In one study, participants were asked to rank the humor in various cartoon captions. Half of the captions had been written by men, and half by women. When not told who wrote what, the participants judged them almost equally funny. In fact, based on the scores given in this experiment, men are just 2.2 percent more likely to be funny than women. Yet 90 percent of the participants agreed with the stereotype that men are funnier. Talk about a mind-bogglingly huge difference in perception versus reality.

And it gets weirder – when the participants were asked which gender they thought wrote a caption, the funnier ones were almost always assumed to be by men and the less funny ones by women. This might be expected, considering their stated bias. Even when told the name and gender of the person who wrote each caption, within a short time the participants started misattributing the funny ones to men. In other words, even when they knew that women had written some of the funniest captions, the bias that men are funnier was so ingrained that it made them misremember who had written what.


4 Ways We’re Programmed to Think Women Aren’t Funny

#4. Girls Are Nurtured to Not Tell Jokes

In a landmark study, one researcher found that women make the same number of jokes as men – when they’re children. But around age 6, something changes; the number of jokes girls make decreases, and it never evens out again. That’s because, around the time girls start school, society gives them a joking lobotomy, so to speak. Think back to elementary school. You probably had a class clown, and it was almost certainly a boy. Boys are allowed to be loud and funny and play practical jokes and be annoying little shits, and girls are encouraged to act like little ladies. … Which sucks, because it’s just about that age that kids start to practice and understand wordplay and more advanced humor. 

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Do you know if any other Cracked columnists have Tumblr? Does Cracked have a Tumblr? I would follow the shot out of that.

Yar! The Cracked Tumblr is, oddly enough, Cracked.Tumblr.com

That includes a list of columnists, but not all of them. Other columnists include Kaffy Benhamin, May-swell Yet-fits-a-lot, Racin’ Eyes Are Lonely, and PROBABLY OTHERS THAT I AM FORGETTING SORRY EVERYONE.

6 Things Men Do To Get Laid That Science Says Turn Women Off

by Kathy Benjamin

As we mentioned in this article, attracting a woman can be so easy you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Of course, most of the methods are totally outside of your control and can only be done on accident.

Unfortunately, it turns out there are just as many things you’re doing to repel women, again without even knowing it. Don’t blame us; it’s science.

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5 Sci-Fi Apocalypses The Government Is Actually Planning For

By Kathy Benjamin

The government has to plan for every contingency: disease, famine, political instability, drought, weather, aliens, the plot of Armageddon coming true and protecting super-evolved man from his primitive cousins. There are actual plans for every one of those scenarios. There are entire real government programs devoted solely to thinking up ways to counter weather-themed supervillains and other outlandish threats normally relegated to the realm of science fiction. Like these:

Regardless of how hard the phrase makes us roll our eyes, there is, in fact, a Friend Zone. It occurs, shockingly enough, whenever a man and a woman become friends. … This doesn’t mean that every male/female friendship is doomed to failure. It just means that if you find yourself attracted to one of your friends and you want to get a relationship out of it, it might be a good idea to tell that person. Relationships don’t just magically happen; they usually involve phrases like ‘I like you,’ 'We should go out sometime,’ and 'Would you care to sacrifice your hymen at the altar of Rod Thrustshaft?’
Since most people meet their “first love” when they are relatively young and don’t have the sort of responsibility and aggravations that they do when they get older, it is hard for any future relationship to measure up. … Researchers have found that if you use your first happy-go-lucky relationship as the template for what later, more adult, and more difficult relationships should be like, you will never be happy.

May you rest in peace dot gif.

6 Bizarre Ways Funerals Will Change In Your Lifetime

#4. Digital Remains Will Let Us Live Forever

What if you want to stay connected all the way to the grave? That is where the eTomb comes in. This is an actual physical tombstone, but with some sexy information-age bells and whistles. Still in development, this special tombstone would contain all the online information about the deceased: their photos, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and so on, and would allow people in the cemetery to access the information through Bluetooth devices. 

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Above: business as usual.

4 Reasons We Were Right Not to Boycott the Olympics

#3. It’s Not a Badass Statement; It’s a Boring Tradition

At the fourth official games, held in London in 1908, the Irish refused to show up. … After that, countries or individual athletes boycotted the 1936 and 1956 games, followed by every single Olympics between 1960 and 1992. Boycotts were seriously threatened in 2008 due to China’s human rights violations. India almost stayed away from London in 2012 over a chemical spill that happened in 1984. So boycotting the Sochi Games would have been less of a dramatic statement that would have changed history and more of a boring return to form.

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“I just hope we never lose our spark, or candles, or firehair.”

5 Ways You Sabotage Your Love Life (Explained by Science)

#5. You’re Looking for a Soul Mate

The problem with soul mate relationships is that they never live up to the golden, glowing statue we’ve built in our heads. … It’s easy to think, “If we were truly soul mates, we wouldn’t have any problems at all. This person is obviously a product of Satan’s mocking design.” At that point, individuals who believe in soul mates are more likely to check out. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that people who believe in soul mates are statistically more likely to get divorced. 

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6 Insane Sex Myths People Used to Teach as Facts

#4. Sideways Vaginas

At some point a rumor started among white male brothel patrons [in California in the 1800s] that Chinese women had a “sideways slit,” meaning their vaginas were oriented horizontally instead of vertically. Despite the fact that this would be an enormous disability that, at the very least, would make it very difficult for Chinese women to walk, word of these “exotic” prostitutes and their impossible vaginas spread far and wide. Ahem.

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This fantastic Kathy Benjamin article got featured on today's The View! (Context: some doucherocket went on to say women aren’t funny, and believe it or not, Whoopi Goldberg disagreed.)

Oh give him a break! His job is basically Desert Bus.

5 of the Worst Failures in the History of Adult Supervision

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but nowadays everyone is way too busy drinking pumpkin-spice-flavored everything and reading dinosaur erotica to spare 30 seconds on someone else’s child. And in many cases, they don’t even notice what their own kid is up to.

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