Angel - John Shelby

Could you do a request with John trying to get his kids to come inside out of the dark (he says in an episode they’re out on the streets barefoot at night) and you help him get them all inside and to bed. Thank You, I know you’re busy x

It’s been a long day at work and a long evening in the pub and I’m grateful, finally, to be heading home. But first I’ve got to wait for Beth to find her keys so I can help her into bed, a process severely delayed by the six gins she downed in the pub. I’m waiting, arms folded leant against her wall when I notice a young girl running full pelt down the road.

I nod towards her. “Who’s that?”

Beth swings round, a little too violently so I have to catch her.

“Oh, that’s John Shelby’s youngest. She’ll head home eventually.”

“Eventually? It’s gone twelve, why is she not in bed?”

“Mmdunno, ‘appens a lot though. The rest’ll pro-ly be down here soon, hootin’ and ‘ollering. Wouldn’t worry about it,” she slurs.

“Wouldn’t worry, she’s got no bloody shoes on Beth! How old is she any way? Can’t be more than three.”

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Lance calling Pidge "Katie" when he looses sight of her during a battle, and he's panicking and soon enough he's calling out her name.

AWWW and as soon as he see’s her again and the battle is over he’ll rush over to her and they’ll just hold each other for a good few minutes murmuring sweet, loving words in each others ears while they calm down.

And just imagine during every tender and intimate moment they share together he always calls her “Katie” <3 Like when they’re alone and kissing he’ll pull her down so that their foreheads are leaning against each other, look deep into her eyes and murmur “I love you, Katie” so softly and affectionately that it makes her blush. Then he’ll kiss her again with such passion that it leaves them both breathless. 

Cursed For Life | 04

Draco x Reader

Word Count: 2283

Summary: Bully; Womanizer; Death Eater. Draco Malfoy is a name all students at Hogwarts fears; what they don’t know is that behind the hexes and that signature smirk of his, there’s pain, suffering, and regret. Draco Malfoy is more than a Hogwarts bully, more than Lord Voldemort’s puppet; he’s a tortured soul, misunderstood by all…

A/N: Just a warning that this was roughly edited (I got lazy and really wanted to get this posted, I’m sorry)

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MASTERLIST | Parts 01 | 02 | 03 | 04

“Are you sure you want to do this Draco?” You asked, keeping your voice low as your eyes darted around the room. Needless to say, you were experiencing some anxiety and paranoia. Draco, on the other hand, appeared to be the perfect picture of tranquility. He rolled his eyes as he caught sight of you flinching impulsively at the sound of the waiter slamming down two overflowing mugs of butterbeer, some of the golden liquid sloshing over onto the table. You smiled sheepishly at the waiter as you quietly thanked him.

“Would you calm down? You’re making us look bloody suspicious.” He hissed before leaning over you to grab one of the mugs, bringing the rim to his lips. You watched as he closed his eyes in content, savoring the taste of the warm liquid. “Also, you know damn well that I have to do this.”

The two of you had strategically positioned yourselves at a table in the far back corner that just happened to have the perfect view of the entire pub. Despite your disapproval of Draco’s strategy to use one of the Unforgivable Curses on a fellow student, you agreed to tag along with him to keep an eye out for the poor soul he had chosen as his unwilling accomplice, Katie Bell.

“Yes, I know, but…”

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Audition to Fall in Love

Ao3 [x]


Katie Holt could not believe it! She somehow managed to snag an audition for an upcoming movie production. The film, titled Heart of Hearts, was to be directed by the one and only Kolivan, known for his intricate approach to storytelling and unique ways of casting in the industry. This time, he was going for a romance. She was beyond ecstatic–being casted by Kolivan alone would open many doors for future prospects.

Walking into the building where the audition was being held was the easy part. Katie made her way towards the reception desk where a young lady sat shuffling paperwork. She quickly glanced at the receptionist’s name tag before clearing her throat to get her attention.

“Hi, Allura. My name is Katie Holt.” The receptionist snapped her head up, a bit startled before realizing she was being spoken to. There was an awkward pause where the receptionist seemed to look confused.

Katie smiled, deciding to elaborate, “I have an audition at two thirty.”

“How do you know…” Allura began before realization dawned on her as she looked down at the pin on her chest. “Right–name tag,” she says sheepishly. She sits up straight, getting herself back to business with a welcoming smile, “What is the role you’re auditioning for?”

“Supporting female,” she croaks out. Great…her nerves were starting to kick in. Allura quickly shuffles through some packets and hands the appropriate one to Katie.

“Here you go, Katie.” The woman points a finger over Katie’s left. “Go down the hall and make a right. There you’ll see two big double doors. The audition is being held in there.”

Katie thanks Allura before turning to make her way down the hall.

“Oh! And Katie?” Allura calls.

Katie pauses in her stride and turns back–did she forget something?

Allura gives her another beaming smile, “Good luck!”

“Thank you!” She returns Allura’s smile with one of her own. “Make a right, go through the double doors.” She whispers to herself, repeating Allura’s directions. Taking a deep breath, she continues down the hallway with a determined expression in her eyes.

When Katie walked through the double doors, she wasn’t expecting the large amount of auditionees. She let her eyes wander across the gigantic room. Some were reading their packet quietly, others were rehearsing them with a group, and some weren’t even looking at their packet at all… Like that big, tall man who seemed to be watching everyone.

‘Oh no! What if I mess up?’ Her heart starts to beat faster, panic beginning to set in.

“OK, Katie. Breathe,” She mumbled to herself. She was so focused on mentally preparing herself for the role, that she failed to notice the dark haired guy standing next to her, reading his own packet under his breath. So wrapped up in her head, she makes to turn around and ends up colliding against him. The impact sent her falling on her behind, dropping her packet.

‘Did I hit a brick wall?’ She thought. At that moment, the dark haired man turned to look at the person who ran into him, eyes burning with displeasure until they landed on the fallen girl.

Katie tilted her head to look up at the towering man, his violet eyes seem to soften.

“Hey. Are you okay?” He inquires, crouching a bit to extend a hand to help her up.

