Kazy's art

Zohra Begum Kazi (1912-2007)

Art by Sheena St. James (tumblr)

Born in India to a Bengali family, Zohra was the first female physician in Bangladesh.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1935 from Lady Hardinge Medical College in Delhi.  After the partition, Zohra moved Dhaka and she served as the head of obstetrics and gynecology for Dhaka Medical College and Hospital.

Look to the sky, way up on high
There in the night stars are now right!
Eons have passed: now then at last
Prison walls break, Old Ones awake!
Madness will reign, terror and pain
Woes without end where they extend!
Ignorant fools, mankind now rules
Where they ruled then: it's theirs again!

Stars brightly burning, boiling and churning
Bode a returning season of doom

They will return.
    ‒ The Arkham Carolers - "The Carol Of The Old Ones"