Spent the last two days working on this little archery guide in art and writing. Considering the rise in popularity of archers in pop culture this hopefully  comes in handy for a bunch of fandoms.

otp idea…

Person 1: You’re cute when you blush

Person 2: I’m not blushing!

Person 1: Then what do you call going red in the face?

Person 2: Sunburn!

Person 1: It’s litteraly the middle of winter, and raining.

Dystopia Diet

Why are you surprised that we’re standing up? Do you know what my generation was raised on? We were spoon fed stories of corruption and oppression. You can’t feed us a dystopia diet then be shocked when we act on it. You gave us the villain, you showed us how to recognize the signs, and now we know what to do. Katniss, Thomas, Tris, and countless other courageous teens standing up to their corrupt governments.These are the stories that they told us, that you told us. You taught us that we could do, be whatever we wanted. That we could stand up for ourselves and others. That we could defeat evil. So I’ll ask you again, why are you surprised? You did this. You created an army. You gave a whole generation the mindset that we can stand up and fight, and gave us the tools to do so.