Kneeled Morning Workouts

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Touch Up

I went to the Keeneland race track, just to walk around and see the track… wasn’t going to even going to look at the horses just wanted to see the atmosphere. I was walking around the barns, it was just after dinner time so most the horses were taking a nap except for this filly. I don’t know how to explain it but I couldn’t walk past this horse she drew me right towards her. I sat there and played with her for a while… she laid her head on my shoulder and just breathed on my neck for a while. We had to leave to make it to the next event on time, leaving her was extremely hard. Two days later I still could not get this filly out of my mind, she was in my dreams… and all I wanted to do was go get her information. 

Sunday (the last day) mom finally gave in and let me go back and see her! She came right to me and started to nuzzle me. I talked to her trainer and got her information. She is for sale as a race horse right now so her price tag is large… however  they are going to keep in informed of how she’s doing so if she does not work out they are going to let me know. 

My gut just tells me that one day this filly will be in my barn.