Love your artist

If you can splurge for ONE thing on your wedding- make it your photographer. Because at the end of the day, they were the ones to capture your special moments. When you’re having a rough time and you want to see something to brighten your day, where’s your caterer to help you remember? Where’s your florist? Where’s your baker? The venue people certainly don’t have anything to offer you except maybe letting you be in the area you said “I do.” Your photographer is going the distance to give you a forever keepsake. And somehow people think they can be upset at photographers for charging at a “higher level”. People have no problem paying $1000 for food; assuming you have 100 people, that’s $10 a person, not including the price of drinks and the cake. But I guarantee your guests won’t remember that. And it’s not about your guest anyway- it’s about bringing you and your lover together. And people are there to show you support. So why not splurge on the thing that is going to most benefit you?


this is the most incredibly self-indulgent thing ive ever drawn and im almost sorry
only almost though

(part of me and @dragon-lamp‘s pokestuck au)

Inpsired by the beautiful artwork I saw in this journal

And the artwork various friends of mine produced.

In honor of those who lost their lives January 7th, and to all the artists out there.

Everyone has the right to speak their mind.  Everyone has the right to speak against it, but this should never been done with the barrel of a gun, the blad of a knife, the fuse of a bomb, etc etc…

Min Yum - Keep Art Alive

I was recently given the artist Min Yum by a friend on Facebook in the game to keep art alive. Min Yum (AKA Bumskee) is a concept artist and freelance illustrator from Sydney, Australia. Min has worked on The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of Dawn Treader, Wolverine, and many other productions.

His digital work is surreal and fantastical, and I find it very inspiring. Thanks, Kari, for turning me onto this artist!