‘Where have I seen you?’ She wonders…
“Yeah, sorry. I’m ok.” She takes his hand, picking up her script when it finally clicks.

‘That…that’s Keith Kogane!’ She snaps her head up, wanting to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating, and ended up head-butting Keith right on the nose.

“I’M SO SORRY!” She yells, catching the attention of the others in the room, especially the white haired guy in the corner. Katie was mortified by the whispers of “amateur” and “how embarrassing” accompanied by pretentious eye rolls. She panics, shoving her hands in her pockets, searching for anything to help the man in front of her.

“Are you bleeding?,” she practically shrieks. “Please don’t bleed, I don’t have anything to help you with that! I am so, so sorry–!”

Hands grabbed Katie’s wrists to cease their frantic search. “I’m OK, really!” Keith revealed. “No nosebleed. See?” He gestures to his face. Katie finally braves a look.

“Hey,” he coaxed. “Calm down. It was an accident. Take a deep breath.”

Katie complies and takes that deep breath, slowly exhaling.

“Feeling better now?” He inquires, head tilting slightly, eyes looking into hers, waiting…
She breaks eye contact with Keith, “Yes”.
He holds out his hand once again as he helps Katie up from the floor, this time with no incident.

“I’m Keith.”

“I know. You’re Keith Kogane…” she laughs nervously. “You were casted in Blades of Marmora. It was an amazing movie, by the way. The plot was incredible!” She rambled on and on, praising all aspect of the film. Keith let her chatter on, eyebrows slightly raising as she continued. “And you? You were great–! Ah…. Sorry.” She abruptly stops, her hand anxiously reaching up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear.

She steels herself and holds out a hand towards Keith. “My name is Katie.”

“Katie,” he smirks, taking her hand to give it a firm shake. “Do you always cause a scene when you meet someone?”

Katie’s eyes widen, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. Keith obviously doesn’t notice as he reopens his script.

“No! Not really…” She opens her script and tries to read some of the lines, her mind too frazzled to register any of the words on the pages. She knows a lost cause when she sees one, gives up, and returns her attention to Keith.

For a moment she stares at him, mesmerized by his profile. ‘Cute’ is the first word her mind conjures up, and causes heat to immediately radiate from her cheeks when the realization hits her.

She clears her throat. “So…what is the role you’re going for?”

Silence. Did he not hear her?

‘Come on Katie, he has better things to do than have a conversation with you! This is Keith Kogane! Rising Star!!’ She mentally berates herself and turns back to her packet. ‘Just read your script and leave him alone.’

“Supporting Male role,” he finally says, his eyes slowly moving from the script in his hands to look at Katie’s face and stare into her eyes. “You?”

“Supporting female role,” she beams. “But I’ll be happy getting anything…honestly.” She tightly roles her script. “I’ve just begun my career and beggars can’t be choosers…you know?” She chuckles dryly. “Well, I’ll leave you alone so you can concentrate. And sorry, again…for um…head butting you.” She pointedly looks away and lets her eyes roam around anywhere other than the man still standing in front of her.

“Would you like to act a scene with me?”


Did she hear him right?

Keith was, once again, oblivious to her shock, and was already scanning through the pages of the script. “There has to be some scenes with both supporting roles interacting.”

Katie’s head shoots up to give a bewildered look to Keith. “You don’t have to,” she blurted out, biting her lip.

“Don’t worry about it,” he waves her off. “It’s better to act it out with someone than by yourself.” His head nods towards the direction of a man acting out his scenes with gusto. “You don’t want to look like McClain over there.” The sight causes Katie to laugh out loud, nearly dropping her script for the second time that day. Keith seems to finally find what he’s looking for and shows her a few parts from the script.

They spent some time acting out a few scenes with each other. Once they got comfortable enough with the script, they took a break and sat next to one another. With small talk out of the way, they ended up chatting about anything and everything.They didn’t pay attention to the time, didn’t notice the room slowly becoming more and more vacant, nor did they notice that the tall man with the white streaks in his hair had walked over into the meeting room, only to come out minutes later to announce that the casting call was over. The announcement startled Katie out of her conversation, causing her to jump out of her seat and look back and forth between Keith and the man.

“Don’t worry about it.” He gently grabs Katie’s shoulder and turns her attention towards him. “Kolivan has a weird way of casting people.” He smiles to reassure her, and starts guiding her to the exit. “And I believe Allura said that the audition was being held past the double doors.”
Keith opens the doors, motioning for Katie to go through first.

“Wait.” She stops mid-step, and turns to point her finger behind him . “You mean that the audition was in there? In the waiting room? Not the meeting room?”

“Maybe,” he shrugs. “That announcer who was in the room the entire time, that was Thace. He’s the producer.” He lets the door close and begins to walk past Katie. She moves to catch up to him, both walking down the hallway towards the receptionist desk. “I could be wrong,” He continued. “They could have already picked the main cast.” He shrugs nonchalantly, stuffing his hands in his pockets, and looking at Katie noticing her confusion.

“I didn’t audition for any role for the Blades of Marmora…” their walking pace slows to a stroll.

“I just came to turn in my casting profile.” Keith said as his hand combs through his hair, eyes focused in front of him as he continued “When I was leaving, I saw this guy harassing Allura. So… I intervened and ended up getting in a fight with him. Kolivan happened to see the entire exchange,” He smirks at the memory. “And a few days later I got a call to come in for an audition.” Head slightly tilting to see Katie’s reaction.

Katie who was intensely holding onto every word was shocked. Her eyebrows furrow together, mouth slightly agape, her mind trying to think of an appropriate response. “You got into a fight…and ended up being co-starred with Takashi Shirogane?” She muses, while they both stop in front of the receptionist desk.

“Pretty much.” He admits, with a shrug. “So don’t stress about today’s audition.” He smiled reassuringly.

“I’ll try not to……Well, um, it was nice meeting you, Keith.” She beams. He nods in response.
She opens her mouth, but quickly closes it, reaching behind her head to scratch it and letting out a nervous laugh.

