wanna know which series has the best official art?
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Kazuya Minekura sensei’s THE BEST (she’s such a fangirl of her own work that she just BOMBS us with au arts of these four -and sometimes Tokito and Kubota- ) 


Against my better judgement, I bought this month’s Zero Sum (3/28/17), and I’m pretty happy I did! 

So we see something we already got a glimpse of, Taruchie and Sai Tai Sui’s character designs for the anime! And also some adorable chibis! Also some upcoming merchandise for something called a ‘Kuji’, which I believe is like a lottery. 

Saiyuki Reload Blast volume 3 has been pushed back to June.

Also an image drawn by Minekura celebrating Zero Sum’s 15th anniversary! If you purchased the physical copy of ZS you will receive a booklet with art from many manga artists!

And last but not least…

Dare we hope? Will we be out of Hell-atus?

Tune in next time!

Saiyuki Bang!

In honor of Saiyuki’s 20th birthday, we will be hosting a fanfiction big bang! If you’ve ever participated in one before, the rules will be very similar. Participants sign up to write a fanfic of at least 10k words, and then artists claim the fics and illustrate them. Stories get posted in full with their art once everyone is done.

This bang will be hosted on tumblr, because that’s easiest for the mods, but we will be cross posting to the livejournal community.

We will be requiring beta reading for this fic event, and we encourage authors to also sign up as betas! If you can’t write a fic or make art but still want to participate, beta reading would be a great way to do it. We aren’t going to screen quality, but we want to know that every fic got a second set of eyes before it got published.

We’ll also need pinch hitters for both artists and writers. A pinch hitter is someone who can fill in with a fic or piece of art in case someone drops out. There will be an option to sign up to pinch hit on the form.

All Rules under the cut. Also, view the full document here. We also have a page on our blog with the rules here. 

(Everything pertaining to the bang will be tagged “saiyukibang” if you want to track or blacklist it.)

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Son Goku de Saiyuki Gaiden.

No tenia pensado subir este dibujo (aún), pero ya que hoy se cumple el 20 aniversario de Saiyuki… tenía que festejarlo de algún modo, y que mejor que con uno de los momentos más emotivos del manga de Saiyuki Gaiden. Mi corazón se rompe cada vez que leo ese capítulo.  (´;ω;`)

Se que la frase “With a sense of pride, until the day I fall” originalmente es dicha por Kenren, pero la considere adecuada dentro del contexto, sobre todo por lo que le pasa a Konzen al final del manga.