[X] Today I had the best day of my life guys. I met Thomas Brodie-Sangster in London! It was amazing. He was so sweet and polite and he was so good at acting in his performance ‘summer love’ his role was so funny omg. I got my death cure book signed and he put a 'x’ at the end and I was dying. Then we hugged (as you can see in the photo ehheeehehehjaklsdhgj) and for all of you fangirls who wanted to know what he smelt like, he smelt like beer because he had just been drinking it bc he is a thug af. AND THEN I PULLED AWAY FROM THE HUG AND HIS HAND WAS STILL ON MY BACK AND HE RUBBED MY BACK AND IT WAS LIFE OKAY. (please do not remove text)

- Cranksofpanem- Tumblr