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RANT - Being a fan of someone doesn’t mean attacking anyone who isn’t that someone

Honestly, if you are a fan of any dancer, don’t talk crap about another dancer to “defend” the dancer you like.

Do you seriously think ANY dancer likes it when people bully their friends/peers in their name!? NO! 

If you like a dancer, like the dancer. 

Don’t use it as an excuse to insult anyone who isn’t that dancer. 

Commenting “omg! You are so much better than ____! idk why people even think they are good!!1!!!” means nothing! 

Instead of needlessly insulting that other person, you can simply compliment the person you like! 

When a dancer has a solo, you should focus on THEM. Not someone who you believe isn’t as good as them. 

So next time Sophia Lucia has a solo, don’t make comments about how other dancers suck compared to her. It isn’t about other dancers. It’s about Sophia.

(Sophia is an example, no hate)

And this goes the opposite way too.

If you watch a video of Maddie Ziegler, for example, don’t comment that Tate, or Avery, of Sophia, or whomever are better or would have done the dance better.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or not. 

Because it isn’t about other dancers. 

It’s about Maddie.

(Maddie is also an example)

I understanding that the dance world is competitive and comparisons are bound to happen; but commenting about a dancer who isn’t even relevant to whatever video it is you are watching, is unnecessary and disrespects all dancers involved. 


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i love how people pick-and-choose who the producers in accurately represent

dance moms is fake. it’s set-up, staged, and heavily manipulated/edited; 

nevertheless, people still use it to point to certain so-and-so’s being a ‘bad person’ but when another person comes across as bad on the show, people are like, “well the show is fake! we can’t judge her on that because the producers a trying to make her look like that” but then why judge so-and-so!?!?!?! 

why is it that the producers apparently only try to assign false roles to what happens to be your fave? because the idea that some people are 100% accurately represented is bull.

in the eyes of the producers, no one is off limits. They are willing to make any girl look bad

just because so-and-so isn’t your favorite, that doesn’t mean they aren’t unfairly and inaccurately represented on the show.  you can’t just pick and choose who is.

* i’m not talking about abby or the moms (who all suck to varying degrees)