I know I never post on here but this is my fancy got tier Tavros I did for Katsucon this year! I really liked this costume and running around like the precious fairy boy Tavros is!

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I would love to hear some feedback on this cosplay here or on IG! I miss everyone from con so much!


My Sania cosplay from Final Fantasy XV. I can’t get over how well received she was!  Honestly, I didn’t have a FFXV group to be part of. I did her solo, and was afraid to debut her by myself without said group- but people were shouting from the stairs “Sania! Sania! You’re so cute!” and my heart melted T_T. Thank you to everyone who recognized me,  I can’t wait to wear her again!

Please feel free to re-post, etc. just mention that i’m Toot Toot Cosplay ! 

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“Attack Commences in 30 Seconds.” (at Katsucon)

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