“If it’s not too much to ask… Can I have your autograph?” She mumbles, her face must be ridiculously red because she could feel the heat travelling all the way down her neck. “Y-you don’t have to! I mean…it’s okay.”

She wasn’t sure she could be more mortified at that moment.

Keith softly laughs, eyes reflecting his mirth as he leans on the desk. “Do you have paper?”
She pauses before holding out her hand to give him her script. She couldn’t bear to look up and kept her eyes trained onto his shoes.

“I’m guessing you don’t have anything to write with?” He says, looking over the desk where Allura was and asked to borrow a pen. While he was signing her script, she managed to regain to composure and rein in her embarrassment enough to look at his face. Keith returned the pen before handing the script back to Katie.

“It was nice meeting you too, Katie.” He smiles, and leaves the building without looking back.
Katie keeps her eyes locked onto his retreating figure.

“I’m surprised he have you his autograph,” Allura chimes in. Katie turns her attention to the white haired receptionist with a confused look.
Allura’s smile widens. “Big fan?”

“Yeah,” Katie whispers. She looks at the paper containing Keith’s signature, and, to her surprise, finds a set of numbers and dashes written across the page.


Here’s a small gift to all my followers~ I sometimes write. Not always, but when I do it takes me forever! I got an Anon awhile back about an Kidge Actors AU, which I drew something for it [Here]…and it inspired me to write something. Will I make this a long fic…maybe. I have so many au’s I want to work on! We need more Kidge in this world.

Beta reader: @rueli

Intruder - John Shelby

Request: Hi! could you do a John Shelby imagine where his kids are kidnapped after him threatening someone and his wife has a breakdown and threatens to leave John and take the kids if he doesn’t find them and get them home safe please and thank you!

Intruder - John Shelby

It had happened early in the morning after John had gone to work. Men dressed as police had knocked at the door asking for John. When you told them that he was gone for the day they barged in the house passed you. One grabbed you and held you down while the others went through the whole house, ransacking the rooms. One of them pulled Katie out from under the bed upstairs and carried her down to you.  

“Look at this, found a little one.” He smiled, holding Katie by her braids. He had a knife pressed to her neck.  

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Some platonic Shiro & Pidge for @seapancake who requested “Pidge finds out that Shiro is allergic to certain fruits and she/they is/are absolutely delighted and continues to milk it throughout the fic”


“Get that away from me!” Shiro shouted as he jumped from his seat.

Pidge eyed him with a crooked brow.

“This?” she questioned, holding up the slice of orange that was impaled on her fork.

“Yes that, I’m allergic to citrus,” he took a few steps back.

“Never mind that you shouldn’t be eating oranges with a fork,” Lance began as soon as he’d finished chewing his slice, “we finally obtain a food from Earth and you’re allergic to it?”

“Yes,” Shiro grumbled.

“I’ve never heard of a citrus allergy,” Pidge questioned.

Shiro crossed his arms, “It’s real and it’s very serious.”

“You can’t even have it near you?” she thrusted her fork forward like a spear.

Shiro jumped again and Pidge couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

“You’re like a cat!”

“It’s not funny,” he pouted.

~ * ~

Pidge sat in her lion and counted to herself, “Three…two…one…”


She bursted out with laughter at Shiro’s scream.

“Ow, my ears,” Hunk commented over the intercom. “Pidge what did you do?”

She tried to answer but couldn’t catch her breath.

“She put an orange in my seat!” Shiro yelled.

“It’s-” she laughed, “it’s just a ball.”


That sent her into a fit of laughter once more.

“It’s not funny,” Shiro scolded.

“Yes it is, citrus allergies aren’t real,” she managed to explain.

~ * ~

Shiro’s eyes opened just a sliver, revealing only a textured orange image before him.

“That’s weird,” he thought before rolling over in his bed and shutting his eyes once more.

Something touched his back.


His eyes flashed open and he sat straight up.


Oranges covered his bed, completely surrounding him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he sprung from his bed.

As his feet touched the floor, he caught sight of Katie rolling around on the ground, clutching her stomach.

“Oh-” she tried to talk, “oh my god.”

“Pidge,” he was starting to get mad.

“You should’ve seen your face,” she pointed and errupted into another fit of laughter.

“You should’ve-”

“Pidge this is not cool.”

“Relax, they’re not real,” she said once she calmed herself down.

Shiro eyed the bed suspiciously.

“It still isn’t funny, my allergy is serious.”

Katie stood up and straightened her clothing out.

“Do you remember the last time you had a reaction?”

“I was four.”

“But do you remember it?”


She walked over to his desk where she’d set up some equipment and her laptop.

“How do you know you had a reaction?”

“My parents told me.”

“Mh-hmm. That’s what I thought. After you first mentioned it I did some research and found that it’s an extremely uncommon allergy.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

“Right, which is why I ran an analysis using your blood,” she brought up a few charts on her screen.“

"How did you get my-”

“Nevermind that,” she waived her hand in the air, “the important part is that they all came back negative.”

“Huh,” he hadn’t expected that. “Why would my parents lie to me?”

“You did mention that your mom hated the smell of citrus,” she shrugged.

He thought about it for a moment.

“Weird. So this entire time you were trying to prove a point?”

She grinned, “Nope I was just messing with you. You should’ve seen your face! Oh wait, you can - and so can everyone else. I filmed it!”

Before he could process her words, she snapped her laptop shut and made a mad dash for the door.


anonymous asked:

Hi Lauren! I think you're fics are a joy to read and I was wondering if you could write something about Aaron giving Robert a massage or like a series of times he's just without prompt starting massaging Robert's sore shoulders. Much love :)

you keep me grounded 

Aaron is magic, that’s the only way to explain it. Most notably, his hands. They’re rough and warm, calloused fingers and bitten nails. No one would expect them to provide such gentle touches, reassuring, soothing, familiar. A Home.

one -

They’re at Barden Park again, this time more successful than their last visit. Chrissie loaded with excuses, no Katie in sight, it’s just them. He’d managed two nights away, an imaginary convention in Manchester.  

