Katie Rice


An infestation of surly, salty merms.

I get kinda anxious drawing commissions at conventions, so at Geek Girl Con I started drawing mermaids whenever there was a quiet time and selling them. It was a pretty fun and stress-free way to deliver original art, so I think I’m gonna keep doing similar things at the next convention I’m at…


Katie Nolan,

We hear you. You’ve got a seat at our table.


A giant doodle dump. I haven’t had time for much drawing besides doodles, which I usually toss onto Twitter instead of here. But I’ve been neglecting my poor Tumblr, so here’s a bunch of those. 

In order: Freaks and Geeks post-its, barbarian lady inking practice, a pretty model, random doodles, a nice face I saw, all my OCs on one doodle page, some Sia video sketches and my big nose, cat terminology, and Francois Hardy (kind of).