marry me, Y/N Y/L/N. Will you?” Joe finally asked  as his eyes darted over her face, impatient for an answer. But instead of giving him the answer, she simply pulled him onto her as she connected their lips in a passionate kiss. “Is that a yes or?” Joe mumbled against her lips, an amused smile on his lips. “Of course, it is.” Y/N replied before he slipped the ring on her finger and the two celebrated their anniversary on the beach for a few more hours before going back to Zoe and Alfie’s house where they officially announced to them that were going to be husband and wife.

heavyartillery  asked:

(I asked this once already, but I think the app ate it--it makes me want to throw my phone! Grr! If it didn't get eaten, I'm sorry for the double post.) WinterShock, awkward first meeting themed, #4 please?

@heavyartillery you got it! (ps: pretty sure the tumblr app did eat it, grr.) hope you like it <3

Prompt: Awkward first meetings, #4, Trapped in a bank during a robbery

Pairing: Bucky x Darcy

Rating: T, for language

“Don’t panic,” came a voice from beside her.

She startled anyway, jumping as much as one could when one was crouched beneath a check writing table at the bank.

The bank that was currently in the process of being robbed.

Robbed badly, as it were.

The tall, skinny burglar with a perpetually reddened face choose this day, the day Darcy was at the bank, to hold up the wrong bank teller.

Rhonda, as her nametag said, had her finger on the police call button almost as soon as Robber Guy shiftily stepped up to her station with an empty duffel bag and a gun.

What looked like the entire precinct soon rolled up to the parking lot, red and blue lights flashing, causing Robber Guy to immediately lock the place down and take them all hostage.

Of all the days to run her damn errands, she thought to herself. She knew she should have switched to paperless.

With a narrowed stare, she took in the man now crowding in beside her in her hiding place.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

She knew Barnes was at the facility, but she’d only ever glimpsed him in passing. She did attend one intensely uncomfortable ‘briefing’ by Captain America in which he’d basically said that no one was to bother his bestie and that he was laying low for the time being. Which, after the fiasco with the UN, seemed to be a logical idea.

Barnes’ lips quirked up a little at her using his rank, giving her a glimpse of annoyingly cute dimples.

“At your service, ma’am,” he replied in dry voice that told that he and Steve must have practiced the troll-y tone together in the olden days. “And you can call me ‘Bucky’.”

“Are you here to bust this guy? ‘Cause y’know,” she gestured to Robber Guy over by the front doors, waving his gun around, cowing all of the other hostages. He was sweating through his jacket and his eyes were crazed. “He’s over there.”

“Actually, I was here to tail you.”

“Tail me? Oh, for - !” She rolled her eyes.

You get kidnapped a time or three and they send you out with a babysitter.

Which would be fine except her ‘babysitter’ is apparently the Winter Solder aka Bucky Barnes. And she’s never had thoughts of the making out variety about her babysitters before.

You’re my babysitter?”

“I am not a babysitter. I was sent to keep an eye on you so you wouldn’t get taken. Again.” He gave her a sideways glance. “You sure do go to Starbucks a lot.”

“It’s Peppermint Mocha season,” she huffed, trying to keep her voice low. “Don’t judge me.”

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Ladybug distrusting Volpina mixing with fears of Alya finding her out
  • Ladybug: Volpina, please stop relaying so much information to the girl that runs the ladyblog, she's going to have way more than enough information to figure any one of us and then I'm afraid of what'll happen once she's got that information.
  • Volpina: ok, I see what you're going for but it's not like she's gonna put it all out there as soon as she finds out, and most of the stuff I say doesn't even reach the blog anyways, she just shares theories with Marinette.
  • Queen Bee: And you think SHE can keep a secret? I mean she can't even keep her crush low key
  • Chat: Wait, Marinette likes someone?
  • Volpina: Chat, I'm guessing you couldn't tell because you barely know her but if not then you're an idiot.
  • Ladybug: Back to the subject people! Stop giving so much information in interviews, even if they are "private" and "not on film", I don't want to deal with the fallout of Alya knowing.
  • Volpina: fine. She's not gonna hear it from me.
  • -------------
  • Later in class
  • Alya: So word is that Ladybug thinks I'm pretty close to figuring her out, wanna help me go over some theories later?
  • Marinette (internally): that fox is dead to me
  • Marinette: y-yeah s-sure?
  • Alya: Did Adrien walk in? What's with the stutter?
  • ------------
  • (Edit) Even more later
  • Adrien: Hey Marinette, I heard you liked someone. I'm just gonna say that I hope it works out for you and I hope they like you back because you're amazing and you deserve it.
  • Marinette: *panics and walks into a wall instead of a door*
  • Adrien: are you ok?
  • Alya: Those two are idiots. Beautiful beautiful idiots.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Kara and Alex dealing with her being on the spectrum (as adults).