The hotel room is gorgeous; fully stocked mini bar, poster bed, soft sheets. They’re lying opposite each other, feet intertwined, breath finally returning to them, a light sheen covering Aaron’s chest. The covers have been pushed to the bottom of the bed, they’re exposed after hours of rediscovering each other. Robert’s marked, light bruises dancing across his upper thighs, apparently the reduced risk of being caught makes Aaron all the more possessive.

“I’m sorry, you know.” Aaron’s speech is muffled by the white pillows, his face all but pressed tight into them. “For being so jealous.”

“I get it, I know this isn’t exactly ideal for us.” They haven’t spent anytime together recently, Home Farm in the middle of some major deal that Robert has to be a part of. Texts going unanswered, promises unfilled, gazes across the crowded pub as Robert sits with his soon-to-be wife.

“But we’re here now, and thats enough. It has to be.” A light smile venturing on to Aaron’s face, moving his hand slowly to grip at the back of Robert’s head, blonde hair peaking through his tight grip. “I wouldn’t change this moment for a second.”

He slowly moves to the faint creases in the middle of Robert’s forehead, smoothing out the skin, pressing a tender kiss to the underside of his jaw. A gentle grunt escapes between his closed mouth. Robert’s eyes are screwed tight, head pushing further into the cushions. “Hey, look at me.”

Robert’s eyes are breathtaking, pale blue in the dim hotel light, tears threatening to escape. Cheeks still tinted pink, “I’m so sorry, Aaron. I wish I could do more”

No matter the circumstance, his name leaving his lovers mouth still gets Aaron’s heart pounding, his throat is tight as he swallows. His hand is at Robert’s temples now, moving his thumb in slow, circular motions, the tension almost visibly leaving his face. Making his way down to Robert’s flushed neck, gentle brushing of fingers teasing the skin, tracing the faint pattern of freckles and small bruises.

“You’re trying, and that’s all that matters.”

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Here is Part 3 of the Draco Malfoy Imagine, I hope you guys like it! Also, apologies for waiting so long to post this, but I’ve been really busy with school. When I get home tomorrow I will finally place Part 3 of the Captain America imagine and maybe some other stuff. But now I’m really tired so I hope you guys don’t mind me posting it a bit later. Anyways, enjoy this fic!


Part One

Part two

Life at Hogwarts had gone on after the exchange of words between you and Draco. But even though everything seemed fine, even though it seemed like things were the same, they weren’t. You weren’t fine.

It had been around a week since your friendship with the Slytherin Prince had ended so abruptly. You and Draco hadn’t spoken to each other again and you had stopped your tries to make him talk. Because it was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Draco had made clear what he thought of you. After all, it seemed that all those years of friendship had been worthless, nothing more than a tempting illusion. Apparently, your friends had been right all along.

“Don’t trust him, (Y/n),” They had told you. “He is an arrogant, spoiled Slytherin boy who will end up breaking your heart.”

You hadn’t believed them. You had smiled it off, waving it away. How silly of them to say so! Why would your friend, your long life friend, ever do that? Alright, maybe he was a prick sometimes but that didn’t mean he was bad!

How stupid of you to think so…

You had started to avoid Draco since incident happened. You simply couldn’t face him right now, not after what he had done. Usually, you were successful while trying to avoid the blonde boy, but there were times you had to face him. Potions class, for example. Or during your meals in the Great Hall. And at those times you couldn’t help but steal secret glances at him, while he was sitting at the table of the House of Snakes. After you had stopped talking to him, you felt broken from the inside and you couldn’t help but wonder how he felt. But it seemed like the prince of Slytherin cared less than you did.

The thing that surprised you the most was the careless way he acted, like nothing had happened between the two of you. Most of the time, he wore his usual smirk, and you could hear him bragging about new stuff his father had bought for him. And his so called ‘friends’ would gather around him, staring at him in awe. And then especially the girls, of course. They would look at him with those big, flirty eyes and their sweet, sickening smiles and he would smile back at them, sometimes even drawing an arm around their shoulders. And even though you told yourself you didn’t care about him, that you hated him for what he had done to you, you couldn’t help but have this feeling of jealousy washing over you every time a girl like Pansy Parkinson would literally drool over him. It was stupid, of course. Even when the two of you were still talking, nothing romantic had been going on. Or that was at least what you thought. Because now, when you saw him smirking at his friends while you were sitting at the other side of the Hall, you felt like the big, bad monster called Jealousy could jump out of you every second. But you didn’t show it, you never did. Instead, you wore a fixed smile on your face every time your friends would ask you if you were alright. You would nod at them and act like everything was perfectly fine, even though your sorrow was eating you. And so the school year continued…

Almost three weeks after you and Draco had stopped speaking, one of your best friends from Gryffindor, Katy, had had enough of your down and distant behaviour. She had asked you multiple times to come with her and some other friends to Hogsmeade, but you had refused every time, usually using the excuse that you felt a bit sick. But of course, with Katy being one of your closest friends, it didn’t take long for her to figure out the real reason why you refused to come to Hogsmeade.

“Oh come on, (Y/n)!” She wined one afternoon, grabbing one of your arms in a desperate attempt to get you off your bed. You looked at her with a slight amused expression, but didn’t give in.

“It has been years since you have come to Hogsmeade with me,” Katy complained, letting go of your arm and sitting down next to your, folding her hands in her lap. Her big, brown eyes looked at you with such a sadness that you almost felt guilty, before realising she was trying to lure you into coming with her. Resolute, you shook your head at her, causing Katy to let her head hang down with a sight.

“Firstly, it has been three weeks, not years,” You stated, a small smile tugging at the corners of your lips. “And secondly, I really don’t feel like going. I still have to do some homework and my stomach is itching a lot. I think it is better to lay down this weekend…”

With a groan, Katy threw her hands up in the air before pointing one of her fingers at your chest, a frustrated expression on her face.

“Cut the crap, (Y/n)! We both know the real reason why you refuse to come! Just admit it already, you are afraid to face that Slytherin brat again.”

