Katie Powell


For a Good Time, Call…
˪ Lauren + Katie

“You make me feel like I will never be good enough for you so why don’t you and your shit get out of my apartment.”
“This is our apartment. I told you I loved you this morning and you were too scared to say it back.”
“I wasn’t too scared, I just don’t love you.”

Dear Married Guys: Put Your Ring Back On

I was under the impression that married men wore rings. Does that make me old fashioned? Short story: I was all about it when an attractive guy with a no wedding band of any kind started to chat me up at an art show last month. He complimented my blue eyes – classic – and tried his best to convince me that lawyers were decent human beings by telling me about how he reads books to second graders at an underprivileged school in town. Swoon worthy, right? He was attractive, found me “disarmingly charming” and had an extensive collection of Bob Dylan records. I was amazed that I had found such a catch and was all but putting my number in his phone when a gorgeous blonde in a wrap dress walked up to us. She draped her arm around his shoulders and all but put threw the massive rock on her left hand in my face.  The glimmer of hope that maybe she was his sister and they were what, super close? quickly slipped away when she kissed him long enough to make it …

YES. YES. No false advertising.