• Me: *starts watching a documentary on Henry VIII*
  • Documentary: “Anne Boleyn was known as the 'Great Whore', a woman who artfully seduced King Henry and-”
  • Me: *stops watching documentary on Henry VIII*

things I noticed in newsies that nobody asked for but Iโ€™m posting it anyway because itโ€™s newsies

โ€ขthe freaking overture had me in tears okay thatโ€™s how much I love this show
โ€ขat the very beginning Crutchie just had a sad look of defeat on his face while putting on his best and it broke me
โ€ขpretty sure Jack was giving Crutchie a massage when he was all โ€œclose your eyesโ€ bc his hands were on crutchies shoulders so
โ€ขI just love Andy as Crutchie okay

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