At the mention of Draco, you felt a feeling of sadness settle in your stomach, but you chose to ignore it. Feeling slightly nervous, you fiddled with the end of your sheet, before throwing Katy an offended look.

“I am not afraid!” you shot back, earning an all knowing glance from you friend. Huffing, you crossed your arms in front of your chest, deciding you had enough of this talk. But Katy noticed your uncomfortable expression and didn’t feel like giving up that soon.

“Then prove it,” She smirked, looking at you with a satisfied expression on her face, like you had already said ‘yes’.

“Come with me to Hogsmeade this noon and have some fun, only then I will believe you.”

Sighting, you felt like you were losing this discussion. 'But,’ a little voice in the back of your mind told you, 'would it really be that bad to go and have some fun again. When was the last time you felt really happy again? Maybe you should give it a go, and prove everyone you were not scared.’

“Fine then,” You sighted eventually. Katy let out an enthusiastic squeal that caused you to put your hands over your ears.

“It is going to be great!” She exclaimed happily, before a mischievous expression settled down on her face. You narrowed your eyes when you saw it. What was she up to?

“(Y/n),” Katy said, giving you a wide smile, “I’ve got the perfect plan to get you over that Slytherin loser.”

You grunted as you face palmed in your pillow. You should have known Katy would have a thing like this in her mind, mostly since you knew her longer than just today.

“Fine, I’ll bite,” You mumbled, your voice cut off slightly by the pillow. “What is your plan, mastermind?”

You couldn’t see it, but from her spot next to you, Katy was grinning from ear to ear.

“His name is Jonathan,” She stated proudly.

An hour later, you discovered that 'Jonathan’, in fact, was a long, sixth years Gryffindor student with half long, brown hair, mesmerizing eyes and a sweet smile. Katy had introduced the two of you in front of the Three Broomsticks after she had pimped you up a bit in your room. Your (h/c) hair was now hanging around your face in bouncy curls and she had even put some make up on your face, making your (e/c) eyes stand out. When you had seen the result in the mirror, you had smiled. You looked great, and somehow that made you feel more confident, even if you might have to face Malfoy today.

After having chatted for a few minutes, you, Katy and Jonathan walked inside the Three Broomsticks. When you opened the door, the smell of Butterbeer and the loud chatting filled your nose and ears and you smiled slightly. Maybe coming out wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

While taking place at one of the tables, Katy quickly excused herself saying she was going to order some drinks. She flicked her eyes between you and Jonathan for a second, before giving you an obvious wink and two thumbs up. Shaking your head at your friends behaviour, you looked over to Jonathan again. The boy was looking at you with a smile on his own face and you decided to talk for a bit.

After a while, it seemed that the two of you had a lot in common. Not only did you both like quidditch, but you also liked the same lessons and books. You had looked up in surprise when Jonathan told you he liked reading, since you were a big fan of books yourself. Katy, in the meantime, hadn’t returned and you weren’t even sure if she was still in the Three Broomstick anymore. But with the minutes passing you felt yourself getting more comfortable with the brown haired boy in front of you and the sad feeling that had been tugging at you since Draco had rudely ended your friendship started to wear off.

Sadly enough, that didn’t last very long.

After a while, you started to get the feeling that someone was staring at you. Raising your head slightly, you turned around to glance quickly at the people around you. First, you thought you had been wrong and that no one was specifically paying attention to you and Jonathan, but then your eyes met two very familiar, grey ones that were looking back at you with an expression you couldn’t quite place. You felt your breath hitch in your throat as you recognised the eyes of no one else but Draco Malfoy himself. The Slytherin boy was leaning lazily against the bar, holding a non-consumed butterbeer in his hand. But he was holding the cup so firm that you were surprised it didn’t break in his hands. His stormy, grey eyes bored into your own (e/c) ones as you gulped. What was he doing here? And where was Katy when you needed her? Nervously, your eyes started to search for a way to get out of this place, but with no success.

“(Y/n)?” Jonathan’s voice ripped you out of your train of thoughts as you turned your head to look at him. He must have noticed the panicked glance in your eyes as he bowed slightly towards you, his voice filled with concern:

“Are you alright? Is something wrong?”

You swallowed as you tried to find words to reply, but your mind went blank when you saw a shadow move from the corner of your eye. With a shock you realised that Draco had stood up from his seat and was now slowly walking towards you. You didn’t miss the way his body was tensed up, in a way it always was when he was angry, or the way that his eyes seemed to burn into Jonathan’s head. But why would he come to you? After avoiding each other for weeks, a small part of your mind wondered why the blonde boy had decided to step up now. It wasn’t like he had made any effort to talk to you before anyways.

Just as Jonathan was about to open his mouth to ask if you needed to go outside, because your face had grown pale, Draco had halted right behind him, clearing is throat. Surprised, Jonathan turned around, his eyes narrowing at the sight of the famous prince of Slytherin. While shrinking back in your seat, you noticed the tension grew as Jonathan slowly stood up from his seat so that he could face Draco. The Gryffindor was at least ten centimetres higher than Draco, but the latter didn’t seem to care about that.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” Jonathan spat, his voice filled with disgust as he stood before you in a protective manner. You in the meantime, had also stood up, not sure about what you should do.

Draco smirked, but his eyes didn’t show any amusement.

“Just wanted to have a chat. Is something wrong with that, Greenwood?”

Jonathan huffed, stepping a bit closer to Draco. “Usually, no. But seeing as we don’t exactly share feelings of friendship, I suggest you wander back off.”

Draco chuckled, but it sounded dark. His eyes shifted to you, lingering over your figure. You felt a shiver go down your spine as you started back at him with hard eyes. What was he up to?

“And I’m sure you think that (Y/n) and you do share these…feelings of friendship, as you call it?”

Jonathan raised his eyebrows at the mentioning of your name. It wasn’t exactly a secret that Draco and you had been friends, neither was it a secret that the two of you weren’t anymore. The most Gryffindor’s had known of the things Draco had told you, and they certainly didn’t like him more for it.

