this is my favourite video right now because a) Four Lions is hilarious and b) it has Riz Ahmed swearing loudly and inventively (VERY inventively) in Urdu

This sounds 🤣🤣🤣 From @edwardtracy on Instagram ~


Animated sitcom Sticky follows four best friends (Javone Prince, Tom Hardy, Kayvan Novak and Charlotte Riley) who attend a college located in London’s mythical borough of Shatford. This deceptively boring scenario serves as a launchpad for epic adventure, heart-rending friendship, and increasingly sticky situations.

All forms of life depend on having a Wi-Fi connection, so when the internet suddenly disappears the world is thrown into chaos. Can the friends cope offline? Who would kidnap the web and why? How long do we really expect the planet survive without Internet Porn? Questions only the gang can solve as they embark on a thrilling rescue mission to infiltrate the headquarters of the mysterious perpetrators of this heinous web-based crime.

Although based in reality, the freedom that animation brings allows Sticky to present an unlimited range of diverse characters and epic locations. Be prepared for the weird to collide with the epic. Plus Putin and Trump make guest appearances.

Sticky stars Javone Prince (Phoneshop, The Javone Prince Show), Tom Hardy (Taboo, Legend), Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker, Four Lions), Charlotte Riley (Edge Of Tomorrow, Peaky Blinders), Tony Way (Drunk History, Game Of Thrones), Tom Davis (Murder In Successville, Very Important People), Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow).

Created, directed and produced by Ed Tracy (Fonejacker, Facejacker). Written by a team of writers lead by Steve Burge.


This is consistently my favourite scene of Chris Morris’ brilliantly funny, but heart-wrenchingly sad Four Lions. The recent-era nostalgia of that damn catchy song and all the boys’ roadtripping joy…laced with the painful poignancy of the fact that they’re driving somewhere to blow themselves up.

Four Lions (2010)