“That was a terrible joke.”

“I know…”

Negan just smiled at you for a moment before his head fell forward, a soft chuckle from his lips. You suddenly let out a breath of relief and he moved forward, slinging his arm around your shoulder. Slowly, he turned to guide you towards his trailer. 

“Do more and I might have to mess up your pretty face.”

You were clearly surprised and terrified, he grinned and his hand patted your shoulder. 

“I’m kidding. I’ll just feed you to the walkers.” You weren’t quite sure if he was serious or not, not with the smirk on his lips. 


Teresa Group A Subject A1 ‘The Betrayer’

I’m nor sure if i like Teresa or not. I was so happy that she is a girl, who is brave, smart and fights. Teresa, Brenda, Sonya/Lizzy and all the other girls from group B have made me proud! Girls aren’t always afraid and they needn’t always be protected. The Maze Runner series show that boys cry and not always be the hero.
But after reading the Fever Code I’m horrified! How can Teresa lie to Thomas like that? How can she say that WICKED is good after she has witnessed what they’re doing? She betrays Thomas and all the other gladers. She doesn’t lose her memories but does so. I don’t get it. The only excuse is that she is Deede. All guys who have read the Kill Order know that Deede has experienced terrible.

➳ KAYA SCODELARIO gif icons.

by clicking HERE, you’ll find #153 hq, borderless, and textured gif icons of kaya scodelario, known for roles as effy stonem in skins uk and teresa agnes in the maze runner series. all gifs weren’t made by me, but i did crop, sharpen, and edited them. if any of these are yours and would like them to be removed, please tell me and i shall do so. i also apologize for any repeats! please like/reblog if you found these useful.