“In fact, I do,” Jonathan spoke up, his voice filled with confidence. “And I also know what you have done to her. So how about you leave her alone and slither back in your hole before I make you.”

For a second, Draco’s eyes flashed with hurt and guilt at the mention of your fight, but it disappeared so fast that you wondered if you hadn’t just imagined it. Instead, you saw that Draco slowly started to reach for his wand, just as Jonathan was doing.

“You don’t know anything about (Y/n),” Draco spat much to your surprise. “She would never be with some filthy halfblood like yourself-”


Your voice rang through the room, causing everyone to look up at the tree of you as you shot out of your trance and stepped out from behind Jonathan, finally facing Draco with anger in your eyes.

“How dare you!” You spat, feeling your confidence come back to you after every word you spoke. All the anger that had been bottling up inside of you was finally about to be released, and you couldn’t help but smirk secretly at the shocked expression on Draco’s face as you stood there in front of him.

“How dare you to act like you know me! After everything you said! And don’t you even dare to tell me you know what is the best for me, because you have made clear that you surely don’t care about that.”

Draco was left speechless, his eyes growing big at your words. His arrogant attitude disappeared more and more with every word you spoke as he tried to search for words. But you weren’t finished yet.

“You arrogant brat,” you spat, frowning your brows in anger. “I trusted you, I cared about you. And what did you do? You threw out friendship away like it was nothing. And now you even dare to interrupt my date with Jonathan like some rude oaf! You had your change, Malfoy, and you ruined it!”

Tears were starting to form in your eyes as you were painfully aware of all the eyes that were fixed on you. Now that your anger was mostly gone, you only felt a devastating pain. You tried to wipe away the tears, without success as Draco suddenly looked down, his eyes filling with a matching sadness.

“A date?” He mumbled, more to himself than to you. From next to you, Jonathan did exact the same thing, but you didn’t care about that right now.

“Yes, a date,” You stated, your voice thick from the upcoming tears. “And I was having fun, until you came by and ruined it. Thanks a lot, you idiot.”

Your last words weren’t even clearly hear able because your tears were flowing freely now, slowly rolling down your cheeks. Deciding you had enough of this whole situation, you quickly turned around and ran out the door, the cold wind hitting your face as you sped away towards the forest, disappearing into the trees. After being no one could see or hear you anymore, you sat down on a rock and let everything out. You put your face in your hands as you screamed in agony, the scream itself sounding muffled because of your hands. Why did this have to happen? What had gone wrong that everything had taken a turn for the worst?

In your sadness, you hadn’t even noticed that a figure had approached you until this person carefully put a hand on your shoulder. Feeling both startled and angry, you turned around, ready to scream at anyone who dared to laugh at you now. But what you saw was not something you had expected. In front of you stood Draco Malfoy himself, but his usual cocky and arrogant attitude had disappeared. Instead, he looked more broken than ever before. His sliver eyes that you loved so much were filled with sadness and guilt as he swallowed when seeing your tear strained face. You growled in anger when you saw him, slapping his hand of your shoulder with one swift movement.

“Go away, Malfoy,” You spat at him, not wanting to show how tornmented you actually felt. “Haven’t you done enough?”

You expected a snarky comment, an insult maybe, but instead Draco’s voice was low and thick when he answered:

“I’m so sorry (Y/n).”

You blinked a few times, not really sure how to react to this. Thinking he was messing with you, you let out a humourless laugh.

“Oh sure, you’re sorry. Why would you be sorry after throwing our friendship away and ignoring me for weeks?”

Draco finally lifted his head up so that he could look at you. The look in his eyes made you want to run up at him and throw you arms around him, but something stopped you from doing that.

“I am an idiot,” Draco mumbled, shaking his head. Slowly, he stepped towards you, only to stop when he saw you stepping back.

“Yes, you are an idiot,” You said, crossing your arms. There were a few seconds of silence between the two of you before you spoke up again, your voice filled with confusion this time.

“Wait, why do you think you are an idiot?”

Draco chuckled, but it sounded sad. “I am an idiot for pushing you away.”

“Pushing me away?” This time, your eyes were filled with hints of curiosity as you didn’t step back when Draco slowly started to move towards you. His eyes never left yours as he came closer and closer and started to speak again.

“I thought it would be better to keep you on a distance, to let you hate me. Because in that way I thought you would be safe from…from me. But I was stupid, an idiot. I realised that the moment I saw you sitting there with Jonathan. Because then I realised I don’t want to see you with anyone else…but me.”

He had halted in front of you now, his eyes burning with an intensity you had never seen in them before. Your heart was beating in your throat as you took in his words. A pleasant shiver went through your body as you realised how close the two of you were.

“I thought it would be better for you to hate me. I thought it would be easier to let you think I hated you than to admit what I really felt.”

You looked up at him, his face now only being mere centimetres away from yours. You could feel his warm breath as he spoke in a low voice, causing you to get weak in the knees.

“What do you feel then?” You whispered, raising your hand to cup his cheek. Draco closed his eyes for a second at your tough before opening them up again. With a small smile, he replied:

“Do you really have to ask, darling?”

And then all of a sudden he leaned in and pressed his lips on yours. It felt like all the sadness and sorrow from the past weeks got washed away when you slowly started to kiss him back, your hands moving from his cheek to behind his neck. The kiss slowly started to turn more passionate as Draco’s hands roamed over your body and you moaned slightly, giving him the opportunity to slid his tongue inside your mouth. It was like all of the cropped up feelings were released at once and when you released after what seemed for hours you were both panting, but smiling.

With a wide smile you threw your arms around his neck once more, pulling him into a hug which he gladly returned. Draco buried his head on your shoulder as you whispered:

“You’re an idiot.”

Draco chuckled and spoke from right next to your ear:

“Yes, but at least I’m your idiot.”

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 20)

______The Party_______

Boisterous and maybe drunk students filled the house almost to the brim, there was red solo cups everywhere, some slightly nude people running around and jumping in the pool, and the music was blaring so loud that Nico could feel the bass rattling his bones.