“hey alex, there’s no need to freak out but im home from work early-”

“what’s wrong?”

kara groans for a long time, annoyed that alex picked up. well, not annoyed. just…she just wanted to say it and leave it all behind. go curl up on her couch and eat all the brownies out of the icecream and forget that she’d almost had a meltdown at work.


“it’s not a supergirl thing, i was just going to leave a message,”

“excuse me for a moment,” alex says in a way more formal tone and kara hears her boots echoing and sighs again, pulls the icecream out. a door whooshes open on alex’s end of the phone and alex is talking to her again. “talk to me. what’s wrong? is it that sleazy guy again?”

“no, no,” kara crinkles her nose. “well, he is still sleazy. but it’s not that. i just… hadabitofameltdownatworkandwantedtotellyoubeforejamesdoes.”

“okay, rewind,” alex chides her, but really softly and kara grabs at the duvet she’s been using as a cape - she likes the weight, and she likes that it’s so long it slides along the floor when she walks and makes the nicest shish shish shish sound - and she nods. “repeat all that but slower.”

“i had a meltdown at work,” she says. “and i’m calling you because i’m pretty sure james is going to call you soon to make sure i haven’t blown out my powers and i thought you should know. and, maybe,” kara picks at the raised loops sewing the patches of the duvet cover, “i wanted to see if you were busy.”

“you had a meltdown? what happened? you’re okay? i mean you’re talking so that’s a good sign,”

“yes,” kara nods emphatically, pushes her glasses up her nose when the move makes them slip down. “i’m okay. i stood in the sun, i did my breathing, james hugged me and cat gave me a pillow to hug.”

“that woman, honestly,”

“at least she didn’t fire me,” kara tells her, and damn it her voice wavers a little and alex - a literal spy and awesome secret agent - can’t not pick up on that. “no crying at work, remember?”

“you were crying?” alex asks very softly. “kara, i can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“no. no, you are working and i dealt with it and i am dealing with it and i want you to finish up your meeting.”

“you’re more important,”

“yeah but i’m also okay,” she insists. “please, i just wanted to let you know. i dealt with it, i did well. i’m not a kid anymore, alex, please don’t come over until you’re actually free.”


kara narrows her eyes. “i’ll know if you cut any meetings or whatever to come over.”

that makes alex laugh and she’s about to say something, probably along the lines of i was a DEO agent for years without you knowing, but the door whooshes open and a quiet voice asks for alex to join them again.

“i’ll be right in,” alex promises, and she waits for the door to close again. “i will be over the second my shift is over. save some icecream for me.”

“uh, no.”

“i will pick up some icecream,” alex amends, and kara lowers her head to the kitchen counter and listens to the fondness, the smile, her sister speaks with. “i’m really proud of you. and we can go through what happened to figure out why,”

“i know why, it’s okay. i just want to watch tv with you. but…on mute maybe?” she scratches at her arm. “it was all sounds and stuff today, i just.”

“mute is good.”


“okay.” alex lingers as long as she can, but, “i have to go back in there. my shift ends at seven, expect me at seven thirty. what’s your food today?”


“pick something else too.”

“just brownies.”


“i won’t eat anything else. not today.”

“fine! brownies then,” she grumbles, and her goodbye is hurried but sweet. “i love you, see you tonight.”


she doesn’t feel worse, exactly, when alex does show up. way more tired though so everything is a little harder to manage.

“hey kara,” alex says, and immediately shuts up when her little sister curls into an even littler sister shaped ball on the couch and tugs her duvet closed around her head.

alex makes her way around as quietly as she can. she toes her boots off at the door, pads to the fridge to put away the pizzas she picked up. it wasn’t on kara’s very short food list but it’s a danvers staple so she’ll want it eventually. the low whine of the fridge sounds especially loud and alex hunches her shoulders, moves as fast as she can to finish all the necessary steps. turns her phone on silent and do not disturb, shrugs off her jacket and picks up a blanket, grimaces through cracking open the brownie takeout box and the clink of cutlery when she pulls out a spoon for kara.

