Disclaimer: this is in no way a fully comprehensive guide. This is just me trying to put together basics for people who are unfamiliar with Kazakhstan/Kazakhs to start their writing/research.

I am an ethnic Kazakh female, citizen of Kazakhstan, Almaty, bisexual, upper middle class, currently in college in the US. My experience is in no way representative of all kazakhs and Kazakhstan citizens. However, I think it’s pretty close to Otabek’s.

This is really, really long and kinda convoluted, but if you can bear it –– welcome!

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Bakhtiar a  Kazakh boy on his way to the annual Eagle Festival with his family photography by ©Hamid Sardar - hamirsardarphoto.com

Mongolia’s far western province of Bayan-Ölgii, an area mainly inhabited by the Kazakh ethnic minority.

“From his series Dark Heavens, which celebrates the spiritual connection between Mongolia’s nomadic communities and their animals.”

  • Old Dude seeing me on my phone: Why don't you read the news instead of tweeting and texting.
  • Me: I'm actually reading an article from The Economist on my phone about Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan's mock elections. What are your thoughts on the topic?
  • Old Dude taken aback: I don't know.
  • Me: Well then why don't you read the news instead of chastising teenagers on their phones?
Yuri!!! On Ice: Season 2

Okay but you know how with Viktor and Yuuri we got the whole “Love at first sight” Love story?? What if in season 2 we get to see the “best friends who end up falling in love” love story with Otabek and Yurio??!?!? The title would still be relevant, the plot wouldn’t have to change very much, plus older! OtaYuri would be amazing. (plus the animators could throw in some happily married Viktuuri being supportive parents who want Yurio to date his best friend already!!) Even new young competitors to go against Yurio would be exciting. I just really need this to happen💕