As he stood in a corner drinking water he wondered for the umpteenth time that evening, why he was here. And everytime he did ask that he gave himself the same answer, because Will, fucking, Solace that’s why.

With a defeated sigh he scanned the crowd for the familiar mop of blond hair only to yet again, not spot it. Will had told him that he was running late, that Cecil was taking too long to get ready and that Lou’s car was acting up again so Nico knew it would be a while till he would see Will, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t scan the crowd in ten minutes again.

And that is exactly what he was doing, but something actually caught his eye this time though. No it wasn’t the golden hair he was hoping to find but instead it was brown curly hair that belonged to either Connor or Travis. It was honestly very hard to tell the two apart if they weren’t standing side by side. Since Travis was taller than Conner. It was amazing that they looked so alike yet weren’t twins. Honestly it was quite scary or alarming.

But anyways, his attention was caught by whichever Stoll this was because they were doing exactly what he was doing, looking for someone. After another sweep of the crowd Nico caught sight of Katie Gardner talking to one of the Stolls, the Italian concluded it was Travis when the two kissed. It was funny to see the couple acting couple-y since they hated each other back in grade school. Like they had a really intense rivalry going on back then. It surprised everyone that they had gotten together. They still fought and everything but they actually made a really cute couple. But how they got together now that was a story Nico would have to tell another time.

The dark haired teen looked back at who he now knew was Connor and decided to go say hi, or at least distract him from practically biting his lip off.

“Hey Connor,” Nico greeted.

Said boy jumped a bit and turned to stare at Nico and smile sheepishly. “Hey Spooks, how are you liking the par-tay?” He asked over enthusiastically with wiggling brows and all.

“Eh. Parties aren’t really my thing…but anyways what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know fighting for your title at Battleshot?” Nico questioned as he leaned on the wall behind them, Connor did the same with a sigh.

“I’m actually waiting for someone.”

“Oh same. Who are you waiting for?”



“I’m uh, I’m waiting for Mitchell. He said he would be here, but he hasn’t come yet. And you?”

“Mitchell? The one you play lacrosse with?”

“That would be the one.” Connor confirmed with a wistful smile. It was so different from his usual smile that looked like he had just dropped some firecrackers in someone’s pants that it shocked Nico.

“Oh….coooooool.” He so eloquently responded.


As soon as Nico had approached him, Connor actually had calmed down his nerves a bit and had gotten a distraction from waiting, so honestly it was a win-win kinda thing. He was actually surprised he had gotten away with calling Nico, ‘Spooks’, since he had told Travis and himself many times that he did not care for the nickname. But then the conversation turned to Mitchell.

Mitchell who was on his lacrosse team. Who was a great teammate and who could totally rock a perfect wing sharp enough to cut a man.

Mitchell who bought his makeup at the convenience store that Travis and Connor worked at, and who always paid with a card and who had the prettiest looking signature the brunette had ever seen.

Mitchell who was his best friend aside from Travis.

Mitchell that he may….that he may have developed a crush on…

Mitchell who…who’s eyeliner and mascara made his eyes just pop….

Mitchell who’s bright blue hair made Connor think about the sky on a perfect cloudless day…..

Mitchell who’s favorite chapstick was peppermint scented…and made his lips look so damn kiss-….oooookay. Yeah stopping there.

So yeah, Mitchell.

He was waiting for Mitchell.

But then he caught what else Nico said. “So uh, who are you waiting for? Hot date?” he teased with a smirk.

The shorter boy snorted, “Oh yeah. The hottest.”

Okay so that response surprised Connor. For as long as Connor had known Nico, which is a long time. Nico was like an honorary member of the family with how often he was over and how much time they have spent together. What was even better, was that he helped Travis and him pull pranks, which was pretty awesome, but overall that he never really showed interest in anyone. Yeah there was that whole Percy thing, but he thought after that Nico just didn’t want or like anyone.

“And who might that be?” Connor asked curiously.

“Mmm…,” Nico absently hummed, “that would be…someone. So why did you guys even throw this party? It’s a little sudden don’t you think? I mean I know your parents are out of town but this was a little last minute planning and usually you guys plan these out better.”

Oh boy. So even Nico di Angelo noticed that this was last minute. If he noticed maybe Mitchell had noticed as well!

Connor couldn’t help the blush that rapidly appeared as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Well that’s a funny story actually…..I uh…..we….no I….ugh…….you promise not to tell anyone?”

The teen beside him gave him an unamused look that said, 'you know I wouldn’t so why are you asking?’

“Right, well,” The nervous brunette continued. “I may…no I definitely…..no I think. Yeah think sounds better…..I think I have a crush on Mitchell…..” he mumbled in a really soft voice.


Nico had to strain to hear what Connor had said but once he did he couldn’t help but smile.

He could tease him but he refrained, the poor boy looked like he was having a hard time as it was.

“Oh…is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Connor sighed and raked a hand through his unruly hair. “It feels like a good thing but what if its a bad thing? What if I ruin the whole friendship?”

“Look. You’ll never get anywhere just keeping this all bottled up….believe me, I would know. I honestly think that you should tell him…or at least get a better grap on your feeling for him. Like yeah, right now you think you have a crush on him but…you never know..you know?”

Okay, one thing that Nico was uncomfortable with and something he thought he was horrible at was comforting someone. He never really knew what to say.

But it seemed to be enough for Connor.

“Yeah…I…I get where you’re coming from….and….and I…I really like him Nico. I know that. But its just….its easier to call it a crush, you know? Makes it seem less real in a way…..but I don’t know about telling him I mean what if-”

“See that right there will eat you away,” Nico interrupted. “Those 'what if’s’ are holding you back and they are hurting more than you know. Just…..I know okay. I know it’s scary to put yourself out like that….I do…..but believe me when I say that it takes a weight off your shoulders that feels absolutely unreal.”


Connor was shocked. Since when was Spooks so wise? It was surprising yeah, but it was also really inspiring. Getting advice from someone who’s been in your shoes actually feels incredible. It makes you feel a little lighter on your feet in a way. So will some newfound courage he nodded enthusiastically.