“are you done?” kara grumbles from her couch. if she concentrates, alex thinks she can make out a single, baleful eye.

“coming your way,” alex shoots back, and kara sobs once when she steps on a creaking floorboard and again when the couch springs shriek when she sits. “i’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.” kara doesn’t take the brownie box. alex sets it on the table. “it hurts,” she mutters, and alex eases her over so she can lay next to her sister and pulls her head to her chest.

“focus on my heartbeat,” she tells her, and wraps her arms tight even that even kara could feel it. she can’t hold that up for long, but a moment is enough.

kara knees her in the bladder and headbutts her chin, blind inside her cocoon, shifting around to find the most comfortable position and alex bears it with good grace though she’ll be cashing in her bruises for favours later, no doubt about that.

they doze off quickly, kara first, exhausted, and then alex once kara’s tears are mostly cried out. when they wake, it’s because of kara’s stomach. it grumbles and rumbles and kara floats them both over to the kitchen, putters around making their dinner - midnight meal, really - as quietly as possible.

“maybe you should tell your friends,” alex murmurs, trying to keep her voice smooth and low and even. “and maybe cat.”

kara shoves her pizza slice into her mouth and fetches her phone, squints at the brightness and turns it so alex can read the email.

“sick days are unfortunately a requirement by law. you have several. use them wisely.” alex rolls her eyes. “can she say anything without it sounding like a threat?”

“carter,” kara whispers.

“true.” she accepts kara back into a hug, despite the sauce on her chin. kara tucks her forehead into alex’s neck, brings her arms up to brace comfortably between their bodies. “sick day tomorrow? i have a date with maggie in the evening, maybe we can all hang out in the day?”


“we’ll see how you feel. could be a danvers day only.” she feels kara smile and nod. “sounds good to me.”

they stand for a while longer. then kara sighs and pulls back. “i’m going to tell winn and james. they should know in case anything happens while they’re with me. like today. and i trust them. and cat already knows everything,” kara sucks in a deep breath, less to do with cat and more to do with the effort of saying so much at one time. “but i’m going to tell her too.”


“will you stay, when i tell the guys?”

“of course.”

kara blows out her cheeks and nods, relieved. “thank you.”

How I met your mother

It’s 34 years to the day that Mike and Eleven first met so being the trash that I am, I wrote this.

“So you mean to tell me that you met mom in the woods, in the rain, whilst shining a flashlight in her face?”

Mike nodded. “Yeah.”

“Then you took her to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to hide her in the basement?” Their 12 son shook his head incredulously while his 10 year old sister watched in stunned silence.

“What?” Mike began laughing seeing the expression. “If that never happened you wouldn’t exist.”

“Yeah but…but it’s so weird.”

“When has this family ever been normal?” Mike reasoned. “It was because we were trying to find your Uncle Will.”

Mike began telling the story of the fateful week in 1983, and everything after. His kids watched in amazement as he told them on flying vans, shadow monsters and government agents.

Their daughter had tears in her eyes when he told them how El had disappeared, but that he never gave up hope.

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The Pretty Lies, The Ugly Truth - Chapter One

Nothing ever happened in Prythian. Nothing interesting, anyway. That is until the night, Andras – one of the stars at Prythian High – goes missing. And then it all changes forever.

A year later, his body is found. And when nothing seems to be done to uncover the truth, Feyre Archeron decides to take it into her own hands. And with the help of the new boy at school, Feyre promises to find Andras’ killer. But when she uncovers more and more, she learns that in a town like Prythian, everyone has secrets.

And they would do anything to keep the truth from getting out.

Chapter One: Everything Is Lost


Andras had never really been afraid of anything.

Most teenagers like him weren’t. His family had money. He was popular. He was going to an Ivy League college next year. His whole life had been planned out for him, and it was going to be perfect, every business man’s dream.

So, no, Andras had never really been afraid of anything.

Until now.

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Gamer Boy Ch. 1

This is part of my submission for nalu week 2017. It is rated T for cussing and slightly suggestive themes later on. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I do not give anyone permission to repost any parts of this story anywhere. Please be respectful. Reblogs welcomed though. 

