Kawa Kon!

So here’s the scoop: I’ve been invited to multi-fandom convention Kawa Kon as their 2015 Artist Guest!

It’s located in St. Louis and will be held March 6-8…which is right around the corner (and closing in much faster than I realized)! I thought I’d throw this out at y'all to see how many of you would want/be able to pop in that weekend and say hullo~ c: I will be running a couple of panels (and by that I mean I’ll probably hide under the table and periodically peek out at everyone with dubious glances), and while I have some ideas, I’m still settling on topics—so if you think you can come, let me know what you’d like to see/hear/chat about!

(I will post updates as I learn more about the schedule and such~)

My convention needs your support!

I’m in not the best of ways right now.

For the past seven years, I’ve run a convention in St. Louis, MO called Kawa Kon.  Our staff is mainly women, mainly LGBT+, and from a wide spread of economic, racial, and social backgrounds in the St. Louis area.

The convention is on March 18-20, which is coming up really fast, and I’m desperately hurting for money.  Registration this year has been down, and that’s mainly due to my worsening depression over the past three years.  I haven’t had as much energy to advertise and attend events to get people to Kawa.

I haven’t wanted to talk about needing money because I want to seem totally capable, but the truth is that it’s not making my depression any better knowing that I may not be able to pay off the hotel without going into debt.  Here’s where you come in.  I’m not asking for money.  What I’m asking is that you tell people about us.  Help me advertise.  Reblog this for your friends in the St. Louis area.  Consider maybe taking a road trip up to the convention if you can pull it together.  That would be the ultimate way of supporting us.

We’re trying to put on an amazing show, and every year we add new, weird and wonderful events to our schedule.  This year, we’ll be making flower crowns, playing games based on the dankest memes at the annual Tumblr Games, feasting in honor of Link saving Hyrule again, modeling space-themed fashion at the Startorial Fashion Show, toasting the end of Downton Abbey with a tea party, designing new costumes for dolls at the always-free-to-attendees Project Cosplay, rocking with four different talented bands, and at least 50 other things to do in three days.

Our website is kawakon.com, and if you would like to help me continue running this event without losing everything I have, please consider pre-registering.  That’d be MIGHTY cool of you.