“You’re right! I’ll tell him! I’ll tell him as soon as he walks through the door!”

But then he deflated and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw said boy of his affections walk in at that moment.

“Maybe I won’t….maybe tomorrow….”

That’s when he felt a surprisingly hard punch to his arm. “Ow! What the fuck Spooks!? We were having a moment!”

Connor was set on complaining until he saw the frown on the Italian’s face.

“No. There won’t be a tomorrow! Because tomorrow will turn into next time. And next time comes and turns into next week. Next thing you know it’s six years later! You’re telling him. Tonight.”

Connor gulped. “But how?….there are way too many people….how will I get him alone?”

And that’s when the brunette caught sight of the famous Mischief Smirk of Nico di Fucking Angelo.

“Leave that to me.” Nico practically purred.

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When her friend had proposed setting her up on a blind date, Katie was hesitant. The blonde wasn’t a successful twenty-something with the world at her fingertips– anymore. Now she was struggling to keep her family’s restaurant from foreclosure. Why anyone would agree to date her was a surprise– but her friend probablyembellished the cicumstances and KAtie was going to take alll the help she could get. Dawning an old dress from the back of her closet, Katie sipped wine as she waited in the resturant she knew she couldn’treally afford– plase god let him foot the bill. It was mid sips of wine, Katie caught sight of her date. Crystal eyes growing wide, she nearly choked. Aleks?


Is that [ KAT DENNINGS ] checking into the Starlite Motel? No, it’s just [ BARDOT FROST ] — a [ TWENTY EIGHT ] year old [ STRUGGLING MUSICIAN ] from [ BOISE, IDAHO ].  [ SHE ] identifies as [ FEMALE ] and [ BISEXUAL, HETEROROMANTIC ]. They seem + PASSIONATE and - SHORT SIGHTED. (Katy, 26, central, she/her/hers) 

Hello everyone! I’m Katy and I’ll be writing Bardot (pronounced bar dough). I’m 26, in the central time zone, getting back into writing, and am happy to plot many different kinds of new and existing connections. More info will be added to her bio page this week, but you can get an idea of what she’s like below.

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Inspired by On va Voir

Ok, confession: I fell in love with your concept of Steve Rogers writing his autobiography, On va Voir, and got WAY too invested in the idea.

So I wrote down the ideas that it inspired. Please feel free to ignore it. But I hope you like it.

After the war, the Howlies scatter to their various homes. They’re determined to keep in touch, and every few years, as best they can, they join up and have a great big bash. Spouses and kids come too, and over the years everyone becomes one big extended family. Agent Carter is included in these gatherings. She’s the QUEEN of these gatherings. The kids and grandkids grow up worshipping her.

So it’s no surprise that some of the kids get hitched. Jim Morita’s daughter marrying Dum Dum Dugan’s youngest son is the least surprising of those unions. Their daughter Katie grows up on Grampa Dum Dum’s knee, listening to not-exactly-appropriate stories about the Howling Commandoes and Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. The third word she ever says is ‘shit.’ (Jim is horrified. Gabe laughs until he cries.) Auntie Peggy teachers her how to throw a punch when she’s six years old.

As the Howlies start to get older, they begin to realize that somebody really ought to start writing a history. It can be unofficial – hell, half of their stories would make the average historian weep, so it would be better if it were just for the ‘family.’ Katie, in her early teens, is the obvious choice. Even though she’s young, she’s smart as hell and has the same wicked sense of humor as her actual and honorary grandparents. So they buy her a tape recorder and a stack of notebooks and she sets to work. It takes almost four years to interview everyone, transcribe it, translate it (Dernier’s interview is entirely in French, and Katie only knows the colorful words, so Grandpa Gabe helps), and put it together.

It’s during this process that Katie first meets Rosie Jones, named for her grandmother, the French tutor that Gabe Jones married the minute he came home from the war. They’re all of sixteen years old, but it’s love at first sight.

Katie and Rosie work together expanding the history of the Howlies. They add in huge amounts of research, tracking down film clips, photos, news articles, and propaganda posters from the war. (It’s through this research that they first meet Phil Coulson. He gets invited to the next reunion. He can’t even begin to keep up with the drinking.)

Fast forward to 2012, and after the battle of New York, Captain America is on every tv in the country. Katie and Rosie watch the news footage half a million times, wide eyed, open mouthed with sheer disbelief. They grew up listening to stories about this guy, honoring him with a toast at every family reunion, and THERE HE IS. He is ALIVE, and he is on their tv. When it finally sinks in, Katie starts to cry, regretting with all her heart that her grandfather, who passed away several years before, wouldn’t be able to see his friend.

When the shock has worn off – and after a lot of discussion – Katie and Rosie set to wheedling a way to contact Steve out of Maria Hill. They’re as persuasive and wily as their grandpas, but it takes six months, and when Maria finally agrees to pass along a letter, it’s on the condition that she gets the video of Coulson drunk at the last party. (Worth it.) They spend a week writing a letter, explaining who they are and asking him to get in contact with them. They include a copy of their book about the Howlies, which was self-published and only had maybe twenty copies ever printed.

Steve calls them the very next day. Katie almost passes out when she answers her phone and realizes who she’s talking to.

He comes to the next get-together. A few years later, when a shy and edgy Bucky Barnes tags along, the girls are treated like goddamn HEROES.



Aria slowly stirred into consciousness to the sound of beeping machines. Her eyes sprung open and she sat up abruptly. She inhaled sharply at the sight of Katie standing by the bed, pressing a pillow against Hanna’s face. Anger coursed through Aria and without hesitation she threw herself at Katie. They fell roughly to the ground and Aria pinned Katie to the floor, punching her in the face.

“You fucking bitch.” she growled furiously before she punched Katie again. She couldn’t see past her anger, couldn’t pause to control herself. Her fists just kept flying. This girl had hurt Hanna, had even gone so far as to try to kill her. There was no way Aria could just let that go. Aria was vaguely aware that she was yelling at Katie, telling her that she was pathetic, that she would kill her for hurting Hanna, but still she couldn’t bring herself to stop.