This short story will be 6 chapters long. 

Summary: The annual ‘Call of Duty’ competition is back again. Lucy is determined to reclaim the title as Fiore’s best team, but first she has to beat last year’s winners, 'The Dragons’. She won’t let anything stand in her way, especially not the annoying team captain of the opponent’s team. No distractions, no slip ups, and certainly no secret make out sessions with her rival. Modern AU. Romance/Humor

*It will not focus too much on the actual game play, more on what goes on around it.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Completed)

Read on or AO3.

Chapter One: Video Games (Bonus Day 1)

“Lucy! Hey Lucy!”

Lucy flinched, dread filling her body. “Oh no,” she mumbled, a shaky hand lifting to cover her face, but she knew it wasn’t going to help. “He’s already here?”

Levy giggled beside her, pulling her suitcase out of the trunk to place on the sidewalk. “Looks like your rival is calling you.”

While her and Juvia snickered, Lucy shot them a glare. “He’s not my rival!” Her eye twitched when they continued laughing. “He’s not my anything!” Despite her words, she refused to acknowledge him, even after she heard his shoes scraping against the parking lot. 'Does he not know how to pick up his feet?!’

“Lucy!” His voice was louder now, the man standing directly behind her. She could see his shadow surrounding her.

“Not going to look,” she whispered, grabbing her own bags before pulling them out of the car. “Just ignore him and he’ll go away.”

“Not likely,” he said, startling her because she felt something brush against her arm.

She whirled around, ready to smack him if he was trying anything funny, only to sigh when she saw it was his overly-fluffy white scarf that touched her. Every time she saw him he was wearing it, even when it was mid-summer. 'Why is he still wearing it in this heat?’

Instead of asking that, Lucy muttered, “What do you want, Dragneel?” Her voice was laced with her aggravation, but he didn’t seem to notice. Why did he insist on talking to her? Wasn’t ignoring him every other year enough of a hint for him to take? She didn’t want to talk to that smug asshole.

“How was the drive?” he asked, waving at her friends before looking at her again.

Lucy’s eye twitched as she tried to figure out what he was trying to do. “Fine,” Lucy said, but her tone suggested otherwise. Being cramped in a car for seven hours with Erza, Levy, and Juvia had given Lucy a headache. She was just thankful they had the night off before the competition began tomorrow.

“Me and the guys are going to get something to eat in a bit. You wanna join us?”

Lucy narrowed her eyes at the offer. She opened her mouth to tell him 'no’, but Levy cut her off, voice louder than normal.

“We’d love to come!”

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Into The Dark

Originally posted by elves-n-angels

Words: 883

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’ve had this  idea for a while now, so I decided to write it and see where it goes. I  don’t have an exact pairing chosen just yet.

Into the Dark Series Masterlist  -  Chapter two

chapter 1

Y/N knew that her job would come with certain hazards, she worked for HYDRA, hazards were a given thing. Even then, being thrown into the middle of a superhero fight was not something she could have foreseen.

She adjusted her black backpack and hid behind a car, checking for any enemies. She grabbed an iron stick that had been forgotten by the car. She would need it if she encountered any agents. She hated it, fighting people, working for HYDRA, everything. She could feel the rejection her body had to the whole situation. She imagined herself dropping the stick and running away. Far from the airport, far from superheroes, labs, hell, even far from the country. But running away was not an option, she knew better. That would be selfish. Instead, she closed her eyes and shook her head, clearing her mind from such thoughts. She hold the stick tight and towards the jet. She had to do this.

She hurried keeping her body low, her hand that held the iron stick hiding in her back. She got the loading part of the jet and waited by the right side of the entrance. Two guards came out talking to each other. She hit the one closest to her in the head with the stick, knocking him out right away. She struck the other one before he could step out of his shock. She swiftly pushed the two unconscious guys to the side and made her way inside.

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Fandom: Gravity Falls

Summary: Something stolen, something given.

Warnings: None!

Word count: 1,546

This….this prompt got long. Oops. @gravityfallsfangirllove

Prompts 1 Writing Prompts

“Is that my shirt?”

Mabel whirled around from her seat in the kitchen, her eyes widened as Ford stepped into the room.

“Well, uh,” Mabel started, fidgeting her hands and not meeting Ford’s eyes. “Technically it’s your trench coat; I-I’m sorry, Grunkle Ford.”

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