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Why This Chris Must Go

I didn’t post this until I’d waded through seventeen different sources - including The New York Times and California political donor records (which are public) and wasted too much time that should have been spent harassing my daughter about her homework. I didn’t want to be a knee-jerk Twitter asshole who just reposted without really knowing if these things were accurate. There was a joking little Twitter poll about Which Chris Must Go? that went viral when people starting posting about Chris Pratt’s political and “spiritual” leanings. I was on the fence about Pratt since he abruptly divorced Anna Faris and left their special needs son to hastily marry Katherine Schwarzenegger. Then, he joined the GOP Schwarzenegger family’s church, Zoe Church, which is an offshoot of the larger entity, The Hillsong Church, which considers LGBTQ+ an “offense against god” and advocates for electroshock therapy to get rid of the gay. (Remember that barbaric shit? Even my backwards ass state banned it.) He also works with Jews for Jesus, who attempt to convert people from the Jewish faith to Christianity (I guess with electroshock therapy, since that’s working for the gays, right Chris?) Aaaand, he and his adorable bride donated a heavy chunk of change to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. I’m no expert in political science, but that sounds like a pretty staunch support for this psycho to get re-elected. Frankly, I don’t care. That’s not why I’m disgusted.


It was quite the backlash. And so guess who leaps to his defense? Some of the rich, white straight guys from Marvel. Robert Downey Jr. who initially posted “Fuck you all.” in response on his Instagram account deleted it before adding this lovely moment of concern. My sweet Mark Ruffalo (oh, Mark, how could you?) did as well. I did find it amusing that even in their strident support, none of the men ever contested the fact that Pratt WAS and did all these things, just that he was a “real nice guy.”

You know who didn’t leap to his defense? Brie Larsen. Tessa Thompson. Zendaya. (Nor any of the other Chrises, by the way.) Because where was the support when these women were viciously bullied online? Brie got death threats for daring to become Captain Marvel. Tessa and Z were ruthlessly subjected to racism and misogyny for acting in the Marvel Universe. Not a fucking word of defense for these women- who were truly being brutalized. So, RDJ? Fuck you, kitten. Fuck you for being a hypocrite and defending the guy just because the public learned about his leanings and “spiritual” activities. And Mark, I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed. And for the other rich, white, straight Hollywood guys to leapt to his defense? Brie, Tessa and Z are still waiting for your passionate words of support.


So Chris Pratt announced his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger on Instagram, and Anna Faris commented “I’m so happy for you both!! Congratulations!” AND WTF NOW I’M CRYING. Like, that was such a beautiful thing to do! So kind and classy of her! We don’t often see that between ex-couples. I got sad when Chris and Anna separated, but now seeing Anna happy for Chris and his soon-to-be wife is just wow…beautiful. I still feel sad because I miss Chris and Anna as a couple, but it’s just so good to see Chris and Anna as friends.


Chris Pratt Jokes About What Valentine’s Day Gift Would ‘Upset’ Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Anna Kendrick with Larsen Thompson, Salena Qureshi, Hannah Bronfman, Danielle MacDonald, Emma Roberts, Sadie Sink, Julia Garner, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, Julia Schlaepfer, and Emma Nelson at the Kate Spade New York fashion show in NYC (September 7th, 2019)

Chris Pratt celebrated his engagement by partying at a London strip club
A-LIST actor Chris Pratt chose an odd way to toast his engagement. The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World star celebrated his proposal to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine with som…

I can reveal the Hollywood hunk splashed out almost £5,000 at a striptease club in London’s Soho on Thursday. He was spotted partying in low-end Sunset Strip until the early hours as he took time out from promoting The Lego Movie 2.

A source said: “Chris was hell-bent on celebrating last month’s engagement as soon as he touched down in the UK for his promotional tour.

“After he finished filming for The Gragham Norton Show he headed to the Sunset Strip club on Dean Street at 10.30pm. Chris arrived in high spirits and it wasn’t long until he was on the dancefloor having a good time.

“At one point he spotted an attractive blonde stripper who was dancing around a pole and he started cheering.

“He was even telling the girl about his engagement and joked about asking if she’d marry him instead. Throughout his stay, Chris didn’t hold back and ordered several bottles of bourbon and champagne.”

Chris split from his first wife, actress Anna Faris — who is mum to his son Jack, six — in August 2017.

He popped the question to self-help author Katherine — pictured with him over a more sedate glass of bubbly last year — three weeks ago.

Somehow I doubt the strippers he met will get an invite to the wedding.


That there is what we call “off brand.”  Chris likes to push how Christian he is and he made sure to propose to his girlfriend right before he started his publicity tour for his new movie so he can look like a good guy and talk about how in love he is. But, clearly Chris is not the great guy he pretends to be during his staged walks with his little son who is used as a prop for his parents. The British press won’t protect Chris. I’d be shocked if the American press will pick up this story. If they do, Chris really isn’t liked and doesn’t have the pull he thinks he does. 

We’ll see. But I wanted to share this before it gets buried by new stories about how in love he is and how nervous he was to ask Arnold Schwarzenegger for his daughter’s hand in marriage. 

cliffordstan-deactivated2019032  asked:

About Anna Farris’s comment on Chris’s engagement announcement, I was reading some stuff online and it said that Anna actually really likes Katherine and that they chat on the phone and joke about Chris together. It seems that they’re all really happy. I’m glad there’s no bad blood or drama between any of them. Especially since there’s a child involved. They’re such sweet people, I just want them to have a happily ever after❤️

That’s good to know! I’m happy Chris and Anna have moved on and remained friends, and are both happy with their respective partners. Though, sometimes I can’t help but miss the memories. 💕