Katy Brand


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Elvis & Priscilla

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John & Yoko

Katy & Russell 

Angelina & Brad

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Bonnie & Clyde

Kurt & Courtney

Marilyn & Dita

Amy & Blake


Jennifer Young Studio Branding by Kati Forner

“Jennifer Young is a lifestyle, portrait, and travel photographer fond of human connection, the art of everyday, new places and people, juxtaposition, and finding beauty in the simple. She wanted something minimal, modern and unique that would best represent the essence of her work. Holographic foil was used to bring color into the suite.”

Kati Forner is a Los Angeles based designer, with over 10 years of experience in print, digital, and production. After studying classical design and form at Arizona State University, Kati began her professional career in Chicago working with several design agencies. Three years ago, Kati brought her studio to Los Angeles where she is currently accepting new design opportunities.


Katy Brand dances Beyonce’s Single Ladies. It is excellent.