• Kesha:*donates to charity*
  • Kesha:*supports many different causes and wants to make a change*
  • Kesha:*is a huge supporter of lgbt rights*
  • Kesha:*doesn't want to be defined by sexuality*
  • Kesha:*expresses that everyone should be themselves and to love themselves*
  • Kesha:*wants everyone to embrace their imperfections and to know that everything is gonna be okay*
  • Kesha:*is the ambassador for humane society international"
  • Kesha:*supporter of woman's rights, she wants to level the playing field and show that woman can do what men can*
  • the general public:she just makes dumb music and is drunk all the time

Kesha needs all of the good vibes, prayers and help she can get this Tuesday the 26th. If you don’t already know here’s a link to read about what she’s been going through. Here’s how you can help her out. Spread this video everywhere you can whether it’s on tumblr, facebook, twitter, anywhere. And if you’re in New York City, join other fans and protest outside 60 Centre street Courthouse Part 54, NYC at 9am. Kesha needs us. #FreeKesha


d i n o s a you are a dinosaur!


Kesha’s rapist, Dr. Luke proves once again that he’s as evil as Kesha says. What kind of monster controls and manipulates someone like this? She just wants freedom and to do what she loves most. Write music and perform! #FreeKesha