Katie Boland

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Tell me about the castle ghost.Her name is Clarissa. It was the year of the great storm. My father came home through the floods with a newborn in his arms. He wanted to see if he could correct her face. “Correct” it? As the villagers said, “She was kissed by the devil. She has a birthmark. Going up along one cheek. The mother insisted the mark be removed. And my father liked to experiment. He tried to remove it. First, surgically then with potions. He managed to peel and dissolve some of the stain, but the the wounds putrefied. By the time he stopped, she was horribly deformed. As soon as it went wrong, he hurried to cover his failure. He told her the baby had died. Of natural causes. And he ordered me to expose the child in the woods. But I found a couple willing to take her in. Paid them what I could. Some of the villagers said she was marked by the devil. Children tormented her. They laughed, threw stones. Then one day, she broke. She tackled a boy, and nearly beat him half to death. And yet, she ended up here. The shadows are the only life she has.

Spoiler: "Any good Clarissa stuff?"

Danielle: I need Reign back in my life! What can we expect from next week’s return? Any good Clarissa stuff?
If you considering her kidnapping her mother Catherine’s two youngest children good stuff, then yes! But are they in actual danger with Clarissa? “I know she feels very close to those two little boys, so there’s some genuine love and affection here,” Katie Boland says, but adds, “she’s a little bit of a loose cannon.” Translation: they’re probably in danger. And Catherine? Not pleased.